Subject: A Brief CAF Update from Peter Nolan

Our Vision

To re-introduce the rule of law into all CAF Countries so as to secure the rights of men and their children.

To secure equality before the law for men and women in all CAF Countries.


1. Brief Update for CAF List

Hey Gents! Peter here.

It has been a while since I wrote to you.

The main reason is that there has not been much to say.

Manbook is going well.

I hope most of you are on it. 

If you want to see the latest posts on Manbook?

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The reason for this email is just an update.

I have put a page for the email list for Crimes Against Fathers on Manbook.

If you would like to get other men to join the email list then please send them this link.


I have pretty much stopped bothering asking other men for help because after 9 years it is very clear to me that men are not going to help other men just because they need it and deserve it.

Help from men is reserved for "women and children".

This has been made very clear to me.

That's pretty sad but it is the way men are.

Sexist and bigoted in favour of women.

Since we last talked we are seeing, all across the western world, the rise of islamic immigration and muslim men starting to impose themselves on the societies they live in.

In my opinion this is a very good development.

If my white, european background brothers are not willing to take on criminal women and criminals in governments I am more than willing to ally with my darker skinned islamic brothers.

After all, when I was in jail in germany it was white christian men who locked me in a cell with brown islamic men.

I can recognise my enemies when I see them no matter the colour of their skin or their claimed religion.

The actions of men speak louder than their words. And it is clear to me white christian men are my enemy and darker skinned islamic men are my friends and allies.

So far, in the last 9 years, is has been exclusively white men and women calling themselves christians who have committed crimes against me.

So Christian men are having a very hard time telling me they are my friends.

Their own fault.

I was Christian from 16 to 44 and it was Christians who supported Jennifer in her crimes.

It was Christian men who refused to help me out when I asked for help.

It was Christian men who refused to "love one another as I have loved you".

It was Christian men who refused to follow the example of the good samaritan.

It was Christian men who condoned and supported perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft, assault, and my unlawful jailing.

In all this time not one Muslim man has so much as criticised me while Christian men have stolen from me, assaulted me in my own home, kidnapped me and unlawfully jailed me...all with the complete support of all the other Christian men around me.

Not a good look for Christian men.

In Australia and Ireland, as part of the escalation of hostilities, I have increased the state of war to include acts of war by Islamic Jihadis to be lawful acts of war against any person living on the lands of Australia and Ireland.

Any such acts of war will no longer be considered acts of terrorism and any such Jihadi who is taken in to a POW situation will be released at the cessation of hostilities.

This increased state of war will remain in effect until I say otherwise.

If I am killed it will remain permanent.

I think 9 years is well long enough to ask Christian men to obey the commandments of their own God and Jesus Christ.

Don't you?

Those people who have removed themselves from this CAF email list?

Bad luck them if they do not hear about this escalation and someone they care about is a victim of an Islamic Jihadi.

Please feel free to share this email around.

My Muslim brothers will retain the right to commit lawful acts of war on the lands of Ireland and Australia until I am satisfied.


Should we still not be able to secure the rights of men I am giving serious consideration to escalating the state of war to the only level that is left and that is without regard to the Geneva Conventions on Warfare.

The justification for this is that I have been attacked and unlawfully incarcerated in violation of the Geneva Conventions on Political Asylum.

No less than Angela Merkel has attacked me without regard to the Geneva Conventions on Warfare or Political Asylum and so escalation to that level is perfectly well justified.

Further, I was not given a tax refund from the taxes I paid in to the system in Australia to the amount of the unemployment benefit while I was unemployed.

The Australian Government did all they could to impoverish me and starve me to death. Even in states of war governments are required to provide food enough to sustain life.

The Australian and Irish governments, both places I paid plenty of taxes, refused to provide me with a refund on my taxes for me to sustain my life.

That is an attack in violation of the Geneva Conventions.


Should anyone who reads this email wish to take up this issue with the Australian or Irish Governments on my behalf such that I am paid my unemployment benefit?

That would be nice.

Four national governments, Ireland, Australia, Germany and the UK, have all committed crimes against me and persecuted me in the full view of the public.

It is karma that, today, my muslim brothers are rising up against the people of these lands who were so willing to see their elected representatives commit crimes against me.

No muslim man has dis-respected me.

Even when I was in jail in a shitty small cell with 3 muslim men, one of whom was in there for murder, none of the three muslim men in my cell, nor any of the muslim men in the exercise yard, dis-respected me.

When I was in jail and I told my brown skinned islamic brothers that I was there as a political prisoner exposing criminals in government?

My darker skinned Islamic brothers showed me the respect I had earned across my life time.

And yet, many, many white, Christian men have committed crimes against me while a hundred thousand more white Christian men have stood by and let those crimes stand for a period of 9 years now.

White Christian men have no leg to stand on their hypocrisy has been so badly exposed.

There are but a few who have passed the test.

I am now well settled where I intend to live out my days.

I have my new Business Intelligence Business running.

I have my new Internet Marketing Business running.

And I am owed, by my estimate, a minimum of USD300 million in damages.

I am going to live a very comfortable life for the remainder of my life.

I just turned 53 recently and I am in good health and good spirits.

I can not say the same for Ireland, Australia, UK and Germany.

These countries are about to experience some very severe civil unrest at the hands of my muslim brothers.

I pray to Allah that my brothers have every success. Insha Allah many young men in these countries will turn to Islam and choose to live under Sharia law as is their right.

In Australia and Ireland I have chosen to promote Islam and Sharia law to young men who wish to secure their right to raise their own children and live in their own house.

This is because it is clear white christian men are not willing to secure those rights for young men or even themselves.

I have been on some facebook forums in Australia posting about my support for Islam and Sharia. The people lose their heads.

But NONE of them will lift one finger to help me secure my path to justice.

The situation in
Ireland, Australia, UK and Germany is declining rapidly. And, in my opinion, this is exactly what people deserve when they openly and publicly hate on one of their own to the extent of denying him a path to justice for 9 years.

I did run a jury trial a while ago and there was one man who wanted to talk directly to Chris Merret, the man who slandered me endlessly, before rendering his decision for innocent or guiltly.

Chris Merret then attacked that man publicly and slandered him publicly so his vote is now guilty.

However, over the last 5 years I have had to live on borrowed money because of my political persecution and the lack of willingness of men to buy things from me to support my rent and food needs.

The jury trial process I ran cost me USD700 for the conference call fees. Since so much time has passed I will likely need to run the full jury trial again as a retrial when the time comes so I will be out another USD700 or more when that happens.

My BI business is in the black but it is not spinning off a lot of cash at the moment.

We are hiring new people and training them and so we need to retain every dollar we can in the company to pay our new employees and build up our cash position.

So I am only drawing from my company enough money to live on. Not enough to indulge my efforts to secure my path to justice in Australia.

Once my BI Business and Internet Marketing Business is spinning off enough profit for me to start repaying my loans at a reasonable rate I will free up enough money to redo my jury trial.

Until then we have a mountain of work to do in the BI company and that is what I am spending most of my time on. Ok?

With that. If anyone has any questions let me know. You can also pass around this link where the public can find this email.


Thanks and Best Regards