Subject: Newsletter Brofman Foundation - May 2020 - A path toward Unity

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May 2020

This month, we want to invite you to 
thank all the members of the energy community.
Everyone thanks the medical staff for their involvement in this pandemic.
We would like to also thank all the healers, shamans, magnetizers, energeticians,
who work visibly and most often invisibly,
offering the world energy circles, meditations, healings.
We serve and help all beings with our open hands and hearts, 
full of compassion.
Our presence and action count.
Let us continue and put in our consciousness the image of a common work and unity,
where the medical world and the world of alternative medicine
and healers can work together.
We have a know-how that we would like to see accepted and recognized
for the benefit of humanity. 

A Healer´s view of coronavirus
We are each a consciousness in a physical body. This physical body is simply a vehicle to be functional in what we call physical reality. This consciousness is an energy, we are an energy system, and this energy flows through our being, directed by our consciousness. When we are healthy or in balance, the energy flows freely. 

Everything begins in the consciousness. There are many different points of view, but this point of view puts you in the driver's seat in your consciousness, you stop seeing yourself as a victim and you take full responsibility for your creation, a responsibility without guilt.

And this point of view is in concordance with what we get from beings that we consider evolved and that tell us that we are creators.

If we consider them evolved, then it would be a good idea to listen to them. The ideas that thoughts are energy and that the vibrations we send out are coming back to us multiplied, have now become more accessible and acceptable but are still considered something strange by many people who prefer to continue to see themselves and be seen as victims. There are no victims, there are only creators who co-create this reality together, and even if someone does not believe in this, it does not prevent them from creating and manifesting what they project with their consciousness.

The flow of energy is regulated by seven energy centers, called chakras. They are the key to reading the body as a map of the consciousness within. Each chakra is associated with specific parts of consciousness and specific parts of the physical body.

In the medical physical reality, it is said that such a virus creates such a illness, such an accident will create such an injury. In the reality where everything begins in consciousness, we say: "Yes, it is true, such virus creates such illness, but only when the conditions in the person's consciousness are met. »
There are viruses everywhere, why do some people catch a virus and develop symptoms, others are carriers of the virus but have no symptoms (what medicine calls healthy carriers), and others where the virus does not settle ? We say that the difference is in the consciousness, in relation to the state of consciousness of the person. Any disease can be described as a state of imbalance in the consciousness.

When a person develops a symptom, the cause is within, in the consciousness, and the effects are produced in the physical reality. When the tensions in the consciousness reach a certain intensity, the person's spirit guides them through an experience that will manifest the symptom. This can happen through an accident, an illness, a virus. 

This coronavirus is a state of imbalance that manifests itself through different symptoms:

- Headaches: tensions in the crown chakra regarding the aspects of consciousness father/authority, creating a sense of        isolation.
- Sore throat: tensions in the throat chakra concerning the aspects of consciousness: expression, receiving, expression of    the inner being, listening to one's intuition.
- Coughing (chest): tensions in the heart chakra, keeping love at a distance - Breathing difficulty: difficulty to let love in    or out, air is the element connected to the heart chakra.
- Fever: anger
- Systemic inflammation of the blood vessels: anger reflecting tensions in the heart chakra and in the circulation of love.
- There are also reports of skin problems, the skin is connected to the solar plexus chakra and the aspects of freedom,          power, control. If it is a particular area of the skin that is affected, we say that it is a solar plexus energy (anger, rage) at    that place.
- Also in many cases there is a loss of smell - root chakra tensions - home, work, money, mother - and loss of taste -            associated with the orange chakra and food, sexuality, willingness to feel the emotions.

This shows us where the tensions are in the consciousness and the way of being that is related to these symptoms. To be healed, the person needs to change the way of being that created the symptom.

It is a time of introspection, where everyone can look within themselves and look at their life, their way of living, their way of relating to others and see that humans have a way of being in relation to themselves, to others and to their environment that is not healthy.

Before a symptom manifests, there are warning signs, emotions that show us that we are going in the wrong direction. If we continue without listening, the message reaches the outermost level, the physical level. One might wonder why the virus is reaching more certain countries, certain areas, certain cities. We understand that these places reflect a strong tension in the group consciousness. We have entered a phase of change that began some time ago with symptoms that affected the immune system in a significant way, such as AIDS, H5N1 avian flu, SARS, tuberculosis, Ebola fever, and which already showed an unhealthy way for human beings to relate to each other. As the messages were neither heard nor understood, the next one comes more strongly and impacts the whole world.

From the beginning, there was a contagious alarmism that spread faster than common sense. Seeing people fighting over masks, antiseptic gel, toilet paper is the symbol of a society that is sick, in need of landmarks, in flagrant lack of love, with fear as the motivation behind the actions.

How many of us think about looking at their perceptions? How do we choose to perceive the world and others? Your perceptions create your reality, if you continue to choose a perception of fear, you create more and more such experiences in your life.

