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- March 2019 -
Is your eyesight blurry?
You have lost sight of yourself.
This month, we invite you to clarity,
Inner clarity
Which is reflected
In your way of seeing the world.
Come back to yourself and come back to clear vision.
We have great tools for that.

The Symptom of the month : Keratitis

Keratitis is a condition where the cornea - the clear, round dome covering the eye’s iris and pupil - becomes swollen or inflamed, making the eye red and painful and affecting vision. Keratitis is also known as corneal ulcer. Irritation and inflammation imply anger. If it affects one eye, the Will Eye (Right eye in right-handed people) or the Emotional Eye, it reflects tension in the will or the emotions. If it is the Male Eye it reflects anger toward a male, and the Female Eye, reflects tension with a female. When both eyes are affected, it creates a sense of isolation, pointing to crown chakra tensions with father / authority.

 Tools to improve your vision

Improve your vision - improve your life
Many people still have the idea, that impaired vision can’t be healed. It’s what we hear from professionals in this area, but as you can see in the healing stories below, it’s not true. Many have experienced that we can return to clear vision.

In March and the following months we have quite a few Vision Workshops in different countries and languages scheduled.
If you have impaired vision and would like to spend a weekend concentrating on improving your vision, it might be an idea jumping to one of these classes. For further information see Vision Workshop page.

As any other symptom we see impaired vision caused by the person feeling stressed concerning something in his or her life. As a help to trace the beliefs and patterns of behaviour behind different kinds of impaired vision like near sightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism you can read Martin Brofmans article Vision as a Metaphor.

I’m living in the North (Scandinavia). Spring is around the corner, nature is wakening again, the spring flowers have just started to pop up and soon the trees will turn green, a lot to SEE, to enjoy and to feel nourished from. If you feel like, you could make it a small daily exercise going outside to a nice spot in a park, in your garden, in the forest, take off your glasses/contact lenses, and just allow yourself to be present with the beauty that surrounds you. Notice with all your physical senses what you smell, what you feel when you pick a flower, and what you see… Don’t make an effort to see clearly, just stay relaxed and notice and accept what you see. First step on the path to clear vision is to let go of the dependency on glasses or contact lenses.

Along with clearing up your vision, you are going through a personal transformation, letting go of a stressed way of being (that has created the symptom) and becoming more and more in touch with your true values and the real you.
Along with improving your vision, you are improving your life.
Come and seeeeee :)

My vision- My emotions
I have always had what is called perfect vision, but I have also experienced blurred vision three times in my life.

The first time was in law school. After a few months I developed astigmatism.
Astigmatism is a distorted vision of things, described from the point of view that the symptom begins in the consciousness, it talks about confusion between our values and those of the environment in which we find ourselves.
I tried to feel at home in this atmosphere that was the opposite of the one in which I had grown up and whose values were also extremely different. I would blend into the mass to feel connected to others.

After a year, I decided to change my path and start studying to become a social worker, my environment, my values. After only a few weeks my vision became clear again, astigmatism disappeared and I no longer needed my “Vogue” white scale glasses, which were very popular in the law school but ridiculous at the social work school.

The second time was just before going into a radio studio to simultaneously translate an interview that Martin Brofman was going to give live on an FM radio, I was terrified at the thought of being live and two hours before going on the radio, all of a sudden my eyesight blurred, I couldn't see anything in front of me, only one or two meters ahead and then nothing.
Martin had to hold my arm to get to the appointment.

With myopia, the person sees what is close, inside, and not what is far, outside. Emotion is fear.
I was aware that my terror was creating the fog and I tried to reassure myself thinking that after the first word the fear would disappear as it always did. I thought to myself that it was a blurry flash of vision and that when I got out of the radio my vision would be perfect again.

That's what happened. After the first word I forgot the fear, I relaxed, I actually enjoyed translating and when I came out my eyesight was back to normal.

I have also healed "flies" or "blackheads" that follow the visual field.
I was a social worker for private companies in a small town where young people my age were my clients' children. I had a role to play, a certain status and I started to control myself and my life so as not to make any mistakes. My eyesight started to blur from floating blackheads.
They completely disappeared when, a few months later, I decided to no longer control and live my life freely without fear of the judgment of others.

