Subject: We are winning the hearts and minds of the young men - MGTOW

Our Vision

To re-introduce the rule of law into all CAF Countries so as to secure the rights of men and their children.

To secure equality before the law for men and women in all CAF Countries.


Hey Gents! Peter here.

I just wanted to let you all know that we are winning with the young men.

Since there has been so little interest in the idea that men are people too and that men should have the protection of the law...

I have joined the MGTOW community to explain to young men just how much their society hates them.

We are winning the hearts and minds of the young men over to MGTOW.

MGTOW is exploding.

Last month my channel had a video go a little viral and it got 22,000 views.

I picked up 700 subscribers in one month compared to 300 subscribers in the previous 3 years.

I had not bothered putting much effort in to MGTOW content before as I was waiting for MGTOW to hit critical mass.

Well, it has now.

So please subscribe, like and share on my global man channel.

This channel is dedicated to saving young mens lives.

I am sure you will want to help me do that. Right?

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Until next time!

Best Regards