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Texas Business Highlight

Rio Bites is an Austin- based gourmet food company that specializes in Brazilian bite-sized recipes. We kick-started one year ago with a premier line of gourmet truffles, which are hand-crafted with passion using fresh ingredients and big flavors. We cater and also have a variety of gift box collections that are the perfect gift for any occasion and a “must have” for all sweets lovers. They pair beautifully with anything from coffee and tea to champagne and wine. We recently introduced a simple “every day” consumption 4-bite package, of which can be found at our partners’ stores, also in a vegan/paleo/gluten-free/Non-GMO recipe.

We started out wholesaling last year at 2 local stores, and since then have grown to being offered at 14 more locations throughout the Austin area, including People’s Pharmacy (North Lamar, South Lamar, and Westlake). Check out our website for more information and updates as we grow! We cater nation-wide and hope to eventually expand internationally. 
Diversity Fund News

In our last newsletter, we introduced Diversity Fund. In the few weeks left before our launch, we are onboarding Texas-owned businesses who are seeking financing, as well as investors who want to finance businesses, such as Rio Bites, listed on our site!
As Diversity Fund is a crowdfunding platform that promotes and supports minority-owned businesses, each week we will highlight different groups in the community; our goal is to “even the playing field” of finance, so to speak, so that anyone who has a business idea isn’t limited in starting or expanding their business by lack of access to faster capital. This week we are highlighting women-owned businesses, challenges and concerns. We are not just a platform to finance businesses; we are also a community of like-minded leaders and business owners, and in the weeks and months to come we will keep you updated with community events and collaborations that further explore and support the diverse qualities, difficulties and successes that minority-owned businesses face.

Come check us out and be a part of our growing community and share these stories with your friends! 

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Money Matters

But Isn't Crowdfunding for ... Those Other People?
While there are several different forms of crowdfunding (equity, lending and rewards being the most widely used forms), it is a term that simply means raising financing for your project or business from contributions from a lot of people. While the term itself emerged in the early 2000s, as a concept, crowdfunding has been used worldwide since the 18th and 19th centuries to finance all sorts of ventures.

Whether you are a sophisticated investor or businessperson at the forefront of alternative financing and investing, just starting your business, or simply want to get your business to the next level, governments, academia, businesspeople and investors are looking more and more towards crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding portals like Diversity Fund offer a streamlined, faster and more straightforward finance process than traditional loans or isolated investor-to-business deals. These platforms also facilitate access to further funding, provide publicity and increase customer contacts. We’ll be highlighting different money and crowdfunding topics in this section in the weeks to come. Follow us below!
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