Subject: Newsletter Brofman Foundation - September 2019 - Tribute to Martin Brofman

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- September 2019 -
Martin Brofman left our planet 5 years ago.
We wanted to dedicated this Newsletter to him.
We thank him for the tools he has created,
the Body-Mirror System of Healing,
and a Vision Workshop.
They have changed our life,
open our eyes, our hearts and our souls
to unconditional love
and unity.
Remember :
Anything can be healed.
We are all healers.
Love heals.

The symptom of the month : Measles

Measles is considered a highly contagious respiratory disease, though it is usually associated with the red-brown spotty rash that can affect the person. The respiratory system is associated with the heart chakra, and perceptions of love, and the rash indicates anger. The symptom then, reflects anger with someone close to the person’s heart. Not the same as German Measles (Rubella).

Martin talks about love

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I did all my schooling in a Catholic school, from kindergarten to the end. The nones were angels. They taught me unconditional love, compassion, kindness. At the time, my faith in a god outside of myself was very strong and beautiful, I felt permanently connected, in a state of grace.
Shortly before my 18th birthday my grandfather died, he was my best friend and the pain of the loss made me lose this faith. I became an atheist overnight.
I spent years alone, isolated, without faith - until I met Martin.
I was looking for an answer on the meaning of my life, I was suffering from this inner isolation. I was missing this transcendental faith.

From my first class, I felt at home. The quality of Martin's love touched me deeply - finally a person understood love as I did. I found the same unconditional love, the same compassion, the same benevolence towards people.
I understood that God was not outside but inside. It took me a little time to find the same infallible faith, the same sense of being connected to others - a faith in this infinitely beautiful bond between us all, in this inner god who is the deepest part of our consciousness to all, the common part of our being who is not there to judge or give rules but to support us unconditionally in all our dreams.

I was able to let go of the dark sides of religion as the sense of sacrifice, the judgment on myself and to open myself to the love of myself, to open myself to unconditional receiving and also to a fulfilling sexuality!

Martin's teaching brought me a wonderful gift, my unconditional love of my parents too. I had spent a lot of time judging them and they became my best friends.

I lived almost 20 years with Martin, I witnessed the exceptional quality of his love for humanity, his compassion, his availability, his simplicity.

He often said that when he found out that he could heal others, he wanted to heal everyone, he was like a child who wants to share his discoveries. As it was obvious that he would not have enough of a life to heal everyone, he decided to teach people to heal each other. And to give himself even more chance to succeed, he taught some to teach others to heal each other.

40 years after the birth of the Body-Mirror System he created, here we are with more than 40,000 people who attended our classes and who heal each other and who pass this message of love and unit.

Martin's leitmotiv was:
Anything can be healed.
We are all healers.
Love heals.

He continues his work in other spheres and returns regularly to speak through us.
When I teach, I know when I'm talking or when it's him. I feel his mustache under my nose, I feel his hands in mine.
We continue the journey together.

We are all absolutely unlimited - to heal and heal others is childishly simple if only we are ready to let go of limiting beliefs and unnecessary attachments.

With love
Martin, clarity of teaching, experience of freedom and quality of love
The philosophies that Martin has transmitted for about 40 years and that we continue to teach under the aegis of the Foundation are ideas that have been transmitted for centuries, but it is the clarity with which Martin has integrated them and put them in an order that allows the openness and expansion of consciousness of thousands of people and the practice in daily life and through healing that has impressed me. The clarity in his teaching and the quality of his love made me integrate and understand ways of being that had created difficult scenarios in my life and thanks to him, I was able to put these ideas into practice in my life.

I have learned a lot and understood the relationship with what is called authority - whatever it means for each of us in our own life experience - and by observing what is happening on our planet today, I thank him for teaching me how to stay centered whatever happens in the outside world and now allowing me to show others how to do it when they are opened for that.

When I look at most people's relationship with authority, I can feel anger, separation, misunderstanding, hatred, etc., and I see their behaviour reflected in their relationship with their own authority, their own sense of direction. Many are now lost and desperate to find a solution outside, being angry or desperate when the outside world does not respond to their request.

What Martin has created has helped to demystify healing, by creating this toolbox to use it in a simple and effective way, without symbols, on a daily basis, whether you are an atheist or a believer, and to make complicated philosophies accessible to everyone and even to young children. No one had so far expressed with such conviction and clarity that everything can be healed, that we are all healers and that we can heal everything and through that to give everyone back the power to sit in their driver's seat in their consciousness and create their life as they wish.

I feel his presence and this is a precious asset at all times.

Just as meditation should be taught to children from an early age to allow them to continue to manifest the true nature of their being, to show them that they are healers, that they are boundless beings should also be part of a different educational process to break the deadlock into which the interplay of the consciousness of previous generations and ours has led us.

