Subject: Update on Petes Position on Fathers Rights

Our Vision

To re-introduce the rule of law into all CAF Countries so as to secure the rights of men and their children.

To secure equality before the law for men and women in all CAF Countries.


Hi, It's Pete here again.

I have not sent out an email specific to CAF for a while.

It is now very clear, 13 years later, that fathers are not willing to defend the rights of their sons.

Fathers are just going to "put up with" their own criminal abuse and leave their sons to their fates.

As sad a conclusion that is?

It's the truth and the truth has to be faced.

I will keep my CAF list and email it occasionally.

However, I am going to drop copying my CAF list from my MGTOW emails.

If you would like to receive my MGTOW emails?

Please click on this link and put your email address in the form on the page.

There is a reason why I ask.

Recent legislation changes in Europe are pushing in the direction that subscribers to email lists have to select each list they subscribe to.

Content providers that copy subscribers from list to list are being frowned upon by GetResponse.

So in the future you will be asked to join each separate list I might create. Ok?

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Last night I released a video detailing my new position on fathers rights.

If you missed it you will want to listen to it at some point in time.

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As you know I have risked my life for 13 years, been impoverished, put in 10,000 unpaid hours, been jailed and forced in to deep debt.

All to defend the rights of men who are less able to defend themselves and their children.

For this I have been lied about, slandered, hated and demonized for twelve years.

The endless stream of abuse and hatred without a single voice raised in objection has proven to my satisfaction that the only answer to these issues is Islam and Sharia.

No muslim man has ever even attempted to insult me.

Even the three muslim men I was in jail with in Germany as a political prisoner spoke to me with the respect I had earned.

Not so western men, especially fathers.

The only way the matter of the security of rights of boys is going to be solved is by muslim men imposing islam and Sharia.

So that is what I will support.

And I am not interested in dissenting opinions from any man unless you have supported me over these last 12 years.

I will listen to dissenting opinions from those men but they will be presenting their opinion on barren ground.

I am committed to supporting Islam and Sharia being imposed in Ireland and Australia by way of Islamic Jihad in a state of total war.

I won't be changing my mind.


Until next time!

Best Regards