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What is a couple ?

Brofman Foundation
Newsletter November 2019

In November,
we share with you
our idea of the couple.
Is it looking at each other?
Is it looking together in the same direction?
Why not both ?
Successfull relationships

Chakra by chakra, these are what I see as essential elements: in a successful relationship :

  • Root chakra – a sense of mutual trust, as friends
  • Abdominal chakra – sexual compatibility in terms of style and frequency
  • Solar Plexus chakra – mutual acknowledgement of freedom and individuality in a state of partnership
  • Heart Chakra – Mutual sense of Acceptance, and feeling the contact and the love
  • Throat Chakra – Open, honest, and direct communication as an essential element to resolve misunderstandings and misperceptions, and align intentions for mutual benefit
  • Brow chakra – spiritual compatibility and total openness to each other
  • Crown chakra – Sense of connectedness and unity.
Martin Brofman
The symptom of the month: Breast cancer

Cancer represents something held in and not expressed, and the part of the body affected shows what it was. With breast cancer, the closest chakra to the symptom is the heart chakra, and therefore the symptom represents tension concerning something that happened with someone close to the person’s heart (partner, parent, sibling, offspring) at the time the symptom began. The apparent logical conclusion of the symptom (if it would be allowed to proceed) shows something about the tension in the consciousness associated with the symptom. If one logical conclusion would be removal of the breast, and it is described from the point of view that we each create our reality, the person has been cutting herself off from her femininity, manifesting more yang characteristics (hardness) than her natural state of balance, suppressing her yin characteristics (softness), because of the remaining tensions in her consciousness about what happened when the symptom began.
If death is seen as an apparent logical conclusion, it reflects the person’s decision to die, deciding that she does not want to face life with that unacceptable situation. The healing of the symptom therefore involves resolving the situation in some way

Classes in November

NEGROPONTE, GREECE - 30 November/1srt December - Body Mirror System Healing weekend course with Philippe Hannetelle
What is the ideal couple ?
Societies have often praised the idea of ​​an ideal couple corresponding to the values ​​of the moment - often marked by the moral and religion.
The belief I grew up with, because I heard it all the time, was that being in a relationship meant losing your freedom and making concessions. I was afraid of love - my freedom is far too precious.
When I met Martin Brofman who became my husband, we had the same values, the same desires, the same crazyness - very different from the values ​​with which I grew up.
There is no standard of happiness, no standard of happy couple, no standard of balance.
The ideal couple is one in which everyone is happy and fulfilled regardless of their values, desires or standards.
Some couples are monogamous other polygamous, some are heterosexual, others bisexual or gay, or swingers. Some want to have many children, others none. Some like sex very much, others do not.
Whatever your values, your desires, your manias, you represent an ideal for someone. Even if you do not fit any other model - even if you are different from all your neighbors and friends and family, you will find a partner who will love you not only for who you are but who will love you especially because you are the way you are .
You will then be encouraged to be yourself in the relationship rather than being encouraged to match the standard of the other.
If someone wants you to match their way - run away!
For me, the ideal couple is the one where everyone is crazy in love with each other, each is the best friend of the other, each wants the happiness of the other, each wants the other to be the full expression of their possibilities and all that sprinkled with a sizzling, sweet sexuality and a lot of crazy laughter.
If you are a couple, time to talk to each other - what are your desires?
If you are waiting for the ideal partner - stop thinking that no one will want you because you are too much this or not enough that and stop starting from a point of view where there is a lack, a void to fill.
1-Start by listing all your good qualities.
2-Then make a list of all your “bad qualities” (according to you or others.)
3-Copy and paste the second list into the first one.
4-Erase the second list.
And add to the top of the list:
"Who will be the luckiest person in the world who will enjoy the exceptional being that I am? "
The more you love yourself, the more you will be visible to the person who is looking for you.
Annick Brofman
They talk about us
As some of you probably know, Martin’s books have been published in the US by Inner Traditions and Annick was invited to give interviews about the books and Martin’s work. 

Here is the link to the latest one :
Beginning of October, Viola Schöpe and Philippe Hannetelle participated to the 27th International Holistic Vision Congress, in Frankfurt.
They presented our point of view on eyesight symptoms and how to come back to clear vision - without glasses or contact lenses.
The next International Holistic Vision Congress, in 2021, will be held in Nîmes, France.

In Thaepama, interview with Philippe Hannetelle
The original article in Greek is here: Thaepama
Translation into English click here
You often say that conscious and subconscious thoughts affect our body and our mental state. Give us some examples in everyday life ... (work, family, loves ...) ...
Next classes 
NICE - 26/30 December - Intensive Level 1 with Annick Brofman

LONDON - 21/22 March -Body Mirror System Weekend class with Annick Brofman

LONDON - 16/17 May - Vision Workshop with Annick Brofman

All places, all dates  on

One of the fundamental ideas we’re presenting in our Body Mirror healing class is
What you believe to be true is true, for you.

After a recent class, a participant came to me and told, “I wish that I had been aware of that much earlier, then I would not have been so eager to try to change my partners in my relationships. I couldn’t imagine that my partners would experience situations in another way than I did, and I was persuaded, that in many cases I knew what was better for them and I tried to convince them of my point of view. I did it because I loved them and I thought that I knew what was best for them.
After having worked with the Body Mirror System for some years I now understand that our perceptions of what we experience are a reflection of our beliefs, and that what is good for one person, might not be good for another being. Because of this understanding, I now live in a much more loving, accepting world and my relationships are much easier and healthier J”
We can remind ourselves that love, openness, respect, patience and curiosity are crucial for a good communication in our relationships.
Love Anne-Birte
Success story of the month
First of all, a great deal of gratitude to Martin for accepting this mission of transmission that brings so many openings of consciousness and acceptance of love to those who are in contact with his method, to you who carry his work with so much love, and to my friend of light, a sister of heart, who by her vibration brought me to know more.

I did not expect to live a miracle by coming to this weekend class. What a "shock" to take off my glasses! This internship was great for its content and the co-creation of the people present. Really nice exchanges and energy.

I came home motivated. With challenges: start a new stage of professional life (sewing) and have to drive over a long distance daily. I kept my glasses on the tip of my nose to drive so I could raise my head in case of danger! But I tried to avoid using them. Challenge with couture too: I didn’t see the details! But I didn’t give in, so I ended up adapting and getting there.

Leaving Paris, I knew how much I had to heal this childhood and adolescence grief. Back pain started quickly, disabling, painful, but I knew the body needed to talk. And then this deep sorrow, but I let emotions rise…

…The next day, on returning from work on this stretch of highway, headaches and eye aches intensified (always with these glasses on the tip of my nose, just in case!). I stopped at the toll gate and almost threw away those glasses that were no longer necessary for me, and there, a flash of clear vision, with intense colors, sharpness! I ran into the garden crying to share this moment with my husband. And a joy! The grief was erased.
And the feeling that being authentic allows me to see more clearly…

…Since then, I no longer wear glasses, it is a decision (except night, rain, etc...)
N.W. France
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