Subject: Newsletter Brofman Foundation - September 2018 - The Passage

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This month we invite you
To make peace at home
in order to make peace in the world
To lower the indoor temperature
in order to lower the outside temperature
To move your home into your heart chakra

The Symptom of the month  :  Hiatal hernia

Hiatal hernia is a condition in which part of the stomach sticks upward into the chest, through an opening in the diaphragm. It reflects Solar Plexus tensions affecting the Heart Chakra. It points to strong anger affecting the love in the area of relationships.

Moving to our Heart
All over the world spiritual peace vigils are held. People are coming together praying for peace. The police have in many places reported a significant decline in the crime rate in the city or the county where the peace vigil was held.
When we move from solar plexus into our heart the world reacts to that!

And we all know that experiencing the world from the heart chakra is a feeling of being connected to anything and everyone, a loving space. Let’s spend more, and more, and more time there…

Passage time
We face many challenges: global warming, the migrant crisis, the civil and military nuclear threat, the pollution of the soil, the air, the oceans, the hunger, the wars that last, the speeding up of the disappearance of animal species, birds, etc ...

Looking at it from the point of view of the only physical reality, we can say that a certain human activity creates a particular problem, as a doctor can say a certain kind of virus creates a certain kind of illness. But why this person attracts a virus, and a illness develops while the person close to them has neither a virus nor a symptom. The difference is in relation to what the person does in their consciousness. So if we observe what is happening on the planet from the point of view where everything starts in our consciousness, we have to look at what are the thoughts that we have at the level of our Spirit and what is the goal that is likely to be reached if we continue in the same direction.

By making a parallel with a person having a life-threatening symptom, we know that healing happens through a transformation of the way of being that has created the symptom. The person must release the tensions in his / her consciousness regarding a situation in his / her life that is unacceptable. If we look at our creation and observe the events of our lives, we can see that these experiences reflected deep decisions we had already made. Reality manifests itself to reflect these decisions.

The following information, published a few weeks ago, the result of research by Jos Lieleveld, director of the Max Planck Institute of Mainz and astrophysicist among other qualifications, tells us that the Middle East will become unbearable if not dangerous in terms of climate. It is interesting to note that countries in this area have experienced open or latent conflicts for many years. So the group consciousness experiences strong tensions that manifest in the physical reality and it would mean that it also starts to spread to the climate and therefore threatens the lives of all people living there.

Scientists and environmental protection associations have been drawing our attention for more than 20 years to this situation that affects the entire planet by making predictions about what could happen, should happen or will happen with the increase temperatures.

There have already been a number of climate conferences, yet the warming seems to be accelerating. The same applies to the pollution and the extinction of species and therefore of ours. What is happening is that more and more people are becoming aware of these symptoms. This is the first step, then it is necessary to change and raise our attention to another level of our consciousness, what some call the passage, to leave the chakra of the solar plexus and the perceptions and ways of thinking that are connected to it and move to the space of the heart chakra, where we function by thinking beyond individual boundaries - the migrant crisis is one example, leading everyone to wonder what he/she wants to do - developing compassion, acceptance, seeing us as a global family that includes all living beings - which also means changing our attitude about animals and how we treat them.

As Yogananda has expressed : « The good and bad karmic conditions created by man determine and influence the climate, affecting the wind and the ocean to the very structure of the earth, sometimes causing earthquakes. All the hatred, anger, evil we send into the world, and the anguish and violence they cause – all disrupt the magnetic force of the Earth as parasites in the Ether. »

It is time to take charge of one´s self and walk consciously in one's life, to change our behavior in our daily acts, to pay particular attention to our perceptions, our thoughts, our words. Change comes from within and from a right attitude.

The only constant in the universe is change. It is unavoidable. The transition to the heart chakra can be soft or violent. As a group consciousness we have decided to evolve, so we can align our perceptions in relation to the new space where we want to evolve: stop the judgment, the seizure of power , the control, the separation, the individual interests and we have the possibility to focus on compassion, understanding, unity.
When a person has functionned at the level of the solar plexus chakra, controlling themselves, controlling others, deciding what others should or should not do, and that person decides to move to the heart chakra, she is going to go through letting go. The more the person holds on to the perceptions and ways of being of the solar plexus - what is happening right now for a lot of people - the more things get out of control, it may require a shock that will force the person to accept what is and recognize the importance of everyone's freedom and start to relate in a different way without seeing each other as a threat.

We can react before this shock, we are creators and have an infinite power to change ourselves and to change our environment. For that, let's look within ourselves and stop putting the blame on anyone. Act on one's own and help the others to change and act. There are no victims, only creators. What we have polluted, we can heal. Anything can be healed.

To encourage the gentleness of a paradigm shift
We can perceive the current period of change as the transition from the Pisces Era to the Aquarius Era. The themes explored during the Pisces Era reflected the aspects of consciousness of the solar plexus chakra: freedom, control, power. While the Aquarius Era is focused on the aspects of consciousness of the heart chakra: perceptions of love, relationships, people close to the heart.

Each individual consciousness is encouraged to make this passage, solving the paradox between relationships and freedom and ensuring healthy relationships between humans. This should go with a shift in the motivational forces behind our actions.

The current global difficulties can be perceived as resistances to make this passage, resistances to reduce the amount of control that humans decide to use, allowing more space for freedom.

These tensions in the global consciousness are the reflection of each individual consciousness configuration that composes it.

Our perceptions create our reality, we can perceive the current situation as a process of evolution. And we can soften this evolutionary process by changing individually.

Our power to soften this passage is ultimately in each of us. If the individual consciousness nourish in themselves with discernment the perceptions of confidence, joy, freedom, love, abundance and unity ... Then it will be reflected also in the global consciousness.

You own your power and you can use it to move your motivational forces toward the heart chakra and manifest actions that will be the reflection of it.
Article from Martin Brofman
Martin Brofman's article about "The Passage"  :

Success story of the month
I was due to a surgery for a large cyst (6cm diameter) near my ovaries. After a BMS healing session with you here in London, the cyst shrunk to 3.5cm and the surgery was cancelled. I had an ultrasound scan at the hospital this morning to check the situation and, 2 and half year after surgery was cancelled, I am pleased to let you know that there is no trace of that cyst at all, as if it had never been there. THANK YOU.
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