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This month, we invite you
to take stock
on your choices
your paths
your stories
So we share with you
our choices, our paths, our stories
that lead us to the expression of our beings:
spread healing 
The Symptom of the month  :  Thyroid

The thyroid gland is associated with the throat chakra, and therefore with the person expressing him/hreself, and what is going on inside them. When this is affected by a symptom, the person has not been expressing who they really are. Either they have been showing a false persona if the thyroid is over-active, or holding back expressing who they are if the thyroid is under-active. See the situation they were in, and the reasons they gave themselves to not feel safe is showing who they really are.

I found my path and love

When I was a child, I was educated in a Catholic school; not by faith, but for the practical side. Indeed, the school was close to the hospital where my mother worked and the sisters agreed to take care of me from 6 o'clock in the morning until very late at night if necessary.

I remember wanting to heal people very early after catechism classes. Jesus was my hero. I wanted to talk about love like him but I soon heard that only special beings could heal people. You had to be born with a gift. I was desperate.

I became a social worker instead - a lot of unconditional love is needed to do a good job.

One day, I met a magnetizer who told me his story. He had realized that he had magnetism at the age of 26 thanks to sick dogs who had come to him for him to pet them and which seemed much better afterwards. It was amazing,  it was not too late for me - I was only 25! I spent my time observing dog's attitude towards me, hoping vainly that one of them come to me asking for help ...

My secretary, Nelly and this magnetizer had attended a class with Martin Brofman. So on the advice of Nelly, I decided to attend one myself. From the first exercises, I felt the energy in my hands, I directed it, I learned to heal others. I finally found my voice. I found in the courses with Martin the same quality of love with which I had grown up surrounded by so much unconditional love by the sisters in my school.

I learned more in 4 days about the meaning of life and the meaning of my life than in 15 years of catholic school. I received all the answers I was looking for and am still getting answers using the Body-Mirror System as a vehicle for my spiritual evolution.

I could see that loving and healing do not require any gift, only the desire to help, to awaken. We all have the same ability to heal each other and to love each other.

It took me some courage and determination to change jobs, to teach healing without worrying about others opinion. To live my dream as a little girl was more important than anything - to experience the grace that brings in the heart the happiness of helping someone else is pure delight.

Instead of assisting people, I help them to sit on the driver's seat of their lives and I see their faces light up with the joy of driving and creating their dreams.

My life has become a my dream life with my soul mate.

We all have our own path. When we are happy with our days, our lives, when we are healthy, then we do not want to do anything else, to be somewhere else, to be someone else because we are this person.

Do you like your life? Do you like your days?

What could you do to love them?

With love
Live in balance
A path to healing

From 1987 to 1990, I sold recycled paper, and financially the situation of my company was disastrous. I was looking for different ways to keep it afloat and went to alternative medicine and organic products fairs as well as traditional markets where I had a booth and presented my products. I was traveling in Spain, France and Belgium and it was in this country, in Namur during a fair, that I received my first healing on a stand held by Body-Mirror healers.

A few days later, there was another fair in another belgian city, Arlon, where I had a bar for a few months in 1987, not far from where I lived then, being a native of the "land of three frontiers" "(Luxembourg, Belgium, France). I had my usual booth and practically in front of mine, there was a stand held by several Body-Mirror instructors and Martin Brofman. He was giving a lecture and I closed my booth and went to listen to him. What he said spoke to me because I had already read a lot about healing, chakras, consciousness after the conversations I had with a nephew of my grandmother who was a radiesthesist and worked with a pendulum, having written a book (Man or God - published by Omnium Littéraire - 1955) and speaking of the same ideas, that we are creators and unlimited.

I found myself in the evening in a bar with the entire Body-Mirror team and Martin. There was an intensive seminar with him a few days later in Belgium and several persons told me to come but I did not have the money.

Then a person present told me that she wanted to give me this money unconditionally. That's how I found myself a few days later in this magnificent Castle of Vierset where the magic settled, I healed my eyesight and what did not work in my life at that time (that is to say everything!) and the door to the healing that my grandmother's nephew had opened for me and that I had not crossed, was presented again through Martin. I am grateful to him for the clarity of his teaching and the passion for the healing he has passed on to me and the quality of his love. This method he has created has come alive and teaches me every day since then.

