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This month we invite you

to do nothing 
to pamper yourself
to take a vacation 
by the sea
in the mountains
and why not inside yourself

to take time for resting your body, your mind and your soul

Let’s go for a replenishing vacation

The Symptom of the month  :  Dehydration

Dehydration is a condition that occurs when the loss of body fluids, mostly water, exceeds the amount that is taken in. Symptoms of weakness, confusion, fainting, etc., point to tensions in the root chakra parts of the person’s life – money, home, job – or a perceived threat to survival. Chest pains reflect heart chakra tensions with someone close, and headaches reflect a sense of isolation or separation from someone.

Vacation  Love and Clarity
You are wearing glasses or contact lenses, you dream to see without them and come back to the clear vision, this Summer is the perfect time to devote yourself to this project. You can carry in your luggage the book "Improve your vision" by Martin Brofman published by Findhorn Press and the two meditations for Vision improvement.

You will have plenty of time to practice relaxation, yoga for the eyes, positive thinking, creative visualization in optimal conditions.

With the Summer, you release the stress, it is the opportunity to spend more time in your heart, to see the world through your heart chakra and see the people who work for peace. Thinking of them, you give them energy. Remember that your thoughts create the world. You are free to think what you want. When you think of love, you see it more, you encourage it, you release stress and your eyesight improves.

With love.

Trees as friends
The summer and the holiday season leads many out into nature. To be at the sea, in the mountains, or in the forest; to connect with Mother Nature and to recharge your batteries is a very pleasant experience.Trees provide energy and are very healing.

In the garden of my grandparents are very old big trees. My great-grandparents and grandparents had planted them. As a child, I liked to climb fruit trees there and looked at the world from above. There I felt safe and my wild soul felt at home.

In the garden of my grandparents I had my power places to which I withdrew when I wanted to be alone or when I felt alone and sought comfort. I could cry there, expressing my worries and find myself again. Later I loved walking in the woods, picking mushrooms, sitting under special trees and sleeping there. I was able to escape the stressful city life there or quickly find my center again when I was experiencing lovesickness and moving emotions in troubled times.

Initially, it spontaneously happened to me talking to the tree-soul when I was under a tree, like talking to a friend, entrusting everything to him and absorbing its love and strength. Later, as I learned to work with healing energy, I went deeper. It got a new quality. I meditated under strong trees. I learned to connect to the tree energetically, to consciously sense and absorb its power. I embraced trees spontaneously when I felt without energy, consciously letting the love and energy into me.
I think everyone who opens for that knows in their own way the healing, loving encounter with trees as a source of strength. Even children should be given this opportunity to keep nature as a loving friend and part of ourselves.
Summer is a nice opportunity for this experience.

Enjoy the sun and improve your vision
If you are in a process of improving your vision you can easily combine exercises with holiday life.

Yesterday I was in the countryside. In the morning I went out to the meadow and did this exercise: Standing up with my feet apart I felt the nourishing earth under my feet. Facing the sun I slowly moved my head from side to side with my eyes closed (it’s done without glasses or contact lenses). I felt the warmth from the sun on my eyelids, relaxing the eyes and the muscles around the eyes. I could feel the eyes becoming more and more relaxed….
After that I felt the rays of the sun touching the sun in me, my solar plexus, charging it, relaxing it, harmonising it… (The eyes are connected with solar plexus).

In the afternoon I was lying on my back on the beach watching the small summer clouds on the sky. I could feel the sun on my skin which made me think of the exercise that I had been doing in the morning. Maybe I could now do the ultimate holiday version of that small exercise? Still lying on my back I closed my eyes, felt the nourishing energy from mother earth. Then I moved my head slowly from side to side feeling the warmth of the sun on my eyelids, relaxing my eyes and the muscles around them, refreshing them. And also here I opened up to feel the healing energy from the sun harmonising my solar plexus.

Try it out, feel free to be creative, enjoy it, have fun. Improve your vision and your life ☺

Love and sunny greetings
Do Nothing
When you are in charge of your own consciousness, you can decide to do something, and then choose to remain "on purpose," insisting on doing that thing, maintaining single-mindedness of purpose.

If you choose, for example, to sit still for fifteen minutes once each day, as an exercise in mental discipline and relaxation, and do nothing during that time, you should be able to do it. It may feel like wasted time, yet you may be assured it is not. Isaac Newton may have thought he was involved in non-productive time sitting under the apple tree, yet it's where he discovered the principles of gravity.

Stress affects vision adversely. When we are under stress, we do not see clearly, both literally and figuratively. Relaxation enhances vision, and is the basis for many vision improvement techniques. Doing nothing encourages relaxation.

If you feel too busy to sit and do nothing for fifteen minutes, you may need this exercise much more than you realize.

As with all exercises in this book, the eyeglasses should not be worn.

Close your eyes.

Sit quietly for fifteen minutes, doing nothing.

If it feels like there is something you must do, let it wait.

If it feels like there is something you must think about, put it off until afterwards. For fifteen minutes, there are no decisions that need to be made, nothing to think about, nothing to read, nothing to listen to, nothing to do.

If thoughts come up, ignore them. If they seem to "catch" you, recognize this, and replace those thoughts with an affirmation, like, "It's easier and easier to see clearly," until your mind quiets again, and then return to doing nothing.

Insist on doing absolutely nothing.

Relax into your sense of just Being. Let yourself just be. Your mind will relax, and the chatter will quiet, and the pushes and pulls will subside. You'll be able to be clearer in your consciousness, a bit more each time, and the cumulative effect will be noticeable in your consciousness during the exercise, and in your daily life.

You will be able to experience yourself as a point of consciousness, just Being.

After the fifteen minutes, open your eyes, and see what your state of consciousness is like. Does it feel the same as when you started, or different in some way? If it is more relaxed (and of course, it will be) take a fresh look around you through new, more relaxed, eyes.

If it feels afterwards that you want to analyze your experience of this exercise, you can ask yourself the following questions:

What were the temptations to do something else?

Are they the same each time you do this exercise?

For what reasons were you tempted to interrupt the exercise and "come out of your space?"

What were the things that seemed to stand between you and doing what you had decided was

important for you?

With mastery of your own consciousness, you can decide what has the highest priority.

It is recommended that the exercise be done in a seated comfortable position, without moving.

With practice, the exercise becomes easier and easier, and its benefits more and more apparent. Among other things, it develops single-mindedness, builds a pattern of success in working with your mind, enhances clarity of thought, and puts you in touch with your priorities, the order of importance that things have for you. Your Do Nothing sessions will be an oasis from which you'll be able to refresh your consciousness as to what Just Being is like for you, and you'll discover the joys and benefits of living from that space - with clarity!

Martin Brofman - "Improve your vision" - Findhorn Press
Current projects
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Last September Martin Brofman's publisher, Dangles, asked Annick Brofman to write a book about yoga for the eyes. The book is written, manuscript given to the publisher, the book should be published before the end of the year. Hopefully it will have the same international success as Martin's books and will be translated into many languages ...

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