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Beautiful month of May
What are you saying?
The eyes are the windows to the soul
Look deeply
Look into people’s eyes
See their soul
Feel your presence there
Look in your own eyes
See your soul
Feel their presence there

The Symptom of the month  :  Macular Degeneration
Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a painless eye condition that leads to the gradual loss of central vision. The macula is a small area in the retina - the light-sensitive tissue lining the back of the eye. It is the part of the retina that is responsible for central vision, allowing one to see fine details clearly. When there is degeneration, central vision is affected. 

In right-handed people, the right eye is considered the Will Eye, reflecting the person’s willingness to see what they want, and the Emotional eye is related to seeing what one feels. In our society, as one ages, they can have a tendency to consider themselves less important than others, and to focus less on what they want or feel. Vision is related to the solar plexus chakra, and ease of being.

If the macular degeneration begins in just one eye, it can represent a sense of separation from someone – a male if it is the right eye in right-handed people, a female if it is the other eye.

You are the creator
You are the creator

To remain in balance and in good health, it is important to think of yourself as a creator and to leave the victim role in every respect.

The tensions become visible so that we can change something deep in our own consciousness. Thanks to global digital networks, the connection of everything that exists becomes more and more visible. Everything is connected. It is not always easy to recognize the role of the creator and not to doubt and despair.

We live in a period of upheaval and many things are extremely bad. Whether in nature, in research, in our environment, or even between humans. The irreparable destruction of biodiversity and pollution, the lack of respect for all that lives, a sea visibly filled with plastic continents and a prediction of dead seas in 30 years can make us sad or angry.

Next to that, there are positive things like this meeting between North Korea and South Korea and all these actions of love and benevolence that happen every day. It is important to always have this positive background and to know that despite difficult situations, everything can be healed. We can choose the separation and be taken in the mirror aspect of our perceptions by keeping our attention in the physical, emotional, mental aspects or we can consciously choose to go deeper and go into our heart, to dance with a another level of intelligence, to look at co-creation, or to see oneself as the only creator.

Whatever happens, it happens to you, by you, through you. You are the creator, the enjoyer and the destroyer of all that you perceive. You are the creator of the world in which you live. Only you can change it or undo it. The universe is only a partial manifestation of your unlimited capacity to become.

It's even more important to stay focused and be more aware of our creative role. To perceive ourselves as the only creator, as taught by "enlightened beings" and the basis of what we teach, has always helped us. For this reason, the past experience can be seen from a different angle.

From this point of view, you can see that you are the star, the director and at the same time the spectator of your own film. In the past, did you have experiences where you did not feel well? Watch the movie again and see how you are not only this star, but also this director and this audience. What would you say about the effect of your actions and your words?

Could you have written a better manuscript for you? If so, what would you have done differently? Would you have acted with more love and understanding? Replay the situation in your mind. Behave differently and see a different scenario. Decide that you will play this situation this way, if it happens again. So you changed for the better, because that was your decision, and you learned what you had to learn.

Health and illness are not stable conditions, you must do something to stay healthy. A wonderful way to do this is to use relaxation and meditation techniques to return to the depths of ourselves and perceive ourselves as the Creator. We have always found that this vigilance to follow one's intuition, to learn to love oneself unconditionally, to trust oneself and to be gentle with oneself are the cornerstones of a balanced dynamic between body, mind and soul. The more we experience this in the deepest part of ourselves, the more we radiate this energy and our environment changes with it.

Viola & Philippe
Your eyes are the windows to your soul 
Your eyes are the windows to your soul.
Look at yourself in a mirror.
Look into your eyes.
Not at the surface of the eye but behind.
The Being behind those eyes.
A little as if you were asking this being in the mirror: "who are you? Show me, who are you? "

Look in one eye then in the other, deeply.
What difference do you see between the two?
If you were born right-handed your right eye is your male eye, the eye that reflects your Yang side, what you want and your left eye is your female eye, the eye that reflects your Yin side, how you feel, your emotions. If you were born left-handed it is the other way around.

Looking in one and then the other you may understand why they are called the will eye and the feeling eye.

Perhaps you will see your spirit behind the masks of the physical body.

