Subject: Save the Date! Sharing Sorrow, Bringing Hope!

The Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony is a joint project together with our friends at the Parents Circle - Families Forum.
Let us mark the 14th Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony together!
Hi, Friend! 

The Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony, which has been held on Israeli Memorial Day (Yom Hazikaron) for the last fourteen consecutive years, comes to remind us that War Is Not an Act of Fate – But a Choice of Man. Our Memorial Ceremony transforms the traditional narrative of victimhood into a narrative of togetherness and hope. Israelis and Palestinians together acknowledge the pain of those living on the “other side” and strive to transform the violence into a society based on peace, justice and equality. Palestinian and Israeli bereaved families speak about their personal pain along with musical and artistic performances.

What makes this evening so special: 
  • There is a real, human cost of the conflict which often goes overlooked. This is an opportunity to bring attention back to the human side of the conflict.
  • Shared grief is a concrete way to reconcile and help bridge societies.  
  • Show solidarity with Palestinians and Israelis who have chosen another way to end the occupation and bring peace. 
  • This Ceremony takes place following the traditional, national memorial ceremony. People are welcome to join both. 

Only 5 weeks to go. We are in the middle of organizing the biggest event of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Camp. This year, we expect 10.000 people in Tel Aviv, making it the 2nd biggest Memorial Ceremony in all of Israel! We see this event as a community project, implemented by dozens of volunteers and financed by thousands of peace loving people in Israel, Palestine and around the world. Join our global community and become part of the ceremony. As every year, we have created a crowdfunding campaign and invite everyone to support the evening in the way he or she can. Due to increased costs for security and infrastructure in HaYarkon park, costs are exploding. Help us making this important event a reality! Thank you!

In Peace & Solidarity,
from Israel and Palestine,
Combatants for Peace
*Americans can also donate via our 501c3 partner org "American Friends of CFP"
Giving money is not enough for you? Great! Here is more you can do!
Bring the Ceremony live into your community center or living room!

Every year, there are live screenings of the Ceremony around the world. In synagogues, mosques, churches, private living rooms and community centers, people come together to share this very special and emotional evening. This ceremony is not only for Israelis and Palestinians, it is a global call for more humanity. Want to bring the Ceremony to your area? Amazing! Contact us for more information!
Watch a summary of the Ceremony in 2018:
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