Subject: Newsletter Brofman Foundation - November 2020 - Our essential perceptions

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November 2020

Since light and dark are mutually exclusive,
just like love and hate,
the positive and the negative.
This month, we invite you to
do not fight against darkness, hatred or the negative but to
shine, shine, shine,
love with all your heart
and have positive perceptions.
Be like a sun that lights up and
that illuminates.
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Classes 2020
Portugal - 14/15 November - Body Mirror System Class with Anne-Birte Christensen

COIMBRA - Portugal - 21/22 November - Body Mirror System Class with Anne-Birte Christensen

ATHENS - Greece - 28/29 November - Body-Mirror with Philippe Hannetelle

Nice - France - 26/30 December - Body Mirror System Intensive Class with Annick Brofman

Our thoughts create reality
We’re experiencing a quite intense period in time with Covid 19, elections in the US, mass demonstrations in Belarus, floods in Vietnam etc.
Additionally, there has just been, as a journalist on the radio called it, a “breaking news” tsunami hitting my small country, Denmark. We have seen headlines, like: “Two top politicians leave their positions from one day to another”. This is happening in reaction to things brought up as part of the second #MeToo wave swiping over Denmark right now. Other news has included “Mutated Covid 19 virus found on big mink farm”, and yesterday’s breaking news headline was “Famous prisoner sitting in jail for brutal murder succeeds in escaping the prison”.
I like to stay informed about what is happening in my country and in the world, but I have to admit that I recently found myself feeling overwhelmed from what I heard on the news, and I felt tired.

Last night I suddenly had no internet connection. I contacted my neighbours, and after some research, we found out that the router was broken and we couldn’t repair it right away. Afterwards, as I was relaxing on the couch, I had to laugh. I had received exactly what I had asked for: less information and less input from the outside…

I was (again) reminded how important it is to take care of ourselves, to stay grounded and be present with those whom we’re with and with what we’re doing, and to be in our heart.
Worrying about challenging events in the entire world or suffering with people we’ve heard are having a hard time, doesn’t change the situation in the world and doesn’t help other people (and it leaves ourselves feeling miserable ;)

We can make it a daily habit to take a break and to quiet down our mind by, for example, going for a walk or doing a meditation. This gives us the possibility to relax, to allow ourselves to feel nourished and to be in our heart. The heart is the place where we feel connected to anyone and everything, and where we feel the love.
From this clear state of mind we can decide if we want to act in the physical reality or if we prefer from our heart to send love and energy, with compassion, to people, situations, countries…, which need support right now – and then expect and wait to see the positive effect of that.

Be aware of your thoughts and your wishes, they create reality!

With love

Relating as co-creators
(...) The Indigo Chakra can also represent your relationship with your philosophically spiritual or religious views, since it is these that are intended to give you an understanding of this level of your being. The details of these spiritual views are not important here, but just the question of whether or not you are in harmony with them.

As a spiritual perspective associated with the Indigo Chakra, you can see that you attract to yourself those experiences that reflect your desires, your fears, and your beliefs, the pictures you put into your consciousness, and you can see that others do the same. You can see that all of the events in your life reflect the decisions you have made, whether or not you remember those decisions when the events happen. Your decisions create events in the outer world that move in a way to carry out those decisions.

Since we each create our own reality, you can see the amazing interactions we create with other creators. It is as though you are the main character in your own movie, with all of your friends playing their favorite roles in support of yours, and at the same time, you are playing supporting roles for each of your friends, who are the main characters in their movies.

This complex interaction functions perfectly, according to that which we each create and agree to play. When we see healing as a process of co-creation, we are seeing it from the point of view of this chakra, and we can see that what happens during the healing is a function of what each of us brings to it.

It is as if we are each a dreamer dreaming a dream, and projecting our dream around ourselves, like a bubble. In considering ourselves as creators, we can acknowledge that each of us, and all of us, are creators, projecting our respective bubbles. Where these bubbles interpenetrate each other, we co-create a three-dimensional hologram, which we agree to call external physical reality. The events in this external physical world, then, reflect what was happening in the consciousness of the individuals involved in that event. (...)

From "Anything can be healed" Martin Brofman chapter about the Indigo chakra Publ. Findhorn Press
The symptom of the month : Tinnitus
Tinnitus is the medical term for ringing in the ears, a sound that does not have its source in the physical world. It is related to the brow chakra, associated with the non-physical element known as the inner sound.
It is that deep part of the person’s consciousness, their Spirit, known in the Western world as their subconscious or unconscious, calling the person’s attention to look inside to see if he/she is really living their truth, seeing what they really want of what they really feel, as compared to what they feel they should want or feel.

Success story and testimony of the month
I stumbled onto Martin Brofman's book "Improve Your Vision" a few weeks ago.
After 20 years of researching and unsuccessfully trying every method under the sun to improve my vision I decided to give this a chance.

Paydirt! In less than one week my vision went from 20/200 to 20/30 using your husband's method. I saw a video Martin made in which he explained that he wanted to leave some kind of legacy wherein he does something good for the benefit of humankind.
In my humble opinion, he most certainly did that. What a wonderful gift he has given the world!

In my exhaustive research on the subjects of spirituality and healing I have never come across a person who showed me how to practically and successfully apply what I learned; until Martin Brofman. He explained everything in a way that made it easy to understand and I felt that I could really relate to what he was telling me in his videos and books. Thanks to him I have a new lease on life.

What a wonderful human being! I wish I could thank him. I do talk to him in my prayers and thank him every day for the amazing gift inside myself that he helped me to understand. I want to express my gratitude to Martin and to you all for continuing his work. All of God's blessings and love are forever with the Brofman family.

God Bless You Always,

E. M.
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