How I became a healer
I was born in the GDR in 1963 and grew up very scientific, down to earth and atheist. My curious mind was searching for backgrounds and I was interested very early in the things that can not be explained, which are behind the visible. A doctor from Freiburg working on alternative medicine provided me with books on Buddhism, Tao, Zen and psychology. He already gave in 1983 workshops which I organized in which I do my first experience with meditation, yoga and energy work. More than 30 years ago, I began to focus on self-discovery and bioenergy. This was followed by an intensive examination of energy work and Shiatsu

In 1991 I met Philippe Hannetelle in my first week-end healing workshop of the Body-Mirror and this was a magical turning point in my life. A short time later I attended an intensive seminar with Martin Brofman. In addition to allergic hay fever and a scoliosis, I was able to heal numerous personal problems with this method. This first intensive seminar with Martin in Belgium with about 100 participants was impressive and touching. It opened so many crucial doors that physical healing became as a sideline. When I look back, so many wonderful things have happened in my life since then, and the greatest gift in a relationship of over 25 years full of love, mindfulness, ecstasy and dedication to always rediscover myself . I experienced what it means to be open again and again in unconditional love for oneself and others. I had seen so many healings in the many healing seminars that I know everything is possible and anything can be healed.

I was fascinated by the healing results and the clear, humorous way of communicating the healing technique that Martin used, his personality was strong and impressively mindful and at eye level, so it was easy to be carried by a healing wave. I felt a relieved "back home" from the beginning because it contained exactly the ideas for which I took into consideration. For example, no guru trip, so much healing love and creative spirituality that can be completely integrated into everyday life.

I was so enthusiastic and used the techniques every moment. It was so much fun and life felt light and high. When I gave healings, I felt high in my consciousness and this feeling is still a constant spark in me. The ideas, philosophies and techniques are clear and simple so everyone can learn and apply them.
A revelation
In 2008, I went to see a chiropractor, on the wall of his practice was hanging a chakra poster. The practitioner worked with a method previously unknown to me. By asking a few questions, I learned the name of the method's creator: Martin Brofman. He also told me that there were workshops to learn how to use these techniques.

Wanting to deepen the tools used, I bought the book "Anything can be healed". I read it several times, then put into practice the various exercises proposed. Following this, I gave a healing to my partner by methodically applying the proposed recipe. Things happened.

I decided to book a place in a 4-day intensive seminar taught by Martin Brofman. The first day, I felt a little divided, thinking I could at least find some flaws but not forgetting the conclusive experiences already made before with the book.

On the 2nd day, I felt stunned by the clarity and relevance of the words, the simplicity of the method, the richness of the experiences and the amount of love present. After each healing exchange, people felt better, and so did I. On the third day, watching Martin at work, I had the revelation of wanting to teach and transmit these tools.

When I came out of this first seminar after the 4th day, I felt better, my eyesight improved, the allergies were gone. And, having been able to communicate certain experiences to Martin and to the people present, I realized that I was finally not so alone, nor totally crazy.

The next day, I made a business card and accumulated experiences by offering my services as a healer alongside my job. At first, people offered me what they wanted and in a short time, the moments I had kept to give healings were fully booked. We had just bought our house, nevertheless I decided anyway to stop the basic activity to function as a full time healer. Thus, I jumped without a chute to open a place exercising the new activity. After several years of deepening, thousands of people met, changes in me and organizing workshops for Philippe Hannetelle, I reached my goal: to function as an instructor for the Brofman Foundation.

Everybody can function as a healer - some people prefer to fulfill another role in society but the potential is in each one of you. Dare.
Finding my Path

About 30 years ago I jumped on a one year training called “Open up to your intuition”, among other things we learned to see and read chakras. Inspired from the training I afterwards started meditating regularly. I began by just concentrating on my breath, trying to clear my mind. I was curious to see, what would happen, when I did that. One day I went out of my body, I suddenly found myself in front of my physical body. I became really scared, I had no idea of what was happening and I was afraid not to be able to find my way back to my physical body…

After this experience I knew that it would go on with experiences like this, but it was clear to me, that I needed to find people, who could give some guidance in this area. Therefore I shortly after went to the ‘World Congress of Healing’, which took place close to Copenhagen. It was there that I met Martin Brofman and the Body Mirror System. The system was built on some of the ideas I had already been introduced to, and what I liked about it, was, that it had a purpose, the purpose of healing.

