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Texas Business Highlight
Yeti Frozen Custard
Yeti Frozen Custard started as a food truck in late 2012, the result of a BIG idea, a lot of creative brainstorming, and a lot of hard work. By fusing together modern-day artistic flavors and old-fashioned frozen custard, founder Andrea “Andy” Ramos continues to create unique flavor combinations that tingle your taste buds and make people happy!

Team Yeti has had more than a few growing pains in the past year. Each pint of Yeti is hand-crafted and hand-packed in Austin, Texas. What started as a dessert food truck is now served in the Whole Foods Rocky Mountain region, as well as other select grocery stores in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas and Utah. We are currently preparing to add another management position, another region of Whole Foods and an additional major retailer by the end of the year, and also plan to open our own scoop shop in Austin next year.  Check 'em out at Yeti

Diversity Fund News

Diversity Fund is just a few weeks away from our launch and the team is excited about all of the businesses we have been meeting and getting to know. If you have a Texas business that is currently seeking financing, or will be in the near future, give us a shout so that we can visit with you and get you on the platform. This is a great opportunity to share your story with the world and help you, and your friends, contribute to your entrepreneurial spirit!

We have also started talking to investors about financing Diversity Fund’s Angel investment round, along with other investors who want to come = aboard the platform to finance the business that will be highlighted here. More news to come in this area in coming days. 

Austin Business News & Events

Money Matters
Bank loans, credit cards, SBA loans, venture capital (VC) firms and tapping into your 401(K) aren’t the only options when it comes to financing your business. More than ever, there are new ways to raise capital such as a new generation of online lending and equity finance through crowdfunding sites.

New crowdfunding portals, like Diversity Fund, offer businesses ways to directly connect to investor and for funders to find those special business owners they want to back. Whether a business is trying to raise capital by offering “rewards” of new products to those who back then, need to borrow money, or want to sell equity, there are many new investors they can reach out to. Changes in securities rules is now allowing both ordinary people to invest directly in equity – something only wealthy “accredited” investors could do previously.

If this new type of crowdfunding is new to you, don’t worry; there’s plenty of more information to come…
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