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October is the month of balance
We invite you to
keep in balance
maintain your balance
see the harmony of the balance of life

The Symptom of the month  :  Vertigo

Vertigo is a dizziness showing tension in the root chakra. It shows a feeling of insecurity or fear. The person is not anchored. It is often associated with nausea and vomiting, an impression that things get out of control, out of our hands. The person loses balance, it is difficult to stand on their own two feet, literally as well as figuratively. They may also have trouble walking and may get out of their body. Vertigo is a reaction to a situation that is perceived as scary or that causes fear or insecurity. The person needs to regain a sense of trust and anchor.

Education : balance between authority and respect for the child

When my son Edouard was small, we always explained to him why we would say "no" to his requests or his actions.
Born under the sign of Libra, we knew that he was, more than others, very sensitive to the feeling of justice, of balance, so it was important for his balance and his evolution that he had the experience of a fair authority, not an arbitrary one.
There is something that particularly helped him, it is when we invited him to put himself in the place of the other, when his actions towards someone were questionable. It has always helped him to become aware of the effect of his actions and to change by himself, from a very young age.
Like many people of my generation, I grew up in a family where children had to obey without question, to question the decisions of parents or ask them to explain their decisions was considered shamelessness.

It is not always easy for parents to find the right balance between authority and respect for the child. They must both guide the child, protect him, help him to become an adult while listening to his passions, his desires in the present and for the future.

Parents lead the life of their child then they become a bit like driving instructors with teenagers, they sit next to him in the car, they teach him to drive and can also intervene when needed to protect him or guide him.

We all come into the world with a list of projects to accomplish. We all have our own inner being, our intuition. Parents should not substitute themselves to that of the child but teach him to trust this deeper part of himself. They need to listen to their child's little voice without imposing their own projects on him.

With this deep respect for the being they have welcomed into their lives, a contract is made and the child learns to have total trust in his parents and he does not feel the need to question their authority.

With love

Live in balance
What does balance mean for you? By asking this question to different people, I got different answers but with a common denominator: it's something fragile.

Staying in balance is a permanent exercise that requires vigilance.

A musician told me that when a group, before a concert, makes the sound check (translated in French litterally : "makes the balance"), it is a balance between the different instruments and the voices and when an imbalance occurred, it could also bring a space of creation where it could then direct his music in a place not yet explored, so the imbalance can create another state of balance.

Another friend, tightrope walker, told me that for him, balance is a sensation. With regard to his art, one can understand the importance of having this sensation and being vigilant to keep it.

Others told me about the balance between work, play, family and the bank account.

Life is an act of balance, and like this tightrope walker, you can walk a tightrope. You are a Spirit and you have a body, so you have to be sure that both are in balance. And in the spiritual evolution, when we look at it through the chakras, we see the importance of the heart that is at the center. Being and living in one's heart and paying attention to our perceptions, thoughts, words and actions is the best way to stay or come back to balance.

"Roots in the finite and wings in the infinite" as Rajneesh expressed it.

Being in balance as artist and healer
I am often asked, "How do you combine the two professions of being artist and healer?" We live in a society of specialization. Thus, we lose the vision on the whole and is more likely to be ignored. This has devastating consequences for the individual as well as for our life on this planet. Each one of us is unique in our being, with the respective skills and talents to be found in each one of us.

For me both are vocations and it started long before I had to decide on a career path. My grandfather was a sculptor and had a great sense of observation and mindfulness. He also taught me unconditional love and compassion. I studied alternative medicine, shamanism, bioenergetics, and parallel to art studies. practiced yoga and shiatsu.

Both areas of interest are mutually beneficial and create the necessary balance. In the healing process I work intensively with other people and in artistic work it is more of a meditative process with myself. So for me to go in – being with myself - and out – being with the others – is in balance. I feel at the right place.
Through art, for example, I can easily imagine the colors in the chakras and the pictures, and the intense work in the healings gives me back the opportunity to find new inspiring pictures for my art.

Once a man asked me for a healing. He had leg problems and several conflicts that pointed to tensions in the root chakra. His imbalance was the result of not feeling well with his job.
His life was completely out of balance and he took refuge in alcohol and drugs and this had devastating consequences on his health. The conflict was based on the fact he believed that to earn money he had to do a job he did not want. He could not imagine that he could find a job in what he liked doing, I asked him what he liked to do. He loved climbing  mountains and spend his day in nature.

