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- May 2019 -
There is a saying in French:
"In May, do what you like"
It talks about freedom
 Therefore, for the opening of our monthly newsletter
we invite you to enjoy your freedom.

The symptom of the month : the liver
The liver is associated with the solar plexus chakra, and is an organ said to store anger. Thus, when there is a symptom affecting the liver (cirrhosis or hepatitis, for example), the symptom reflects tension in this chakra, and anger about something happening in the person’s life at that time.

Freedom, a word used everywhere, for everything, a cliché
Yogananda wrote that “many people think that whatever comes into their brains they may do—and believe that to be freedom.”

Freedom is not that. People are chained by their habits and traditions that weigh down their thoughts, words and actions. They develop an attachment to non-essential things, walk in a societal trance. They are the conformists, enslaved to everything since childhood.

There is a difference between inner freedom and outer freedom.

Your outer freedom is a compromise. You are free to be yourself but you must not encroach upon the freedom of others. As you are not alone in this world, and we are all interdependent on each other, if you want to live your freedom by playing very loudly music in your apartment and the others want to sleep, respect them. This must be a mutual understanding.

Even if you think you're free, you are running on autopilot , without knowing what influence your decisions.

So how to become free? Freedom is inside, it comes from consciousness. By connecting to the deepest part of your consciousness, your Source, aligning with it and following your intuition, moment by moment. So here you become free, in the present moment, you have freed yourself from the custom, the tradition, the fear and worries of the daily life, not eating because the others eat, dressing as you see fit, not going to places where you dont want to go, not celebrating customs that mean nothing to you.

You can be free anywhere but you will be a prisoner if your consciousness is not free.

Freedom is a goal for the human consciousness. The first gift, if you love, is the gift of freedom.

Freedom, anger and fire
The solar plexus chakra is associated with the part of our consciousness concerning freedom, power, control, the yellow color and the element fire.

At the individual level, burns reflect anger in the person's consciousness. From our point of view, each part of the body can be associated with aspects of consciousness and a chakra. So when a burn occurs on a part of the body, we can have indications about the causes of anger.

These last months, the element fire has been present in several places in France. it notably appeared on one of the major religious buildings: Notre-Dame. This cathedral was built on a Roman temple constructed by boatmen and dedicated to the god Jupiter assimilated to Zeus for the Greeks or Shiva for the Hindus.

We can draw a parallel with the society and see a part that burns as being part of an organism in which anger was present at the time of the physical manifestation. This could be a mirror of the anger amongst the individuals that make up this society. From this point of view, this fire makes visible the anger in the country group consciousness in a number of aspects.

From a social point of view, France has been experiencing tensions for several months. Anger was stored in the consciousness gathering in several cities of which Paris was the epicentre. In the consciousness, when the level of control is perceived as increasing, then freedom as well as personal power can be perceived as diminishing. A person who feels less freedom can generate anger. And this fire that was present in the streets and buildings, we can see it as anger being present in the consciousness involved in these experiences.

Another aspect, with the Notre Dame fire, could be that this event draws attention towards the authorities of religious practices. These have also been shaken by cases that can generate a dull and deep anger in relation to the behavior of some of its representatives.
We can also notice that the raising of Notre Dame was also in honor of the character of Jesus, preaching unconditional love, and therefore the level of consciousness associated with the heart chakra. From this point of view, the fire indicates the presence of anger at the heart of some part of the French group consciousness.

Lately, and at the moment, fire is present in many places around the planet (active volcanoes, major industrial, natural or social events, etc.). We can also perceive that our attention as a group is also drawn to the aspects of the solar plexus chakra of which freedom is part.

A few days ago, when I was present, with a friend and his son, in front of the fire that lit up Notre-Dame, the event was paradoxically interesting to observe. People shouted, cried, laughed, were open-mouthed ... Nevertheless I remained centered, maintaining the perception that everything is perfect, in the naturel order of things, in adequacy with the information that the consciousness shows us for individual and collective evolution.

We are together encouraged to complete the clarification of the yellow chakra aspects of consciousness: control, power and freedom. We can also do it smoothly.

Freedom is a choice
I learned a lot about the true meaning of freedom thanks to Martin Brofman.

We take responsibility for our lives and what we put in our consciousness.

We feel free and accept the freedom of others.

At this point, it doesn´t help trying to control or manipulate others. Because we do not want it for ourselves.

I once gave a healing to a woman who was very nearsighted. She was living in a unhappy relationship. Everything she expressed was described by her with the background that the manipulation came from her husband. I drew her attention to that, and to acknowledge she had let him do it, she had decided that herself, was a difficult idea to accept at first.

She tried several times to blame her husband for the situation she was living in. Through healing and intense and clarifying conversation, she realized more and more how far she had been from her freedom and that she really wanted to control everything, including her husband. Her eyesight became perfectly clear shortly after the healing session, and this flash of clarity gave her the decisive impetus to change her thought, speech, and action, and inner clarity went hand in hand with outer clarity. In this sense, his eyes gave her the feedback at every moment. When she was not clear in her expression and actions, her vision was also blurry. She found more and more fun in the functioning of this feedback mechanism, and her vision became clearer and for a longer and longer time. We are each free to accept or refuse that.

Feel free to be yourself
The part of our consciousness dealing with freedom we associate with Solar Plexus. After having attended one of my first Body Mirror Healing classes I found myself having some hard days after the class. Actually I felt like a fish on land gasping for breath and I felt a pressure in my body at the place of Solar Plexus.
I was quite surprised as I knew the healing process to usually be a gentle process. But it did makesense to me, when I realized that I was resisting opening up to the flow of the energy and as well as letting go of limiting ideas. I could now see how I had been holding onto control in my life, as I had been living after the standard of others (my parents, their friends, and some teachers in my school) instead of feeling free to be myself. It was really a relief and a shift in my life when I realized that it was not only OK but also appreciated by many, when I didn’t pretend to be somebody else but just was being and showing myself.

By the way, in this process I also learned that it as well implied me allowing other people feeling free to be themselves and meet them with respect, when they did that.

Much love

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