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This month is Throat Chakra

We invite you to
express yourself
express your Being
be the full manifestation of who you are
live your dreams
experience Grace

What a wonderful program, isn't it?

Conference given by Martin Brofman at the College of Psychic Studies – London

The throat chakra is associated not only with the throat, but also the shoulders, arms and hands, as well as the sense of hearing. Throat chakra tensions that can result in symptoms affecting these areas include difficulty expressing one’s self and one’s own truth, difficulty expressing emotions, difficulty communicating one’s truth, resistance to setting goals concerning what one wants (Will side) or what will make one happy (Emotional side), resistance to hearing something, or in allowing one’s self to receive unconditionally.
SYMPTOM OF THE MONTH : Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Nerves in the hand)

The area in your wrist where the nerve enters the hand is called the carpal tunnel. This tunnel is normally narrow, so any swelling can pinch the nerve and cause pain, numbness, tingling or weakness. This is called carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a condition in which there is pressure on the median nerve - the nerve in the wrist provides feeling and movement to the "thumb side" of the hand (the palm, thumb, index finger, middle finger, and thumb side of the ring finger). While many people believe that carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by making the same hand and wrist motion over and over, for example by typing on a computer, using a mouse, or repeating movements while working or playing an instrument, the inner cause, the tension in the person’s consciousness, would point to how the person feels about the situation they are in while making those repetitive movements. If it is their job, how does the person feel about doing that job?
When working with the idea that everything begins in the consciousness, it is interesting to look at the sensitivity of the person who experiences a symptom.
Each astrological sign of the zodiac has a particular sensitivity. Was it touched?
Could this explain the type of tensions in the person’s consciousness, and help them understand themselves better for their healing.
Every month we propose to share with you what is the sensitivity of the sign of that month.

For people born under the sign of Libra everything has to be fair and balanced.

This sign represents the model of the Universe.

Any feeling of injustice is terrible as any perception of imbalance.
Listen and follow your intuition
You get on a train that has as its destination "Station A." You think your destination is Station A. Then at some point you get off before that and get on another train going to "Station B," and you think that is now your destination - until you get off before then and get on another train, etc., etc. Eventually you get to where you are going, and you recognize that you had to take each of these trains to get where you are.

For each part of the trip you learned something, acquired some skill, and when that happened, you were guided to get on the next train to learn something new, develop another skill. When you get to where you are going, you use all the skills you have learned, and you are doing something that is of service.

You might look at yourself and decide that you never finish anything, you are a failure, a loser, etc. - or you can decide that you are on the right train going to where you need to go and doing what you need to do until you get where you are going, the place where you use all that you have learned.
We are guided by our Soul when we have decided at some level of consciousness what our trip is about, either during this lifetime or before, and we are inevitably moving in that direction.

Trust your trip.

If you have a purpose in this life, it must be something you enjoy, or you would never get to it - so do what you really want to do, do not do what you really do not want to do, and trust your trip.

Live your passion.

And wish abundance to every being, including yourself - otherwise it is for everyone except you, and that is not fair. 

When you listen to your intuition it is as if you had a walkie talkie with your source of intuition.

For some people, the source is outside themselves, God, or a spiritual guide; for others, it is within, their soul or their spirit.

You can in any case imagine this source as a benevolent entity that guides you unconditionally and without any judgment or expectation towards the realization of all your goals, all your dreams, without exception.

As soon as you have a goal, its realization starts, and your source guides you, it looks for the most direct and easiest way for the manifestation to flow without any effort on your part. The air breathes you in - when you breath in, it is the source that expires in you, breathes out in you - when you breathe out, it is the source that inspires you, that breathes you in.

You let yourself be breathed, inspired.

Some call it grace.

You can say: I love where I am, I love who I am with and I love what I do, at any moment. If there is one of the three that you cannot say, it means that the flow calls you elsewhere, inspires you elsewhere, and you let yourself go, having complete confidence in your source.

With love

Do you accept to receive unconditionally gifts, endearments, words, and so on?
You can read this list of questions and imagine what you would answer.
Do you feel you have to give back when you receive?
When someone offers you a gift:
Do you think "I do not deserve that" or "thank you"?
Do you feel embarrassment, guilt or gratitude?
Do you give so much that you had forgotten to receive?9h
Do you have a tendancy to go into sacrifice by giving to others what is precious to you ?
Do you know that you can receive what you want and what you feel happy with, your goals, your dreams?
Are you conscious of all that you receive unconditionally at every moment?

Giving unconditionally and accepting to receive unconditionally maintain a harmonious flow.

Body Mirror and Vision Workshops in the UK

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February 17-18, 2018 in LONDON (BM Healing class) 
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April 14-15, 2018 in LONDON (Vision class)
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