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This month it is your Spirit who is in the spotlight
This part of you who directs your life
So we invite you to go deeper
To see your deep aspirations
To see your sensibilities
To dream your life
To live your dream
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The brow chakra is associated with the deeper part of your consciousness, the Spirit, though the Western traditions know it as the subconscious or unconscious. Tensions at this level that could result in brow chakra symptoms can include tensions about religion or spirituality (too many rules, spiritual addiction to an organization), or tensions about the inner senses commonly referred to as ESP, or spirit-to-spirit communication, if the person is not comfortable with those impressions. Deep tensions about disturbing events or a deep sense of insult might be held here if the person finds them difficult to deal with. Difficulty relating to the gender of the physical body could result in tensions at this level.


Tinnitus is the medical term for ringing in the ears, a sound that does not have its source in the physical world. It is related to the brow chakra, associated with the non-physical element known as the inner sound. It is that deep part of the person’s consciousness, their Spirit, known in the Western world as their subconscious or unconscious, calling the person’s attention to look inside to see if he/she is really living their truth, seeing what they really want of what they really feel, as compared to what they feel they should want or feel. The person needs to look at what was happening in their life when the symptom began. What changed, what did they decide? Their spirit is not happy about that.

When working with the idea that everything begins in the consciousness, it is interesting to look at the sensitivity of the person who experiences a symptom.
Each astrological sign of the zodiac has a particular sensitivity. Was it touched?
Could this explain the type of tensions in the person’s consciousness, and help them understand themselves better for their healing.
Every month we propose to share with you what is the sensitivity of the sign of that month.

People born under the sign of scorpio are self-directed and have a strong sexual energy that they need to learn to accept, to feel without shame.

Because they are self-directed (like Aries) what happens in their life has to come from their own decisions, otherwise the stress can be very intense. 

Scorpios are also very dedicated to their Spirit and have great qualities of empathy. This is the reason why they may have a tendency to inhibit themselves if a loved one does not like what they are doing and it would contradict their dedication to their own Spirit and be terrible.
When we sleep and dream, we identify with that body from which the dream is projected and it seems to us that other people are outside ourselves. There is me and the others. But in the dream, where is the projector? Where do all these people come from, these scenes, these landscapes, these actions, if not from our consciousness, inside, our spirit?

From the point of view of the spirit, I am a consciousness dreaming a dream, projecting this dream around me and all the others are also dreamers dreaming their dream and projecting it around them and where our dreams interpenetrate each other, we create a hologram that we call the external physical reality. Everything that happens in this reality is the result of all the consciousness involved. It is a co-creation, a great and formidable orchestration where chance and coincidences do not exist.
Your life is a lucid dream that you lead.

When you dream of a dream that everyone else would like to co-create, it will be encouraged. Others will want to dream it too. If your dream threatens the orchestration, it will be discouraged, there will be little or no dreamers who will want to dream this dream with you.

The more we are, dreaming peace, the more we co-create it.

With love
About 30 years ago I started to meditate. In the morning I sat down, relaxed my body and did my best to calm down my mind excited to see what would happen, when I did that.
One day I suddenly found myself in front of my physical body, I became really frightened worrying about if my physical body would dissolve, when I was not present in it. Very quick I slipped back into it.

What I leaned from this experience was that I did exist, even if I was not in my physical body. It helped me to stop identifying with my physical body and to realise that we are a spirit, for now, in a physical body. Shortly after I met Martin and the Body Mirror System which provided a safe space to open up for experiences like this and a model to understand what was happening. Namaste.
The buddhic body is associated with the brow chakra. Buddha represents a particular level of conciousness inside each of us, a quiet space of being the observer. While many people workship Buddha, I see him as just a reminder of that level of conciousness. He was about stopping suffering. Find out the nature of suffering and do something about it. That's what drove him to that deeper part of himself, viewing the world with non-attachment.

As a child, I regularly had lucid dreams. Later it is with the memory of these experiences that I wanted to induce this type of dream more regularly: in order to be conscious of dreaming in the dream.
The method was simple, I wrote everything I remembered from my dreams in a notebook. I felt it created a bridge between the reality of dreams and the "physical" reality. By developing this dream memory, it was easier to remember more dreams and also moments when one becomes lucid in the dream. With a few years of practice, lucid dreaming became an extension of my reality, a space with an infinite field of experiences that I could recognize as "spiritual".
Dreams have been for me a door to spirituality and a conscious contact with my Spirit. What if all I could create in lucid dreams was a training space to find out how to create everything in my physical reality?

In my own experience, I have felt how uncomfortable it is to have tinnitus. At first, I did not hear this noise, I thought it was a construction site nearby. However, when I took it seriously and asked someone else if he had heard it and said no, I realized it was not a real physical sound.

It became very intrusive and disturbing, but I knew it would stop if I resolved the stress I was experiencing in my life and in my consciousness. I knew it was related to the brow chakra, at the level of my Spirit. I recognized my creation and I could
identify it.

I asked for a healing and after I realized that it was about living what was real for me and not doing things to meet the expectations of other persons, and above all, erasing images of fear at the level of my Spirit and replacing them with images that match what I really did want.

Although the sound appeared again from time to time, I kept the perception and it completely disappeared. It all starts with our own consciousness and anything can be healed.

Recently, I learned from the famous German neurologist and neurobiologist Gerald Hüther that it has been scientifically determined that tinnitus is clearly associated with stress and can be released from our own consciousness. This has confirmed my experience.

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