Pierre Besson, a dowser and my grandmother's nephew, was the first to point me in that direction by recommending me to read different books showing that we are creators and not victims. In fact, he had co-written a book published in the 1950's "Man or God" where it is explained that we have the choice to live like a Man and to be permanently afraid, or to recognize ourselves as creators and to go beyond our perceived limits, to do things that society considers impossible or only possible by a few beings and these things are perceived as "miracles". Paramahansa Yogananda through his book "Autobiography of a Yogi" has been another guide on the path for me and when I met Martin Brofman, I was able to put this unlimited creation into practice through the healing method he developed and the philosophy that goes with it.

What is happening in the world right now is the result of a vibration that is not harmonious. Yogananda, for example, explains „… "that as soon as one country starts fighting with another, whether it is an industrial battle or a war, as soon as there are selfish people who want to take everything for themselves, it leads to depression. And when depression starts in one place, it starts to spread everywhere because of the vibrations in the ether (the deep space, the matrixfrom one place to another.“

According to the laws of the universe and karma, everything we create comes back to us multiplied. Yogananda speaks, for example, of  ..."the 1st World War  which first created bad vibrations in Europe, then it spread all over the world and where there was no war, the flu appeared. The agony of the people who died during the World War created the Spanish flu epidemic that immediately followed the World War and killed 20 million people, while the war itself only killed about 10 million.

Most people are unaware of their role in the manifestation of disasters and blame others, put the responsibility on the outside, are angry, and these kinds of vibrations only add to the misfortunes that manifest themselves.

Yogananda gives the example of the Spanish War in 1936 "In the current Spanish Civil War, the struggles of thousands of men, women and children are floating in the ether, causing floods in America, storms in England and Portugal, and earthquakes in India. This is why the peoples of the world, instead of creating new wars and engaging in wars, should do their utmost to use peaceful means and non-cooperation, blockades, to stop the war.

All evolved beings have been telling us for centuries that „… "all nations should unite to heal natural calamities caused by disease, floods, poverty, earthquakes, etc... Man should not add to natural calamities by creating avoidable, self-created calamities of poverty, want, suffering and death due to wars. It is obvious that self-created calamities and the vibrations of war and industrial egoism cause natural calamities. »

Now is the opportunity to awaken to one's true spiritual potential. An epidemic is nothing more than a disease manifesting itself as a very strong collective desire for love on the part of a society.
It is a call to transform ourselves into centres of unconditional love.

There are still far too many people, hypnotized by the mainstream media, watching TV, social networks, newspapers, and constantly counting the dead, who become imbued with the fear conveyed, and these people feel even worse afterwards than before. Why continue to do this? If we continue to do something every day that makes us feel worse afterwards than before, it is called masochism and there is a danger that human beings will succumb to the fear itself and die because of it.

Paramahansa Yogananda tells the story of a town that was hit by an epidemic. The citizens visited a saint and asked him to intervene with the God of Death Yamaraja on their behalf. The saint was moved by the fate of the citizens. He entered a state of deep meditation where he met Lord Yamaraja. The saint greeted Lord Yamaraja and made a request to him. "The citizens of my town have asked me to intervene on their behalf and ask you not to take people away in large numbers. Can you help them, Lord?" said the saint.
Yamaraja said he would take only three souls and move on.
The saint was satisfied and returned to a normal conscience and assured people that only three to five people would die that day from the disease.
However, a few hours later, the faithful were back in his humble country house. People had died by the hundreds despite his assurance. They doubted the divinity of the saint. How could the words of a saint be in vain?
The saint entered a deeper consciousness and faced Yamaraja.
"How could you do this?" he asked Yamaraja.
"I didn't," Yamaraja explained. "I just took three lives. The others committed suicide for fear of the epidemic," he explained.

This story also illustrates why so many people die after being bitten by perfectly non-venomous snakes.

Everything happens for a reason and epidemics are no exception.

Either the fear they inspire leads many people to their death, or the fear awakens them to their higher calling, which is self-discovery. Fear is a warning signal. The Bhagawad Gita says that living in fear is a spiritual obstruction. However, intense fear brings us to the state that has been described as "vishad yoga", which is the yoga of grief. Such fear is the door to transcendence - the path to liberation. Fear is therefore a tool for ascension. Intense fear can be a prerequisite for a deep spiritual blossoming.

If people consciously raise their perceptions to the level of the heart chakra and begin to relate differently, we will have created the matrix for more harmonious experiences for all living beings.
In Nada Yoga, each note of music is divided into several parts and the note E (connected to the solar plexus chakra) has 2 beats and the note F (connected to the heart chakra) has 4 beats. The chakras are a representation of human evolution and this area of change is a shock point, like a membrane that we must go through during our evolution. *

We have been entering this passage between the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra for some time, and until now there is no stability to stay in the heart chakra and this time we are indoors should be used to meditate, to change, to recognize ourselves as creators, and imagine with clarity the world we want, aligning all our perceptions with the new state of consciousness. And as long as the majority of people do not change, we will be moving up and down between the solar plexus and the heart chakra.

