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What's happening this month? 

Watch the video to understand what's happening this month. Watch the video and let your physical experiences be validated by the voice of chakra theory. 


Take a PEEK at this months creation. Each creation is raffled away monthly so don't miss out! Check on the winner from last month - and SHARE! Let what inspires you, guide you.


Time we dedicate towards our  personal development is time spent giving a piece of ourselves back to humanity. Once we understand ourselves we can understand and accept everyone.

This Months ENERGY »

Discover what the collective is experiencing. See how we are coming together to build the next platform for growth. Check out what's happening this month.

Through the membership portal Jenessee will perform a monthly personalized reading for you detailing how this months energy is going to affect you directly. 


Enjoy a personalized look at how you will traverse this month. Jenessee will provide you with meditation, guidance, and how to follow the cycles of the month using the windows your connected to. 


Register for the membership sight and gain access to the "what's manifesting" flow of energy video! Play, participate and receive validation!

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