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You are determined - confident in your new decisions

This month we invite you to radiate this determination and trust around you

Feel yourself centered,
in the center of this safe space

Feel yourself shining

Let your aura spread and radiate all around
changing your environment in a positive way

Energy bodies
The consciousness does not occupy only the brain, but rather the entire body, so that through your consciousness, you are in contact with every part of your body. In fact, your consciousness extends beyond your body, usually to a distance of one to two meters in every direction (and some say, infinitely). This aspect of your consciousness, and therefore, your energy field, is known as your aura.
The outer portions of the aura, the energy field, are quite subtle, and the energy becomes more and more dense as we approach what we know as the physical body. We can see the aura as composed of different densities of energy, corresponding to the different levels of energy radiating from the different bodies
(physical, emotional, mental, astral, etheric, buddhic, and causal) that interpenetrate each other, occupying the same space at different rates of vibration.
Since the density of energy increases as we approach what we call the physical body, we can choose to see the physical body as just the next denser form of energy.

With our orientation toward the physical, we have come to look at ourselves as each a biological structure, but if we look closely at the building blocks of matter, we are also able to see ourselves as structures of energy.
The smallest biological unit, the cell, is composed of molecules, which are composed of atoms (or ions). These are composed of particles (neutrons, protons, electrons) that are composed of smaller particles (quarks, neutrinos, gluons, etc.), which are in turn composed of tiny black holes and white holes, each with a positive charge or a negative charge.
Patterns of these black holes and white holes, energy, form the smallest of what we call particles in the physical universe. Patterns of these patterns form larger particles, and patterns of these form atoms. Patterns of atoms form molecules, and patterns of molecules form cells. Patterns of cells form tissue, and patterns of tissue form organs. Patterns of organs form the organism. We can say, therefore, that the entire organism is composed of nothing but tiny black holes and white holes in a particular configuration. It’s only energy.

From space, we see the earth moving around the sun, much as an electron moves around a nucleus. We can see the solar system as an atom, with about the same proportions of space to substance as an atom, existing in a larger molecule we call a galaxy. We can see other galaxies, other molecules, as part of a larger structure. And so on.
We are also able to see in space black holes and white holes (quasars). We see the same thing “out there” as we see “in there,” and from a particular point of view, we have agreed to call what we see, “physical.” It is just as easy to see it as only energy, and there is a benefit in doing that. When we do, we are not limited by the physical “laws.” The words we use to describe our experience create our reality, so we are able to create healings, effects that seem to defy the physical “laws,” because energy behaves differently from physical structure. It obeys different “laws.”
When we see the physical structure as just a form of energy denser than the auras surrounding it, we can see ourselves as an energy system, composed of different densities of energy. 

Within the healthy, balanced individual, the energy flows smoothly. The consciousness is able to respond successfully to each condition that it encounters. When the individual blocks the flow of this energy through certain decisions or reactions to conditions, and if the blockage has sufficient intensity, the effect is some symptom on the physical level.

Consciousness - Energy Field - Physical Body
Decision - Blockage – Symptom

We can say, then, that all symptoms are just reflections of blocked energy. When we unblock the energy through making a different decision or by participating in a healing and thus rebalancing the energy field, the symptom can be released.
When we look at our model of consciousness, energy field, and physical body, we are able to see the body as the end result of a process that begins with our consciousness and moves through our energy field. If we reverse the decision that blocked the flow of energy, the energy field returns to balance and the symptom is able to be released, according to whatever we can allow ourselves to believe is possible.

“Anything can be healed” Martin Brofman Published by Findhorn Press
The Symptom of the month  : Bronchitis
Bronchitis is a cough, an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the bronchi, the airways that carry airflow from the trachea into the lungs. Because the lungs are associated with the heart chakra, and the element of air, a person’s relationship with air reflects their relationship with love. The person is pushing away the air, pushing away the love, angry with someone close to his/her heart.
Aura and transformation
Seeing Auras is not reserved for some special people, we all have the capacity to see them. In fact, we were born seeing auras.
If you have already held a baby in your arms, you may have noticed how much they looked around your head rather than in your eyes. Babies look around and smile or grin at things we do not see.
Children see auras until this perception fades and disappears because it is not encouraged by our society.
Sometimes it is discouraged - if a child talks about what they see to adults who do not understand what they are talking about and perceive it as a problem, then the child thinks they have a problem and cuts themselves off from that perception .
Sometimes the child continues to see auras and as they do not talk about it, they assume that everyone sees them – they have no words to describe that glow that seems to emanate from people - maybe at some point in their life they meet people who talk about it and through whom they will understand what they see.

