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September 2020

This month, we want to invite you to 
open your heart to love,
to open your heart to trust,
to open your heart to life.
Let's start a new chapter of our life as a global consciousness
with more compassion,
more understanding,
more solidarity,
more Unity.
Next classes 
MYKONOS - Greece - 3/4 October - Body-Mirror with Philippe Hannetelle -

MONTPELLIER, France - 21/25 October - Level 1 Healing Intensive with Philippe Hannetelle  -

SINTRA - Portugal - 28 October to 1 November - Intensive Level 2 with Annick Brofman -

THESSALONIKI - Greece - 31 October/1 NovemberBody-Mirror with Philippe Hannetelle  -

ERETRIA - Greece - 4/8 November - Level 1 Healing Intensivewith Philippe Hannetelle
MADEIRA - Portugal - 7/8 November - Vision Class with Anne-Birte Christensen -

LISBON - Portugal - 14/15 November - Body Mirror System Class with Anne-Birte Christensen -

COIMBRA - Portugal - 21/22 November - Body Mirror System Class with Anne-Birte Christensen -

ATHENS - Greece - 28/29 November - Body-Mirror with Philippe Hannetelle

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What is the importance of love, acceptance, silence in your approach?
Martin Brofman Interview Excerpt Recto Verseau December 2000

What is the importance of love, acceptance, silence in your approach?

When you ask about silence I think of inner stillness, being quiet within in order to get to deeper parts of our consciousness and seeing what is true for us inside at that level. Spending time to do this in meditation is a way to develop the habit of living from this place in us. In this way, we are more in touch with who we are, and what our truth is. Healing is a process that helps the person recognize and return to this level of their being, where they are whole.

If we ask why people keep themselves from being whole, we can say that it's a love story. They are concerned that if they are who they really are, and do what they really want to do, something bad will happen, and they will not be loved. Or they react to the perception that they are not loved. They thus create tensions and imbalances that result in symptoms.
When someone is giving a healing, to be most effective they must see the other without judgment, and without expectation, in order to see whom this person really is and help them return to that level. When we remove judgment and expectation from our perceptions, what remains is Acceptance, which we call Love. Of course, love heals. And healing someone, wishing that they be healthy and happy, is an expression of love. Experiencing this love being transmitted during the healing releases the tensions of the misperception that it wasn't there, and allows the individual to see their life situation through new eyes.

Acceptance is a key to opening the heart chakra and thus to perceptions of love. For me, acceptance is about accepting what is when there is a symptom; accepting conditions in our life as they are, whether or not we choose to change them; and accepting others as they are, thus freeing ourselves from perceptions of control which keep us from our perceptions of love.

Acceptance also includes the acceptance of our uniqueness, our individuality, which then makes it easier for us to accept the individuality of others. In that way we do not get caught in measuring others by our standards, or measuring ourselves by the standards of others. That opens the door to true relating from the heart, which is love.