Anything can be healed, when we want, and any healing implies a transformation of the way of being, thinking, acting that has created any symptom in physical reality.
If we want to change the world, as each one does their work on oneself, develops compassion for oneself and the acceptance of who they are and begins to manifest this in the outside world, developing compassion for ALL beings without exception, which means to stop insulting others, judging them, condemning them. If you keep doing this, your world will not change. Create your dream, not a nightmare, it's in your hands.

Martin loved Paramahansa Yogananda very much, and he was also an example for me since my youth, it is thanks to Martin that I was able to really apply the principles of life that Yogananda taught. 

Lived connection with Martin
When I think back to the apprenticeship, deep connection and friendship of the 23 years with Martin, it is for the most part no nostalgic memory, but still today daily practice and a spiritual connection deeply integrated into my everyday life, which is composed of countless rich life experiences of that time, like a puzzle in which no part is missing. I am still deeply connected to Martin in my heart and through his meditations, which I practice almost daily, I feel his presence and support on all levels of my being, quietly and without much talking about it. I live this connection deep in my heart and soul, as well as with Roop Verma, a close friend of Martin and me. No one and nothing in this world can take this precious treasure.

Martin's meditation "Healing Vibration" with the Nada Yoga music by Roop Verma has revealed a new dimension in me to approach meditation in a concrete and everyday way. Through the keys of the colours in the chakras that Martin has developed and the direct feedback regarding the situation I am in my life and what is going on that particular day, there is an infinite potential for everyone who explores and applies this for themselves. Every day is like an adventure.

This guided meditation "Healing Vibration" is a meditation I have been practicing for 28 years to tune myself like a musical instrument, to bring the energy in a state of flow in my entire energy system, to fill myself with energy, to go centered in the day, to take a honest look at me, where I stand in the present moment, to be mindful and gentle with myself and the environment as I learned from Martin. He has exemplified this by observing very well and attentively, holding the unclear moments with clarity before one's eyes. In moments of inner restlessness and confusion in which one felt like between two bubbles in the fog of one's own consciousness, he gave the helpful support to quickly find oneself again in a clear space in one's own consciouusness and to feel trustingly connected with everything.

In deep gratitude for Martin and Roop I pass this experience on to others as best I can. So everyone who meets him has their individual deep experience and those who did not know him have the wonderful opportunity to meet him through his teaching just as deep in their own heart.

Let also your heart speak and you will also find your way to yourself.
Just as Martin said "Love heals and everything can be healed".

Simple Tools
The first meeting with Martin Brofman was marked by a revelation. The points of view and tools were so simple, so effective and so consistent that I still clearly remember the decision I made at the time to teach these tools.

With Martin's teachings, healing became available to everyone. Because it was perceived as a potential of human consciousness that we could each decide to explore if we wanted to. Each individual was seen as his own guide on his path, the language was demystified.

It was also the first time I met a person who had expressed experiences outside the body. From the first discussions we had on this subject, I was able to recognize the authenticity of these words which had a very strong effect on me: the healing of extreme loneliness. Finally, after more than 20 years of silence on this subject, I met someone with similarities of experience. So I was not totally crazy.

And as Martin put it, "If you are crazy and you are functional, then you are a genius"

For me, Martin was a genius at the service of human consciousness. He lovingly structured a technology demystified for self-knowledge and healing.

It’s about 30 years ago that I went to my first Body Mirror class. The Body Mirror System of Healing has become a part of my life. I’m using it every day, often without even thinking about it. And I love sharing the ideas and the healing tools with other people by teaching the healing classes.

I’m also grateful for the huge lesson I’ve learned from Martin in the classes about love. It helped me realising and experiencing that love is not reduced to be an emotion in the relationship with some few persons close to me, but it’s a way of being in the world.

With Martins words:
”Love is what remains when there is no judgement of another as less than you, and no expectations, no way in which another must change before they can be loved.
Love has no conditions. It is unconditional.
Love is a feeling of non-seperation, of oneness with.
Love recognizes and accepts the essential uniqueness of each being and the essential relatedness of all beings.
Love is acceptance.”
(Martin Brofman, from the guided meditation: I’m a Healer)

Love is healing.
Love makes the world a better place.
Let’s together spread love and happiness in the world J

Thank you for the treasure that you’ve passed on, Martin.
With love and gratitude from Denmark
Success story of the month
The benefits of the class were multiple.

First a great physical and moral form.

I put away my glasses at the bottom of a bag and do not wish to yield, even if for small letters it requires some efforts.

My view of life and events is different, with a better confidence in what will happen - or not happen.
A better affirmation of me in what I am (which had been my weak point ..)
From this came a great harmony with my husband, of course ...

I also really realized that I had changed "bubble" and that I could not live and think as before,
that the new "me" could not go back to the previous one.
It is basically a kind of rebirth.
D.M. France
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