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October 2020

At this time in life
when humanity is so much in need of love,
this month we invite you to love.
Love yourself and others.
Isn't right now 
the right time
to love one another.

Compassion and gratitude
As we go through this very special time in our lives, and as we each walk our own evolutionary path, we explore our consciousness through more or less difficult experiences. We live in very demanding times and many people are passive in front of this situation or develop emotions such as fear and anger among others, which are only reactions. This situation we find ourselves in shows how people have put priority on certain things, such as judgment, control, ego and appearance instead of taking care of each other.

And while the world is going through a profound transformation, it is time for everyone to put their attention on their heart and feel gratitude for this life. Feeling and expressing gratitude can have a profound effect on our lives, especially if we do it every day. Knowing what we value in life means having an understanding of who we are, what is important to us. Paying attention to what we are thankful for puts us in a positive state of mind. It connects us to the world around us and to ourselves.

I like this quote from a book by Alphonse Karr ("A walk in my garden"): "Some people complain that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses."

We live in a culture that is built on criticism and negative speech. This seems to be one of our favorite hobbies. We can very easily focus on other people's behavior and judge them according to our own values, our dreams that are different from theirs, but this only contributes to bad moods, judgment, separation and has negative effects on our happiness and health.

If we want to change society in a positive way, to feel happier in our lives, gratitude is an essential element. We can have this attitude of gratitude that allows us to understand our past, to be at peace here and now and to create a positive future.

Many people talk harshly to themselves, more than they would ever talk to anyone else. The tone, words and sentences we use in our minds can be sharp and destructive. It is a belief among many people that it is a good thing to judge ourselves severely. But in fact it has the opposite effect, as research shows. It can lead to discouragement and depression.

There are so many things to be grateful for, and gratitude awakens and increases compassion for oneself. You recognize when you are in pain and you are gentle with yourself, it reduces anxiety and the related depression. It is to give yourself encouragement, thinking about what you would say to a friend if they were going through the same experience, to practice mindfulness of the present moment by observing your thoughts, feelings, and responding to them with kindness, understanding, and being careful what you give to your physical body and your mind.

Compassion should extend to others, for what is the benefit of speaking badly about someone else, no matter who they are? If a person's behavior affects you, then you have the opportunity to do something different to get out of this negative spiral. You need to understand where that person comes from - to have empathy - putting down another person is not going to change anything but makes you feel worse. Ask yourself the question: do you think that someone who feels good wants to put others down? Do you think that someone who is happy will intentionally insult and hurt others? No. And so, if someone hurts others, maybe they are having a hard time in this world and that's why they are hard on others. Someone who is at peace within themselves and with the world is not going to intentionally hurt others.

Many people confuse compassion with empathy. And although they are closely related, empathy refers to our ability to experience another person's consciousness and thus feel the other person's emotions.

Compassion involves feeling the desire for the other person to be happy. Compassion is defined as the ability to understand another person's emotional state. In addition, it includes understanding our own emotional state. Compassion motivates us to relieve suffering and support others - and ourselves.

All it takes is one change, even a small one, in each person for the world to change and things change dramatically. Then it is time to bring this gentleness into one's own life so that this gentleness, brought by gratitude and compassion, will reflect on all beings and the world.
Classes October and November
MONTPELLIER, France - 21/25 October - Level 1 Healing Intensive with Philippe Hannetelle -

THESSALONIKI - Greece - 31 October/1 November - Body-Mirror with Philippe Hannetelle -

ERETRIA - Greece - 4/8 November - Level 1 Healing Intensive with Philippe Hannetelle -

MADEIRA - Portugal - 7/8 November - Vision Class with Anne-Birte Christensen -

LISBON - Portugal - 14/15 November - Body Mirror System Class with Anne-Birte Christensen -

COIMBRA - Portugal - 21/22 November - Body Mirror System Class with Anne-Birte Christensen -

ATHENS - Greece - 28/29 November - Body-Mirror with Philippe Hannetelle -

The symptom of the month : Diabetes
Diabetes affects the pancreas, and a diabetic is described as someone who cannot have sugar. From the point of view that we each create our reality, the person has been keeping sweetness away from him/herself. If someone gets too close with sweetness, an emotion comes up to create a safe distance. The emotion is anger. Diabetes is associated with suppressed anger and comes about at a time in the person’s life when they feel angry about something without the sense of freedom to express it.

Type 2 Diabetes often goes away if the person reduces their weight – the excess weight was another way to keep others at a distance.
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Success story and testimony of the month
In autumn I was due to a surgery for a large cyst (6cm diameter) near my ovaries. After a Body Mirror healing, the cyst shrunk to 3,5cm and the surgery was cancelled. I had an ultrasound scan at the hospital earlier this morning to check the situation and I am very pleased to let you know that there is no trace of cyst at all, as if it has never been there.

M.F. London
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Dresden, Germany - 24/25 October - Body Mirror System with Viola Schöpe -


Dresden, Germany - 14/15 November - Vison Workshop with Philippe Hannetelle -


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