During giving a healing in my first class, a few weeks after the congress, I suddenly remembered “It’s not the first time I’m doing this. The feeling of sending healing energy is familiar, I’ve been doing it before” Although it had not been in this lifetime…

Along with the remembrance, came from deep within, “that’s what I’m here for. That’s what I want to do in my life” – And at a sudden I felt very calm and relieved. I had finally found my path.

When Martin told me that it could be a possibility to teach the Body Mirror System, my reaction was laughing and saying, “no way”. At that time I thought that it would be boring to teach the same stuff over and over again.
But after having given healings and joining the classes for a while, the Body Mirror System started to feel like ‘home’ and it felt natural wanting to share the tools with other people, to start teaching.

When I came to the Body Mirror System I didn’t have any physical symptoms to heal but after the class I had experiences in daily life with synchronicity, which opened up to a new dimension, showing me that everything is connected. That brought lightness and a lot of joy into my life.

I love giving The Body Mirror classes. It’s impressing to feel the energy and love multiply within the first day of the class and it’s touching to see people connecting to the energy and to the healer within themselves, maybe for the first time in their life. And of course it’s wonderful to witness all the healings.
Travelling to different parts of the world, I also find it fascinating to see how the tools of the Body Mirror System function within different cultural and religious contexts.

Thanks to Martin for having developed the Body Mirror System of Healing
and thanks to all my fellow healers for joining a common mission of spreading love, light and hope in the world.

With love
from Denmark
The story from the organizer
My belief system is rather scientific, I accept what I understand, what I see, what I test.
And like many people, in the face of violent emotional shock, my reflex was to put a lid on it, thinking that not looking at it would make it disappear, ...
In fact, well .... not at all, this leads to working in "auto" mode, managing the current affairs, but we finally realize that we do not advance, something is blocked.
I had no culture or special interest in alternative methods, I was pretty reserved.
But for the first time in my life, when a friend suggested that I try the Body-Mirror method, I did not think and I went there. I said to myself, you test and you will see.
Studying the Body-Mirror method allowed me to understand many essential things about how I worked, what worked and what did not work.
To also understand that I had all the cards in hand, I know what I need, I decide what I want for me, and when I do that, I am relaxed and things progress as I wish. In addition, physical injuries that manifested regularly (back pain, tonsillitis, ...) have disappeared.
Kind regards
Success story of the month

I started waring glasses when I was 11 years old. shortsighted. Very much!

During my first class in January 2017 I discovered the possibility that "my" myopia is not the result of bad luck or family inheritance and that it has more to do with my vision of the world. It spoke to me immediately. I am an anxious nature and I see the outside world as scary. at the end of this first class I was unable to put my contact lenses back. my body refused. During the second class I became aware that I could act on the symptom. It was therefore necessary that I get rid of the image of myself with glasses despite the fact that I had been wearing them  for more than 25 years, they were part of my personality, like a part of me and that all the ophthalmologists were formal: the Myopia does not heal, it stabilizes at age 30 and then degenerates. beautiful program! beautiful conditioning!

After the second class I had my vision checked and the optician noticed a clear difference between the correction of my old pair of glasses and my eyesight at that time. He said it must have been a mistake! I talked to him about yoga exercises for the eyes, because I did not feel the opening to speak concretely to him about healing. so he gave  me new glasses adapted to my new vision. This validated my ability to self-healing. and strengthened my confidence in the healing process. It became concrete and possible! Finally, during my 3rd class, the instructor asked me about what was going on in my life at the time the symptom appeared. At the moment I did not see ..! and a few days later I asked my mother about this specific time. She told me about some dramatic events that occurred at that time. Events that I had preferred avoiding looking at at this time but which had changed my vision of the world. Since this clear realization and acceptance of these events I see CLEARLY!
Thank you so much. Thank you Martin.
With love,
Everything is possible !

Elodie C. France
Classes in november

Annick Brofman is coming back to London to teach a weekend course in the Body Mirror System of Healing February 16-17, 2019. 

The class starts both days at 9:30 AM and ends at 8:30 PM on 
Saturday and around 7:30 PM on Sunday. 

The class will be held at :
Violet Hill Studios
6 Violet Hill
London NW8 9EB
020 8458 5368
Violet Hill Studios, Centre for Healing Arts.
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