Subject: Residential Healing Intensive in Italy with Martin Brofman - May 22 - 26

Dear Friend,

From 22 until 26 may, in Italy, close to Bologna, Martin Brofman will lead an Intensive Healing Class I in a wonderful thermal place, Villaggio della Salute (

This powerful experience of the Body Mirror System of Healing will be presented in English by his creator, Martin Brofman, with simultaneous translation into Italian. If you don?t speak Italian, it is not a problem, because you will easily find somebody speaks English in Italy for exchanging healing!

This system of healing developed by Martin Brofman, PhD, is a synthesis of Western psychology and Eastern philosophies based on the chakras (energy centers found in the Hindu traditions).

Because each of these chakras can be associated with certain parts of the consciousness as well as certain parts of the body, they allow us to read the body as a map of the consciousness within.

Thus, tensions in the body are seen to reflect tensions in the consciousness, and the chakras can be used as a vehicle to understand the Body Mind Interface and its implications for healing.

During the class, you will exchange healings with other participants, using various techniques you have been taught, and at the completion of the class, you will be able to:
1. Understand and experience yourself as a Being of energy.
2. Feel and direct energy, and see energy (auras, chakras, thought forms.)
3. Understand the relationship between your body and your consciousness.
4. Understand how symptoms in the body reflect tensions in the consciousness.
5. Read the body as a map of consciousness, understanding the inner causes to outer symptoms.
6. Understand the chakras and their associations with specific parts of the consciousness and specific parts of the body.
7. Use various tools designed for healing (White Light, colors, thought forms.)
8. See the results of putting these techniques and tools to use.

Tuition for this class will be 500 euros if you are participating for the first time. If you have already participated in at least one Level 1 Healing Intensive with any instructor, anywhere in the world, you are eligible for a 50% reduction in the tuition so you will pay 250.00 euro, and if your card showing classes in the Body Mirror-System is full, your tuition is free.

The total price for food and lodging depends from your room choice.

You can choose:

Single room for 85.00 euro per day
Double room 75.00 euro per day
3 beds room 70.00 euro per day

(prices are per day per person in full board)

Camper : 50.00 euro per day per person meals included or 25.00 euro per day per camper without meals.

The workshop will start at 9.30 pm, may 22 so, you are kindly request to be at the registration desk in the afternoon, from 6 to 8 pm.

HOW TO REACH US : By car: Exit A14 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO), follow ??Strada Provinciale Sillaro?? direction Sassoleone for 15 km. You will find a big parking.

If you have GPS, ask to pass by Castel San Pietro Terme and not Monterenzio and the right adress is Via Tassinara 6 Monterenzio

GPS: (44.31055719886971, 11.459319591522217).

By train: From the Bologna station, you have to catch a train to Castel San Pietro Terme (every hour you have a train and it takes 15 minutes to go) and then you can catch a bus to Villaggio della Salute or a taxi (tel number 0039 051 6951286).

Once I will receive your booking request, I will send you back bank references where you can send
A deposit of 100.00 euro as well as other information for your reservation.

Then, at your arrival, you will pay the balance by cash or cheque, not with Credit Card.
You can use Credit Card for paying accomodation.

If you need more informations, please feel free to contact me at

Light and Love,