Changing the level of consciousness requires us to align our perceptions with the new state we wish to experience. It is interesting to note that the sense of touch is related to the heart chakra, and that the present restrictions put in place by some governments are preventing people from touching, kissing, and hugging which is also a function of the heart chakra.

At the medical level, we can understand that it is seen as a protection in order to not contaminate others, since from this point of view, we put the causes and effects outside and fear is the motivation force.

Looking at it from another point of view, if we see our creation, we have gone so far in distancing ourselves from others, in judgment, in polluting our consciousness and our relationship with nature and animals, that we have locked ourselves up, which leads us to look at ourselves and see what we need to change. Because this moment that we have manifested, we can use it to develop our creativity, to find other forms of expression, to develop solidarity, to connect differently.

We will see if this time of isolation has been a benefit to the human being and that it will serve as a guide to build a different future, more in harmony with all that exists. It is time to go through this passage and put the focus on love, to learn to accept oneself and others. To develop one's spiritual practice, which is not just sitting and meditating. Meditation is a state of consciousness, and one can meditate while walking in the street, cooking, washing dishes, showering, etc. It means putting this meditative state into practice by looking, understanding different points of view without judging. Each moment can help us to understand ourselves and become more and more ourselves, to see the world more and more as a mirror of our consciousness that is made to understand ourselves and understand others.

There is a lot of potential in this change, let's make our response be up to the challenges that are presented to us.
Meditate, feel the love for you, for the life that has been given to you. Be in the moment, let love flow in, and consciously decide to raise your perceptions in your heart chakra, a place where you do not judge, where you develop compassion and acceptance. This lock down is the result of the group consciousness creation , through a closing of the crown chakra, and can be an opportunity to find direction within oneself, to find God within oneself, to be one's own authority, to believe in oneself.

Love heals.

* For a more extensive explanation of this, I suggest you to read or reread the chapter "Passage" in the book "Anything can be healed" by Martin Brofman. Findhorn Press (UK) and Inner Traditions (USA)

Philippe Hannetelle ©
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The symptom of the month : Addiction 
 Addictions or dependencies can point to tensions in different chakras, depending on the nature of the addiction. Although one usually considers addiction linked to substance abuse, the difficulty is not with the substance, but rather the addictive personality, and the chakra involved with the dependency gives a clearer idea of the true nature of the addiction. 

A keen enjoyment of something does not equate to an addiction, though some might see it as one. An addiction is measured by the difficult emotions a person feels when they do not get what they want. The intensity of the difficult emotions shows the degree of the dependency. If the person does not feel bad when they do not get the substance, they are not addicted.

The anticipated effect of the “substance abuse” gives a clue to the chakra involved. For example, if the liver is affected with alcohol abuse, it is related to the solar plexus chakra, and issues of power, control, or freedom. Tension in the solar plexus is often experienced as anger or holding on to control. The person is unhappy about something happening in their life, and feels that they do not have the power to do anything about it – and the alcohol is used as an escape.

Because the effect of excessive marijuana use is to not be really present in the here and now, it can be associated with the root chakra, and tensions regarding money, home, or job – though since it also might result in a sense of isolation and not being connected with others, it can also be seen as involving crown chakra tensions. It is important, again, to see what was going on in the person’s life when the symptom began and what the person was unhappy about and wanting to escape from.

Because heroin abuse is so highly illegal, it points to crown chakra tensions in the person’s relationship with father / authority as a key to the dependency, as well as a sense of isolation and unhappiness in life, and the person unhappy enough to consider dying. 

With cocaine, in addition to possible crown chakra issues there may be solar plexus power and/or control issues, since it’s use inflates one’s sense of personal power.

Since cigarette smoking is said to result in problems with the heart and lungs, it represents tensions in the person’s heart chakra and the area of relationships in their life, and some degree of discomfort about being loved and feeling loved.

Success story and testimony of the month
"Thank you for this weekend of happiness, I found myself, with all the warmth of the group, thank you for all the LOVE that has been generated, just Happiness."
J.V. France

"I don't know where to start and what words to use, but I start by saying THANK YOU with all my heart (...), for everything that you transmitted to us during these two magic days.

Last year I attended a seminar for the first time, and sincerely I loved it.

Difficult to find words, but I felt this connection, this energy and the LOVE that gradually filled this room.

I followed a lot of training, seminars, workshops etc ... But this one remains magic for me ... because of the kindness and the right words, encouraging us all to move forward and we were all the best ...

Words nourished all my cells, they gave me a lot of strength and energy to believe more ... and not to doubt ...

Since the seminars I feel better, more rooted, centered, my vision and my confidence has moved up a gear… I am not trying to prove anything nor show that I know more than others… I am just me - even, and I remain in the reception of what is ... I accept everything, I love everything so I give way to this energy of love which is in all of us for ACTING ...
I talk a lot around me about the Brofman Foundation.
Love and light…

S.H. Switzerland
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