Subject: Newsletter Brofman Foundation - March 2020 - The Immune System and Love versus Virus

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March 2020

This month we want to draw your attention
on the importance of love,
of acceptance,
so as not to get caught up in the virus of judgment,
of separation and isolation.

Love heals
Our thoughts are energy and we create our reality with them. For the vast majority of human beings, it´s difficult to master their thoughts, and keep a centered attitude, being in the driver seat in their consciousness.

By developing a constant vigilance over our thoughts, we can become who we really are and follow the path shown by the great beings and sages.

In this material world, the consequences of our perceptions, thoughts, actions and words, determine what kind of life of abundance and happiness, or poverty and suffering we live.

All manifestation in the physical world is preceded by a thought, no matter how focused, unfocused, intentional or unintentional that thought is.

For example, in yoga it is taught that although many of these unfocused thoughts do not lead us to immediate action, every one of them is "energy" and leaves its mark in our chakras as a "vritti". Vritti is a sanscrit word and vrittis are habitual motions of thoughts associated with egoic desires and attachments. It is those losses of concentration in controlling our thoughts, and lack of concentration on our true essence that eventually contribute to negative desires and actions, causing negative karma and suffering.

This virus spreading is a reflection of every individual energy affecting the collective field. So, each of us needs to take responsability their own energy, to stop to give power to negative emotions and ask ourselves, what type of energy we are sending to ourself and all other selves.

The world needs a revolution, but a revolution towards love. Be in love with yourself, act with love, express love and compassion. You want to change the world, stop to be a threat to yourself and the others with your thoughts. Eradicate this virus from your own consciousness. Love heals.

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Love versus virus
The coronavirus started in China, where, as in more and more countries in the world, more and more citizens want to regain their freedom of thought. The inner cause of the virus becomes evident when we look at what the symptoms are saying. They indicate anger, a feeling of isolation, a feeling of helplessness and great tiredness.

People are tired of being controlled and want to regain power.
This is part of the process of moving into or settling in the heart chakra, the Aquarian era. As it happens on a planetary level, more and more people, more countries, want to take up residence in their heart chakra, to have love as a motivating force. We all have a home chakra, which is the one that represents what motivates us most in life.
If it's security, our home chakra is the root chakra, if it's  sensations, it's the second chakra, if it's freedom or power, it's the solar plexus chakra, if it's perceptions of love, it is the heart chakra etc.

As humanity is moving from the motivation force of freedom and power to that of perceptions of love, more and more people in this humanity want to change their force of motivation to take up residence in their heart chakra. 

We are in a great time of humanity - witnessing this collective move is incredible.

When the person experiences the aspect of freedom and respect for others in their solar plexus  chakra then the passage into the heart chakra and love takes place naturally, organically. When the person experiences the aspect of excessive control over themselves or others and / or power over others, in their solar plexus chakra, then the passage into the heart chakra and love requires letting go of control.

It seems that in China, as in other countries, more and more citizens want to experience the aspect of freedom and personal power in their solar plexus chakra. The dictators who control thought, freedom, fall one after the other and this is an effect of the passage of humanity in its heart chakra. They are forced to let go of control through the collective consciousness of the country that wants to have love as a motivating force.

Many people speak of unconditional and universal love but judge everyone who thinks differently. There is so much intolerance for the freedom of choice of others in this world. Many believe they have the truth, have the privilege of the truth, and feel better than others in one way or another. But having unconditional love as a motivating force begins at home, with your parents, children, siblings, ... and friends, ... and neighbors, ... then the rest of the world.

This move is done when the person wishes - it is not an obligation. It is only because humanity makes this passage that many people do it. Many people and countries still have survival, security as their motivating force. They love their neighbor but their priority is survival.

The priority of humanity is love, so family and neighborhood dictators, professional controllers  are encouraged to let go.

It is said that only people who have a weak immune system are really exposed to serious health risks.

The immune system is associated with the heart chakra and the perception of being loved.

So please love without counting.

The best way to fight the virus and control, is to pour as much unconditional love as possible into the heart of mankind - that is to say - of every being, at home and outside.

With love
The symptom of the month : Flu and Immune system 
 The symptoms of flu include fever, cough, headache, aching muscles and tiredness. Fever and cough reflect anger, headache reflects crown chakra tension (father / authority or a sense of isolation), aching muscles reflect solar plexus chakra tensions and the person immobilizing themselves with a perceived lack of power (“I can’t…”), and tiredness can reflect solar plexus tensions and root chakra tensions (tensions about money, home, job).

The immune system is associated with the Heart Chakra and the thymus gland, and therefore with the person’s perceptions of love. Symptoms directly affecting the immune system (HIV, AIDS) are associated with the perception that the person’s lifestyle separates them from someone they love. Many other symptoms are referred to as “autoimmune,” and thus can be said to relate ultimately to perceptions of love and feeling loved, though in those cases, see the part of the body affected in order to know the specific decisions the person has made at the time the symptom began, and the specific tensions in their consciousness directly related to the symptom they experience.

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Success story and testimony of the month
I have tried the meditation "Love and energy" ... I had caught a cold for 3 days with an intense sore throat, I therefore focused my energy intention there and in just 10 minutes my sore throat was totally healed during meditation. I find your husband's method so incredible, I really thank the universe for having been guided towards you, it transformed my life, I who was sick with many symptoms that spoiled my daily life for almost 20 years ... "chance" does things so well, I who knew absolutely nothing in the world of energy. Thank you to Martin for his method and to all of you for perpetuating this teaching of love and healing.
C.B. France
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