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March 2021
Being confident

This month we invite you to be confident,
to go deeper,
in the quiet spaces of the mind,
where the mental rests,
where you do the spiritual experience of:
"Everything is all right."
Zoom open guided meditation Thursday 11 March - 6pm (Paris Time)
The Brofman Foundation team invites you to another Zoom meditation scheduled for next week.
Each month meditation is a real success and we have a lot of great feedback.
Don't hesitate to invite your friends to join us!

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 Thursday  11 March - 6pm (Paris time)


We have Zoom meditation every week and you can check the links on our Facebook page.
Classes March  and April
GREECE - Eretria - 24/28 March - Healing Intensive Level 1 with Philippe Hannetelle

PORTUGAL - Lisbon - 27/28 March - Body Mirror Class with Annick Brofman

FRANCE - Yenne (73) - 14/18 April - Body Mirror Intensive with Philippe Hannetelle

GREECE - Athens - 17/18 April - Body Mirror Class with Annick Brofman
 Workshop in german - Seminar in Deutsch
GERMANY - Dresden - 13/14 March - Body Mirror Class with Viola Schöpe
Körper Spiegel System Seminar mit Viola Schöpe
 Recognizing fears - creating trust and security
Everything begins in our own consciousness

Currently, all the buttons of fear are on and fear has never been a good counsellor.
Fear of life, fear of disease, fear of age, fear of existence, fear of deprivation of freedom, fear of power, fear of the future, fear of poverty to name a few. One can also be afraid of people who feed fears and make them the reason for their choices. When everything begins in our own consciousness, we can also transform these fears by focusing on what we really want to live instead of them.
Of course, it is important to see the fears, to know what they mean to you and whether they are necessary for our survival. However, the vibrations we send out come back to us. When we send negative thoughts and emotions and nourish fears, they become self-replicating monsters that devour our life energy. We created them with our consciousness, so we can also dissolve them.

The words we use to describe our experience create our reality.

This means turning fear into confidence and security. Creating basic trust, trust in our own healing powers, recognizing the joy and wisdom of age, trusting in our freedom, trusting in our own power, creating the future with confidence through our enthusiastic and joyful thoughts and feelings, recognizing the richness in us and around us, and accepting with gratitude the profusion and abundance.
By supporting and nurturing all this again and again within ourselves, our consciousness is transformed and we radiate this energy around us and create this reality.

Paying attention to our words and healing meditation

Roop Verma, a Nada Yoga master and a loving and attentive friend brought me a similar principle in his teaching: "Where you direct the attention, you direct the energy. »
So, where do you focus your attention? Be attentive with that.
Every meditation retreat and sitar concert began and ended in a meditative silence.
Many know silence only as a constraint and oppression. The silence I speak of is as clear as crystal, empty, serene and full of light.
In this healing silence we come into contact with our most intimate feelings and also with our most intimate fears. If we listen to them and feel them, we can identify, analyze and transform them. Transforming them into positive energy that supports us means either changing a situation that does not suit us in different ways or leaving it. We always have a choice.

We can change our perception and, for example, see the crisis as an opportunity. To finally wake up and live, instead of missing life here and now because of the projection of fear into the future. To do things that we have long been deprived of. To meditate, to hike, to learn, to write, to paint, to be creative in different ways, to cook, to do sports, yoga regularly, to be attentive with the children and to discover our own child in us, etc.

Positive Thinking Exercise

If you want to be happy, then imagine what that means. Every morning, when you are still in the realm between dreaming and waking, before the first thoughts can follow their habitual path, consciously decide to fill yourself with white light first. We can imagine everything, so do this and don't minimize your power of imagination.

If you are in that clear space, you can begin to see your greatest dream. For example, imagine a peaceful Mother Earth where people, animals and plants live in harmony with each other, where we surround ourselves in abundance in a creative and colorful way with different cultures, music and arts and show you the beauty of colors and diversity of forms in all areas.

Then start with positive thoughts for the day. Ask yourself the question: what brings me joy? What do I feel like doing? How do I go about it? Make a little program for yourself and don't put too much into it. Even if it's only one thing at a time that you want to do, like taking a shower, squeezing orange juice and doing yoga. It may sound trivial, but it's the great art of doing the right thing at every moment, staying in the here and now and being the creator of your reality. Do it and continue to produce positive thoughts every day and encourage yourself in the things that are good for you.

Mastering one's thoughts

Just as we have mastered the art of creating negative thinking, we can also train ourselves to think positively through affirmations. Maybe you feel that you are too small in this big project and that your thoughts don't have the power to make the world better. Yet your power is so great when it comes from calm and silence.

For this, the meditative state is indispensable. You should be very aware of this and not underestimate this power. If you throw a stone into a calm lake, you will be able to see how the circles spread the energy over the entire lake. Thus, your healing thoughts, born of a calm meditative state, have a powerful positive effect. There comes a day when you no longer nourish the idea of having negative thoughts. It no longer makes sense and seems stupid to you.
.I wish you much joy in the creation of a new harmonious world. Your thoughts create your reality. You are the creator and everything can be healed. Trust your perceptions and the healing process.

The symptom of the month : Root Chakra tensions
The root chakra is associated with the parts of the consciousness related to security, survival, and trust, and the parts of the person's life related to security - money, home, job, and mother. The person's relationship with their mother sets a pattern for their relationship with everything related
to security - money, home, and job. Root chakra tensions that can be correlated with physical and emotional symptoms include a sense of separation from the person's mother, tension or anger with their mother, or not seeing their mother as a nourishing energy. In terms of money, the
tensions may reflect worry about debt or not having enough money, not feeling nourished on their job in terms of being sufficiently paid for what they do, or not having a sense of satisfaction with their job, or tensions in the job environment. In terms of home, the tensions could be about the physical home and its location, or the home environment (harmony in the home
and family environment), not feeling safe at home.

Tensions on the Male side of the root chakra (Right side in someone right-handed) can represent insecurity with a male or not feeling nourished by a male, and tensions on the Female side of the root chakra can represent insecurity with a female or not feeling nourished by a female. If the
right/left polarity is described as Will/Emotions, tensions on the Will side would reflect insecurity or a person's lack of trust in his/her Will, not trusting themselves to do what they want, and on the emotional side, emotional insecurity, not standing on their own with regard to their
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