Subject: Newsletter Brofman Foundation - June 2020 - The meaning of life and the sense of eyesight, a vision quest

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March 2020

The meaning of life and the sense 
                                                         of eyesight, a vision quest

This month we invite you
to reopen the eyes,
to open your eyes
on the world,
on yourselves,
to see more clarity,
with more clarity,
with more confidence.

Good news about the Foundation and our classes !
Life resumes in many countries and so do our classes.

We have the opportunity to resume our healing courses of the Body-Mirror method while respecting the security measures without deviating from our deep philosophies.

We look forward to seeing you and sharing these wonderful healing tools.

Our Vision Workshops have not stopped - the two workshops planned in Germany were taught by Philippe Hannetelle in May.

We chose the theme of the eyesight this month because we know that the last two months have been stressful for some and maybe you have experienced a drop in acuity in your eyesight - this is only temporary and you can easily regain your perfect vision.
Fear of the future and disease may have led to a withdrawal into oneself, which is the inner cause of nearsightedness. The lack of freedom of movement may have led to vain and repressed anger, which is the inner cause of farsightedness. Thinking differently from others with the perception of not being able to express it may have created confusion between your values and those around you, which is the inner cause of astigmatism.
For some this forced stop is or was difficult, for others on the contrary, it is or was a welcome rest. We have all reacted differently and the most important thing is to release stress and enjoy even more than before our own freedom and to maintain the good habits taken during this stop: to take the time and appreciate at its true value all that we considered acquired.

With love,

Classes of the month and Summer classes

MILANO - 4/5 July - Ilaliano/French - Healing WE with Annick Brofman

The meaning of life and the sense of eyesight, a vision quest
In some traditions, we are called upon to do a vision quest to create altered states of consciousness to reconnect with our roots and find guidance, revelation and be opened to this infinite universe that we all have within us.

Among the Foundation's activities, we propose the Vision Workshop which allows people who have developed a visual symptom to discover and use different tools to regain so-called "normal" sight and we make this two-day experience a quest for oneself, a journey into consciousness where everyone can understand and directly experience that sight is not simply a physical phenomenon but a multidimensional experience involving all the different levels of consciousness: security, sensations, personality, love, expression, spirit and soul.

It is a quest for clarity that is proposed where everyone can clear the fog of the different parts of their consciousness and begin the exploration of those states beyond the mind that allow us to understand our life and to have a clear vision in our consciousness, to walk consciously through our life and to have an understanding of the events of the world in general.

It is a beautiful way to develop confidence and to become grounded, to clarify one's emotional state and to be in touch with one's emotions, to have a clear mind and to have the power and freedom to decide what is true for oneself, to feel more love, acceptance and compassion for oneself and others, to communicate clearly and to listen and trust one's intuition, to recognize one's role as a creator and the role of others, and to maintain unity and have a clear sense of direction.

Compensating fears through control
In the map of consciousness that we use to observe the human being, the aspects of consciousness such as freedom, personal power as well as control and personality are related to the solar plexus chakra. This chakra is associated with the eyesight, the mental body and it controls, among other things, the muscular system.

At the level of consciousness, it is useful to be in control in order to do certain things, for example at work or when driving a car.
When the use of control increases excessively in a person's consciousness then the perception of freedom may be weakened.
One of the causes of excessive use of control may be the presence of a permanent filter of insecurity or fear. This filter will also have an effect in another particular area of consciousness: the root chakra, which is associated with trust and security. Thus the consciousness in this configuration will not be totally present because part of the thoughts, which will compose the mind, will be oriented towards the anticipation of a future that is not serving its purpose. For example, nearsightedness is associated with this attitude of seeing the world through an emotional filter of insecurity or fear.

On a physical level, this excess of control can be felt at the level of the solar plexus chakra as pressure, a knot, a weight... These tensions accumulated in this chakra will be captured by the group of nerves associated with it, known as the solar plexus, then transmitted to your muscular system, among others. As a result, the muscles around the eyes can also be affected. These muscles are both very sensitive and very powerful, they are capable of deforming the eyeball. In the case of nearsightedness, the initially spherical shape of the eyeball is elongated because the oblique muscles that surround it like a belt are in tension and compress it.

