Subject: Update on CAF: Daily Posts Saving Mens Lives On Manbook

Our Vision

To re-introduce the rule of law into all CAF Countries so as to secure the rights of men and their children.

To secure equality before the law for men and women in all CAF Countries.


Hi, It's Peter here again.

I have not sent out an email for a while.

This is mostly because we are making little progress in the process of securing the rights of men.

However, I wanted to let you know that I will be emailing this list for the daily posts that I am releasing to Manbook.

A lot of the videos I am posting have the theme:

"Saving Mens Lives"

Since we can not get men to work to secure the rights of men via common law courts, we can save young mens lives by teaching them the true nature of women.

P-U-R-E   E-V-I-L.

And that is what I will be doing on manbook and in my videos.

Of course, if you would like to help me save mens lives, or if you know a friend of yours would like to help me save mens lives?

Please ask them to become a patron over on patreon for a the amount of USD10 per month.

This is my link to:

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I have the target of getting to 200 patrons at USD2,000 per month so that I am secure in my rent and food expenses.

As you will know there are still women looking to find my business here in Fiji and to ruin it.

Standing up for the rights of men has proven to all men just how PURE-EVIL ALL WOMEN ARE by their ELEVEN YEARS of crimes against me without a single woman standing up for justice.

I am also selling other products like a VPN, Web hosting, AutoResponders and vacations.

Even if you are broke and not afford to buy any of the great products and services I am selling?

Please promote my products and services to people you know and ask them to buy from me so as to help me keep saving mens lives.

I have about 25,000 hours of my working life left and I need to repay some significant loans.

Every hour I spend working on my business to repay my loans and pay my rent and pay my food is an hour that I do not spend making content to save mens lives.

It is as simple as that. Ok?

And if you wish to keep up with the video and articles I am releasing on Manbook? You can get:

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Please get all you pals to join the CAF email list

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Until next time!

Best Regards