Perhaps you will see other beings, other faces, familiar, known or unknown.

The more you look beyond the physical, beyond your eyes, the being who lives in that body, the more you will see your archives, your memories and then those of others.

Say some loving words to yourself.

Further, towards the domains of the soul you will see only light.

Sometimes your face disappears and another person comes to occupy this hologram in the mirror, it is often a person you know who wants to communicate something to you.

When my grandfather Marius died I was very angry with God because I did not have time to say goodbye to him, he died in the hospital during an operation. I became atheist.
Later, I saw him in my eyes, he told me that leaving during the operation was just easy and painless and
that he had no idea that I loved him so much and that if he had known, he would have come home to die so that I had time to say goodbye to him. I made peace inside and found my faith back, faith in "I am", in all of us, in our common soul.

During the last children class I taught, an 8 year old boy had lost his father 2 years ago, he saw his father during a healing exercise with another child, looking at each other's eyes . After the class he sent me a message saying that every morning he looked at himself in the mirror, in his own eyes, until he would see his father appear and would speak with him every morning.
It is thanks to him that I have written these words to you. Look in your eyes and let it go, see who shows up.
Feel our presence there.
With love

Find yourself ...

By looking in the eyes, we can have information about what is happening in a person's consciousness. This can be emotional clues or determination. These are things we can easily notice.

And then, there are other impressions, larger, deeper.

Sometimes we can recognize a look and yet it seems like we do not know whose eyes they are. Have we met this being at another time? At the time the person had a different physical appearance, and we recognize them through their eyes?
If we allow ourselves to define "the soul" as the part of us that travels from one lifetime to another, and we know that the eyes are the windows to the soul, then we can better understand these impressions of recognizing each other.

By going deep within ourselves while observing each other's eyes, we can also recognize ourselves. Recognize that we are soul, one, united, experiencing each individual's individuality but also knowing that deep down, we are two parts of the same thing.

By agreeing to dive deep into someone's eyes, it is ultimately the deepest part of ourselves that we find, the soul.

Observe the eyes with love, in the deepest, it is You whom you contemplate, contemplating you.
The Inner Cause - Martin Brofman  
Publishers :Inner Traditions US and Findhorn Press UK

The word of the organizers
The Brofman Foundation and the Hauts-de-France - North of France!
For more than 5 years, many seminars teaching the Body-Mirror System, weekends and 4 days residential Intensives, as well as Vision Improvement workshops have taken place in the North of France, from the French Flanders to the Artois, more precisely the cities of Dunkerque, Ghyvelde, Quaëdypre, and Lumbres. The region is having  borders with Belgium,  the Channel and the North Sea, and offers a geographical, cultural and economic diversity, and especially beautiful encounters! We are happy to notice that along the years interest for Healing has grown. Whether you are visiting or living there, we thank you all healers for your love and energy that you shared in this wonderful region!

During the seminars in Dunkerque, we have had the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful view of the marina. It is also very easy to get there - public transports - train station are all convenient. Originally a fishing village, the history of Dunkerque is linked to the North Sea, known for its great seaport and a popular event: the Dunkirk Carnival. Ideally located, Dunkerque is less than 400 km from five European capitals: Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, London and Luxembourg, offering a warm human diversity during the classes.

From the North Sea following the Aa, a small French coastal river in northern France, we arrive at an old water mill located in Lumbres. This city, built on an old marsh and near the A26 motorway (called "Autoroute des Anglais" - "the British Highway"), brings us to a calm and relaxing environment perfect for classes.

Along with a warm welcome, good meals prepared with love and fresh products by our restaurant partners, and with accommodation at attractive prices, seminars are held in joy and simplicity!

We are happy to inform you of the next dates scheduled for 2018:
From May 30 to June 3: Lumbres: Intensive Level 1,
From June 6th to 10th: Lumbres: Intensive  Level 2 ,
October 21 and 22: Ghyvelde (near Dunkirk): Body-Mirror Weekend,
November 17 and 18: Lumbres: Body-Mirror Weekend.

Thanks to Philippe Hannetelle and Jérôme Gadeyne for teaching these seminars!

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