When faced with a situation, if you respond with a lot of control, you may wonder if it is because of the fears you are feeding in the background.
Remember, when your distant sight declines during certain occasions, you are experiencing nearsightedness and you are observing your reality through an emotional filter of insecurity or fear.
You can replace fear with confidence and curiosity to observe events as they unfold. In this way you will accept to use less control, you will be able to perceive yourself more freely and this can also be reflected through a clearer vision.
Let's take an example. You have to take a train, but you are afraid of missing it. Under this pressure of fear and to compensate for it, it is possible that you use a lot of control by analysing the means of transport to get to the station well in advance, or by thinking of checking many times the departure time of the train or the platform number on which you have to go. Everything is under control but out of fear. In fact, you give power to fear and you allow yourself to be controlled by it. It may work, but you will use a lot of energy, you will feel both relieved and tired when you finally find your seat. However, you will already be thinking about getting off the train... With this attitude, your distance vision may also be affected.
From the point of view that fear is an energy that works like a glue, if you are continually afraid of something, you will eventually tend to draw it into your reality. In the same way, trust is a magnet. You have the choice of encouraging the attraction of what you don't want by being afraid of it, or the attraction of what you really want by feeling confident.

"It's the dosis that makes the poison."

As we have previously indicated, control is an aspect of consciousness associated with the solar plexus chakra. When you use this control in excess it is possible that it has an effect on other aspects of consciousness also associated with this chakra.
With regard to freedom at the individual level, if you force yourself to over-control your actions, emotions, personality, relationships, communication, etc., you will be in a position where you will be able to control your actions, your emotions, your personality, your relationships, your communication, etc. What will happen to your freedom? It is quite clear that the perception of it will decrease proportionally to the excess of control you use. Therefore the idea would be to find your balance between the amount of control and freedom you will use to clarify these aspects of the solar plexus.
At the collective level and from the point of view from which individual consciousnesses are reflected in the group consciousness that make up a city, a country or the planet; what about the collective perception of freedom coming from a group consciousness using excess control as a compensatory response to fears in the background?
Metaphorical aspects of impaired vision
In order to return to clear(er) vision we have to allow ourselves to let go of tension in our body as well as in our consciousness.
From the point of view that everything starts in our consciousness impaired vision can be described as an unwillingness to see something. Starting with stress in our life and not wanting to look at some issue, about which we feel unhappy.
We’re working with the idea that people having the same type of vision impairment are dealing with similar issues in their lives.

What is further away is seen more clearly, the attention is directed outward. Metaphorically we can talk about that what other people want or feel is experienced more important than one’s own wants and feelings.
There might be experienced anger, maybe anger suppressed as not to offend others, or anger directed towards oneself as a feeling of guilt.
People who are nearsighted see what is close to them easier than they see what is far away.
Metaphorically we can see it as a withdrawal from the world around, an orientation towards one self. What one wants or feels is experienced as more important than what others want or feel. There can be an emotional filter of insecurity or fear. Often the focus of thinking is forward, worrying about what could possibly go wrong.
With astigmatism there is a distortion of the picture seen.
Metaphorically we talk about experiencing uncertainty of wants and feelings. The focus is rather on what “should” be wanted or felt, rather than what is real for the person, a confusion about own values.

The healing of eyesight involves a personal transformation, a letting go of limiting ideas and stressed ways of functioning in the world.
For people being farsighted it can be to open up to feel themselves again, to let go of guilt, to allow themselves to express what they want and what they feel, and to allow themselves to receive (and not only give).
For people being nearsighted it’s about allowing themselves to feel nourished, to again feel safe and secure, and to be present with what’s going on around them and stay in the present moment.
People with astigmatism can allow themselves to find out what they really want and to express it.

Improving your vision is improving your life 

With love,

The symptom of the month : Glaucoma
 Glaucoma is pressure in the eye that can build up to the point where it damages the optic nerve. The person has a pressured way of seeing the world and can benefit from relaxation techniques. There is tension in the solar plexus chakra, which is associated with eyesight. Because it can result in blindness, which also results in a sense of isolation, or separation from someone, it can reflect crown chakra tensions and the person feeling pressured that they must deal with their life issues alone.

Next classes
ERETRIA - Greece - 1/5 July - Level 1 Healing Intensive with Philippe Hannetelle 

LONDON - 26/27 September - Healing WE with Annick Brofman

MONTPELLIER, France - 21/25 October - Level 1 Healing Intensive with Philippe Hannetelle

All places, all dates  on
Success story and testimony of the month
I would like to give you my feedback concerning my vision.
Since one year ago I use glasses to see, the doctor diagnosed "nearsightedness" in a large scale and "astigmatism". Since I started participating in the Zoom meeting (that the Foundation is organizing) I decided to not use the glasses, and I realized that my vision is healed because I don't need the glasses to see clearly the computer. 

Some days during the week I put on the glasses (at work) and I accept that... because I lknow that the healing is happening and there are more moments without glasses than with glasses.
Thank you for this healing!
Hug with Love
C.V. Portugal
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 Rehfelde (Berlin) - 13/14 Juni Heilseminar „Das Körper-Spiegel-System - Viola Schöpe

Dresden - 27/28 Juni - Heilseminar „Das Körper-Spiegel-System - Viola Schöpe

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