Subject: A VERY Special Email - Open this one.

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Hi, It's Peter here again.

I have not been sending out too many emails, but this is one that is really special.

I wanted to let you know that this week one of my subscribers did a very special thing for me.

I did an open letter to my former son and in that open letter, on video, I talked about my grand father, Frank Trainor, who was a WW2 veteran.

But much more than that he was the greatest man I ever met and a role model for me in my life.

As a kid I even offered to mow his lawns for free just to get the chance to hang around the great man!

And all men know how much lads today are lacking in role models in the home.

So, my subscriber, Michael, went searching on the web, spending his own time.

And guess what he found.

A priceless treasure.

My grand fathers re-enlistment form, signed in his own hand.

I did not know if it was really the right "Frank Trainor" because there were two of them who signed up for military duty around the same time and they were both born around the same time.

So I had to check the death records of my grand father to get his middle name.

And by doing that?

I was able to establish that the re-enlistment form my subscriber had found was a scan of the actual form the great man, my grandfather, had signed.

So here it is.

For me this is a treasure beyond all value.

For men it is one mans message of his fallen comrades on the WW2 battle field passed along to the men of today.

I hope you like this video.

Please pass it around.

Every man should read this re-enlistment form and feel the spirit and hear the message of Frank Trainor passed to him across the decades, across the world.


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Until next time!

Best Regards