Success story and testimony of the month
My story begins on 4th of January 2019, when after visiting the hospital and having taken many exams I had been told that I had 4th stage colon cancer and metastasis in my liver simultaneously. I was staring at the doctors without hearing any more of what they were saying, I was in shock, only able to think that I was dying and I had to prepare my 7-year old son for that.
The doctors didn’t even allow me to drive back to my home, saying that my condition was so bad that I could fall down in the next moment. During the next few days and after having more scans, the news was even worse. My liver was 3 times bigger than the normal size, having multi-focal tumors all over it and I had almost no possibility to be healthy again.
Diagnosis was certain, but I didn’t know then that prognosis wasn’t.
And the race started! After 10 days of diagnosis I underwent a high-risk colon surgery, where the primary tumor was removed. Doctors told me that I was very lucky, the surgery went well, and I had to continue with chemotherapy in order to give me as much time of living as possible.
I had no idea then how awful chemotherapy can be. For the next 3 months I was in hospital, with ten doctors assigned to me trying to make my condition as stable as possible to be able to take the chemo. Every day there were blood tests, all kinds of medicine, injections, every day and the whole day and then chemo and then the same again, repeating the same scenario again and again. So much pain in my whole body but the worst thing was that everyone was looking at me like I was dying.
I was alone most of the day, having the feeling that time was frozen and thinking of my life and all these things I wanted to do, thinking of my son, my family and my friends and the time I couldn’t spend with them…and then the tranquilizer and it was black again in my mind….
…. until the day my sister came to see me and gave me a book, a book with the most fantastic title “ANYTHING CAN BE HEALED”, I felt that someone from nowhere wanted to send me a message! A light turned on into my darkness. I started to read with such passion underlining almost every word. During these months in hospital, I read the book 3 times, it was my only window to life. I searched for more information about Martin Brofman, his personal healing story and the foundation. I found out about the workshops and I decided to attend the next one. So, without having realized it, I had made a goal to get out of the hospital and take part in the workshop. And so, it was.
When I went to the workshop, my condition was stable. The tumors in the liver had been reduced but they were still there and in such an amount that it wasn’t possible to operate, so the scenario was to continue with the chemo from time to time so that the tumors were under control in a way. I didn’t like that idea at all!
During the workshop I felt, for first time after so long, that I was living the moments without having death in the background. And it was so relieving. After the workshop my life was gradually changing. In a strange way many people left from my life and new people came, and I also realized that I focused less on my health problem than before. I was overwhelmed with love, I was feeling like I was a canal of giving and receiving love. During a healing I saw my liver clean and healthy and I also had the knowledge that this picture I saw was true. A month after the workshop I underwent my scheduled scanning and the results showed that my tumors had decreased so much that it was now possible for me to be operated on. Nobody could believe how that could be possible, considering that I had stopped the chemotherapy for almost 6 months. For me, that was the proof that the Body Mirror technique was working and from that moment the real work on myself began.
Now, 4 months after the second surgery in my liver I have in my hands the paper of my exams saying that I am free of cancer. My scans are just the picture I had seen during my healing, the picture of my clear and healthy liver!
Every day is a new discovery for myself, things are emerging, showing me what made me sick in the past and what I must change in order to live a healthy life. It isn’t always easy and some of the changes I have still to make will cost me, but now I know that it is in my hands if I want to be healthy or not.
Through this letter I would like to thank and congratulate the healing community for the great work they do! Ending my story I would like to share my doctor’s words when he said goodbye to me, he told me that I am an exception and that I had rejected all their predictions….and I answered him that he can now see that anything can be healed!

A.S Greece

The symptom of the month : Colon/Colon-rectum cancer

The colon is the large intestine, and as part of the elimination system, it is associated with the root chakra, and the parts of the person’s consciousness related to issues of security – money, home, job. Thus, symptoms affecting the colon reflect tension in one or more of these areas. Part of the colon is located at the level of the solar plexus chakra, and since tension in the solar plexus chakra is experienced as anger, when this part of the colon is affected it can be related to anger about the root chakra parts of the person’s life.

Colon-rectum cancer

Any kind of cancer represents something held in and not expressed, and the part of the body affected shows what it was that was not expressed. The rectum is associated with the root chakra and therefore feeling secure or safe. Cancer of the rectum therefore points to insecurity or fear held in and not expressed, and/or the person not feeling safe at home. There can be a fear of losing something. As with any symptom, the person needs to look at what was happening in their life at the time the symptom began, which apparently was of such magnitude that the person felt they did not want to live with the situation as it was. Part of the healing must then include making a different decision, resolving the situation, and having something to look forward to.
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.St Georgen/Stiefing -  2 bis 4 October - "Das Körper-Spiegel-System"- Viola Schöpe -


.Rehfelde bei Berlin - 12/13 September - "Das Körper-Spiegel-System"- Viola Schöpe -

.Dresden - 24/25 Oktober - "Das Körper-Spiegel-System"- Viola Schöpe -


.Gisikon - 25/26 September - "Das Körper-Spiegel-System"- Viola Schöpe -

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