Be yourself, don't lose sight of yourself and trust your trip.

What your eyes tell you
When I was six years old, during a medical checkup in school, it was noticed that I saw blurry and when visiting the eye doctor, he diagnosed that I was nearsighted of the left eye and that I had astigmatism in my right eye. So I did not escape the glasses. The ophthalmologist told me that my left eye was lazy and if I put a shutter on my right eye every day, at home after school, I would force my left eye to work and regain better eyesight. It's not something I've managed to do for a long time and my parents have never forced me to do it. So, the following years, during the annual visit to the ophthalmologist, the same question came back, he asked me if I made my eye work and I returned the same answer, no I didn´t do it.

Years later, while I was in a bookstore looking for some interesting books, I found one talking about improving the eyesight through the Bates Method. The book was so written that I didn´t read it until the end, too technical. So, I was still with my blurry vision but I decided to take off my glasses and I felt good without them.

In 1990, I met Martin Brofman, and while I was listening to his lecture, I have understood that I found again the idea that I came across in my readings and in my conversations with a nephew of my grandmother who recommended me to go in this direction, the idea that we are each a creator and that everything that happens in our body is the result of what happens in our consciousness.

A few days later, I found myself in an intensive healing seminar taught by Martin, and I was able to pinpoint my behaviors and the way of being that had created nearsightedness and astigmatism. It was one thing to realize, now I would have to change ...

During the evenings in the intensive, there is disco, and everyone who wishes it can dance, celebrate their healing and life. And I was sitting on a chair close to the wall, watching people dance, thinking that I would like to do the same thing, but if I went to the dance floor, people would look at me and talk about me, surely with judgment, and besides I did not know how to move my body, I was going to have to connect with others dancing, etc. Talking to myself this way, I noticed that at first I did not feel well and that my vision became even more blurry.

I had learned that the emotion related to nearsightedness was insecurity / fear, that I saw the world through this emotional perceptual filter and that I made decisions based on it. I also knew that astigmatism was a distortion of my values and as it was my right eye and as I was right-handed – it was my emotional eye - I was experiencing a distortion of my emotions and, as an astigmatic, I had more a tendency to connect to the values of others.

But in the heat of the moment, I felt stuck again in this scenario that did not work for me. I thought I was not serious about my goal, which was to see clearly without glasses. So I had to make a decision and even though I felt insecure, I had to jump on the dance floor, change that way of being that made me retreat inward. What I did. At first, I felt locked, with a mind in the fast lane and emotionally the same, until I was caught in the vortex of energy and, letting go of control, going in the acceptance of who I was, my Spirit starting to dance my body. I felt different inside, with an assurance I had never experienced and a clearer consciousness. From that moment, my vision began to change and improve, until I could experience a normal eyesight without glasses.

Everyone experiencing a visual symptom is able to make this path. Of course, it is easy to wear glasses or lenses, we see clearly but as soon as we remove them, the blurry vision is there because the cause in the consciousness and the tensions are still there and the way of being creating the symptom is always present.

I am always surprised at the number of people who think nothing can change with the eyes and the number of people who prefer to continue wearing these crutches rather than going on this trip. An infinite space opens to those who do it, exploring parts of their consciousness they did not have a glimmering of and discovering the possibilities presenting to them. To change one's vision is to change one's life. Our vision of reality is determined by what we see through the lens of our beliefs and our state of consciousness. So when the mind begins to relax and see more clearly, the eyes also begin to see more clearly and this change can be instantaneous. And as Saint Exupéry writes in the Little Prince: "It is only with the heart we can see, what is essential is invisible to the eyes.

Success story
Condition at beginning of class:

unclear vision in the distance. Since childhood strabismus. Operation on my right eye, the left has been very dominant and the right tired, sad. Colours have always been "dull" through right eye.

Condition at completion of the class:

Vision bright and clear after the healing. My eyes feel balanced, the colours in each eye are the same and when I look into my right eye, it looks as enthusiastic as the left.

E.A. Canada

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