That's what happened to me. I realized that I was the only one to see auras in my group of friends when I started to be interested in spirituality at the age of 20.

You are a consciousness inside your vehicle, your physical body and your consciousness fills your entire body. It does not limit inside the body, it extends beyond. It is this aspect of your consciousness that extends beyond the physical body that is called the aura.

Your consciousness is energy, energy that shines. You can become aware of this energy and feel it radiate all around you.

When I moved into my new apartment more than three years ago, I loved this apartment but did not like the neighborhood in which it is located. I found it dirty - an abandoned house on the other side of the street - several abandoned gardens - children frightened by my little dog, Jam etc.
I decided to consciously let my aura radiate love and light all around.
After a few months, a garden was cleaned, vegetables planted - then a second garden - then a third. The abandoned house has been arranged, its garden cleaned. I have not met any child scared by my dog anymore.

You can affect your environment in a positive way instead of letting your environment affect you.

With love
Feel the auras 
You can feel a certain way in your consciousness and then, when you sit down next to somebody, something starts going on, you feel different and as you move away, this different feeling goes away.

We are able to experience each other in different ways like this. You can see the aura and you can also feel it. We are each an energy system.

The first time I began to experience auras, I was walking down the street, I was feeling good, it was in the morning on a sunny day, streets were deserted, and somebody was coming from the other direction. As we approach each other, I began to feel sad, without any reason for feeling sad about, and this person walked passed me and the sadness feeling passed away. That was strange.

We have the ability to feel empathy, to feel what another person is feeling, when we are in a certain space in our consciousness.

If I look at a group of persons, for example, and I see two people sitting next to each other, one is net and clear and the other one looks like he is standing behind a little veil. Why is that? They are at the same distance, so it has nothing to do with distance. What I have learned is that the person who is bright and clear is more present and the other, behind the veil, might be lost in their thoughts in that moment.

We work with the idea of seven different auras, they give seven different kind of information. One, for example, is the level of the spiritual evolution, another one is the state of health of the physical body, another one is about what the person is dealing with emotionally in that moment. You don´t know what you are looking at, all you know is that you see something and seeing that something, you have to discover what does that mean to you. If someone says "I love you", it does not mean the same if the person is green, or yellow, or orange, for instance.

You need to experience and learn. For myself in order to see the auras, I have to put less attention on thoughts. So if you put your attention on your visual field, you have to withdraw your attention from your thoughts, your mind gets quiet and you are going in the alpha level. You just need to be accustomed to the phenomenon you are experiencing and see what you see means for you.

A book I can recommend:
" Aura Imaging Photography "
by Johannes Fisslinger

Reading auras
When I was a child, I enjoyed playing looking at the world, lost in my dreams and watching the play of colors and light around things and around people. At the time, I did not know it was called the aura. Then there was a moment when I separated from this perception because I received an atheistic and scientific education. So, all this was madness and did not exist. It was only at the age of 28 that I was able to experience again this wonderful approach during my first healing workshop with Martin.

After that, I played with it as I was in my childhood. When I was bored, waiting at the bus stop, or on a train or in a queue, I would watch people's aura, and also nature and different places. It was very exciting and the every day life that was sometimes boring disappeared. I looked more at people behind their expression or at the outer theater they were playing, and I realized that some people were deeply sad behind the facade, frustrated, curled up by anxiety. I connected to my inner light. I had compassion and smiled when they looked at me. It was magic, most of them smiled back gratefully. I was in a better mood, life regained its magical meaning, which is deep within us, we are all connected energetically to a divine bond and the auras interpenetrate  each other.

I kept this habit, even when I was deeply sad, frustrated or anxious, I smiled when someone looked at me or looking at myself in the mirror and laughed at myself with understanding and the magic was working again, I was feeling better and the black cloud would disappeared faster.
We are all beings of light.

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