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- October 2019 -
In October
We invite you to
take your power
with conscience,
as a conscious co-creator
for a more harmonious and soft world
for everyone..
The symptom of the month :  Asperger syndrome

Asperger syndrome is a form of autism that is characterized by difficulties in social interaction, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. Physical clumsiness is frequently reported.

Autism is related to the crown chakra and the person’s sense of connection with father and authority. When this is closed, the person experiences a sense of isolation, living in their own closed world with difficulty connecting with others, and not feeling the love around them. The repetitive patterns of behavior point to tensions in the solar plexus chakra and issues of control, as well as the root chakra and a sense of insecurity or fear, and the physical clumsiness can also point to tensions in the root chakra, and a possible lack of connection with the mother as well, though this might be related to the extreme sense of isolation caused by the closed crown chakra.

As with any symptom, it is important to consider what was going on in the person’s life when the symptom began, in terms of their sense of connection with their parents.

Classes in October
Authority, freedom and power
The world is in a period of big changes. It seems when looking through the level of the solar chakra that we go towards a wall.

From a deeper level, the level of the Spirit, the brow chakra, that’s the reality we, each of us, have manifested and we are facing what we have deep down wanted.

Sometimes things happen that look like they are not in alignment with what we really want, but in time, the positive purpose of these events can become evident.

That's a time where each of us needs a lot of self - introspection. We need to reconnect with who we are and stop to put the responsibility on others.

Everybody should own one' s power and it does not have to be in conflict with authority but if authority is abusive, one's inner voice may be telling them to do something about it.

In our society, the government is the authority, and also the police. In a school, the teachers and administrators are the authority. These authorities should always serve the individual interests, and when they do not do that, the individuals have a right to say and do something about it.

We don’t need to change with violence, aggressiveness and hate, creating more of something we don’t want at all.

Therefore, we need to work together to solve any problem and come to a right decision.

There is a call for awareness that is manifested all over the world through the younger generations. They stand before the authority to demand a change in the way we treat nature and animals. The perception we choose in our consciousness makes us see the world in a certain way and make us treat it in a certain way.

Authority has been abusive in different ways and their inner voice suggests to many beings to do something about it.

We can do what we feel, remembering that organic processes are encouraged and non-organic process (or malignant processes) are discouraged.

Organic process are those that support life. Malignant processes are those that threaten life. Here we are talking about the life of the society, and doing what is best for the society.

It's not really about what you do, but rather how you do it, and for what purpose. Therefore, it should not stay just an intention but each of us needs to put in action every day what we wish for a better world: help raising the consciousness, change our behavior towards nature and animals, develop compassion for the others in our daily experience.

So, instead of staying stuck in the solar plexus chakra and having a sense of separation with the others,
we need to raise our perceptions consciously in our heart chakra, and decide to live from this level. When we have the feeling that we are not feeling the love anymore, it’s our duty to move again as soon as possible in this space.

Love is always the key. Be an example

Success story of the month
Thank you so much for an amazing weekend. The atmosphere was incredible. It was liberating, freeing and very containing all at the same time. I have never felt safe enough, up until the weekend,to remove my glasses anywhere, especially with people I had just met for the first time. However, on the course it felt effortless and easy! I have not worn them since......and that feels really good. I received and am continuing to develop a profound level of trust within myself thanks to the healing from you and the other butterflies. What stays with me is the unconditional love that I felt during and after the course. Long may it continue! On Monday, the day after the course, I was presented with healing opportunities at work.....staff with headaches and they felt a lot better afterwards....

Thank you thank you thank you to you and Martin. I watched some youtube videos of him afterwards! Amazing!

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