I encouraged him assuring he would find a job where he can combine both and make profit of it. He found a suitable job a short time later. He works in the mountain safety and gives climbing lessons to children. His task is to check the hooks during climbing. So he has been able to reconcile the things he loves with what he can do as a profession.
Everyone has the opportunity to find their vocation and live in balance, no matter how exotic the combination looks. Everything is possible.

Gardening in balance?
In a natural environment, a road that goes through it, samples or large supplies, can be a source of imbalance.

Sometimes , the "culture of separation", the hyperspecialization areas related to food production in agriculture, make us forget that the balance of nature can be better perceived when it is observed as a whole.

A soil imbalance, as we observe nowadays can work temporarily. After the world wars, for example, the remaining explosives, nitrates, were partly integrated in the soil as fertilizer, it was needed to produce quickly and a lot - this temporary starting solution has been finally set in still until today. This imbalance has produced a lot of food but at what cost? Does a balance come up as the result of this imbalance?

Globally not yet, but processes that seem more balanced resurface. We hear a lot about permaculture for example, a more global vision to produce food in symbiosis with nature and human being. Other movements are on the way like the "incredible foods", which share the produced food; community gardens shared locally; the multitude of people who transform their lawns into vegetable gardens; villages that become self-sufficient in food; the growing interest in organic seeds; mixed farming...

At home, in our small "permaculture" vegetable garden, we are working in collaboration with universities and have launched a study on electroculture. It is a passive system that would create an electro-osmosis of the soil, apparently having several advantages: larger vegetables, water retention, displacement of nutrients from the soil ... Studies and implementations on this theme were abandoned in the first half of the past century without really having any scientific quantification on the functioning. With this study, we intend to quantify the phenomenon and see how well it works or not.

This approach is born from the current imbalance to find more organic solutions and to grow life with life.
We can encourage ourselves to observe the causes of the global balance of nature rather than to look for unbalanced effects due to a separate and hyperspecialized observation of this same nature.

Just like with the Body-Mirror Method, in which we observe the being as a whole to identify the behaviors, the causes with which he/she could unbalance his/her organism.

Like a walking human, imbalance and balance are states that adjust to move forward and evolve.

The story from the organizer
My name is Nelly and I organize Annick Brofman's courses in Nice.
We met almost 30 years ago, she was a social worker and I was a secretary.

So here I am thirty years ago, secretary waiting "slightly stressed" to see the arrival of the new social worker ....
Here she comes with her hair as a "palm tree" on top of her head and a small dog following her step by step ....
One rooted being and one flying in the sky in heaven: we became right away the best friends in the world:
Annick and Nelly
I had just attended a weekend course in Nice, south of France - one of Martin Brofman’s very first ones - I talked about it to my friend and everything started for the wonderful teacher Annick.
For me, the path was different for a few years and because coincidence does not exist it led me, guess where, to organize the courses of my friend in the region of Nice - Castagniers les Moulins.

It is a real pleasure for me to welcome the participants to this place - Hotel Servotel - entrusted with memories of past classes for former participants and the wonderful energy left by all of us for many years (more than fifteen years ). To complete these moments of teaching and sharing, we are warmly welcomed by the staff and enjoy ultra comfortable rooms and in the Summer you need to remember your bathing suit in your suitcase for a dip in the pool.
And what about the restaurant: everything is home-made with fresh local produce and we can say that their way of expressing their "love" reveals in every dish brought by waiters who have become over the years like members of our family "like at home".

t has been two years since I took up my new position and I share with you this beautiful sentence:
"I like to think that it was destiny for me to be her friend and her to be mine"
I wish everyone to live such a beautiful Adventure-Friendship-Love.
Success story of the month

After the last healing I felt a deep change in my bottom. I was suddenly able to stand more easily and longer. I also felt internal connections being made at the level of the right thigh. This was immediate. A week later I was able to get up from a chair without having to help with both hands and I was able to walk without a cane for a long time, something "impossible" for 20 years. In fact my two legs and hips are finally stuck to my waist and I feel them in unity with the rest of my body. I woke up 3 or 4 times  at night and felt something "working" inside my right leg.
H.O. - France

Next Classes in English
Next Classes in English

Annick Brofman is coming back to London to teach a weekend course in the Body Mirror System of Healing February 16-17, 2019. 

The class starts both days at 9:30 AM and ends at 8:30 PM on 
Saturday and around 7:30 PM on Sunday. 

The class will be held at :
Violet Hill Studios
6 Violet Hill
London NW8 9EB
020 8458 5368
Violet Hill Studios, Centre for Healing Arts.

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