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This month we invite you to the top
After uncovering yourself in April
Letting yourself be totally visible in May
Here you are at the very top
Where you rule
Rule ?
Yes - We did say “rule.”

The Symptom of the month  :  Ganglioglioma or Brain Tumor 

Any tumor represents something held in and not expressed, and the part of the body affected shows what it is that was held in or not expressed at the time the symptom began, in response to what was happening in the person’s life at that time. Because it is the brain, the event at that time involved tension with father or authority, or a sense of separation from someone close. Because the apparent logical conclusion of the symptom can be death, and working with the idea that everything begins in the consciousness, the person reacted to a situation they found unacceptable, and decided that they did not want to face life with that situation as it was.

We all rule in the Kingdom of our soul - adults and children

You are a consciousness inside your physical body, this consciousness drives your life, you drive your life, you are driving with the safest and most powerful and most reliable GPS available, your intuition .
It's not the GPS that decides where you go, you have to enter a destination for it to work. It guides you unconditionally and constantly recalculates the route as soon as you leave the indications given.
In the United States, in the state of New York, the rangers work in teams of two. One is in a tower – on top- and observes the forest with binoculars, the other is in a car ready to start. Both communicate through walkie-talkies. The one in a car is not very useful if he does not have the one who is in the tower to show him the shortest way to go where he is supposed to be, he would waste a lot of time getting there. The one in the tower is not very useful either without the driver. He has a higher point of view on things, but no way to act.

You are in both the car and the tower.
You are the "little me" and the "big me"

Even if you tend to identify with your "little me" and give your "big self" another face than yours, that of God or guides or angels. Even if you give them the voice of GPS, which is the source of intuition, the source of direction, as you evolve, you end up seeing your soul, your face and hearing your own voice.

And beyond, the souls of others.
And beyond, the only consciousness that projects life :
"I am".

You let yourself be guided from the inside and you know that others are doing the same thing. All beings have their own tower and all are there to achieve their goals, your parents, your children, your neighbors, your friends, all.

When you give birth to children, you sign a contract with them to guide them toward their goals and dreams. For that, you know that they came with their own list of dreams and goals and that they have their own tower. You help them to find their way, to listen to their own little inner voice. You are in the car with them, not at the wheel but in the passenger seat, like a driving school teacher who also has a steering wheel and pedals to protect the child. When he is ready, you get out of the car and let him drive alone.
A wonderful cycle of life where we are all helping each other to get on top where we rule.

With love

The second schock point in our Consciousness
In our classes, we speak about the two schock points, as Gurdjieff was describing them, in the evolution of human consiousness. The first one is between the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra. The second one is at the level of the crown chakra, and is about solving the apparent paradox between your own autonomy/authority and the outer authority.

In the traditional family, the father is the authority - the one who establishes direction - although in some families the mother plays the role of the father. The crown chakra is about the person's relationship with their father. That becomes the model for the person's relationship with authority, and that becomes the model for the person's relationship with God.

If a person is experiencing a sense of separation from their father, what happens next depends on what decisions the person makes - one might become rebellious, one might miss the connection with the father, one might insist on shutting out the father, one might feel they are not loved, or not deserving of love, or experience extreme isolation...

When someone has made a decision that has closed their crown chakra, their beliefs create their reality, and they will continue to see evidence that their decision is justified. When they make a different decision, different truths will become evident to them.

The person can decide to let in the father's love, it is one way to open the crown chakra.

Opening the crown chakra is about releasing the tensions in your consciousness concerning your relationship with father / authority / God.

Western culture teaches about an extrinsic God, an authority outside yourself - a man, sitting on a cloud and telling you what to do. In the Eastern traditions, they are taught about an intrinsic God, the God within.

Sometimes someone is born into a Western tradition with an essentially Eastern orientation. They choose to come into the world in a family that they respond to with a closed crown chakra in order to develop a belief in themselves, and to develop a cosmology based on the God within. Once that cosmology is established, the person can again open their crown chakra and end their state of alone-ness.

About the relation with authority, within any society there is an authority that is understood to function in accord with the interests of that society, whether it is a classroom, a city, or a country. Society makes rules, laws, that are intended to be in the best interests of the members of that society.

When the relationship is proper, the authority rules by serving, and it is clear that their role is to maintain and serve the interests of the individual. When the crown chakra is closed, that may not be apparent. If the person then experiences symptoms of a closed chakra, they need, as a practical matter, to make a different decision.

In our society, the police are the authority, and the government is the authority. In a school, the teachers and administrators are the authority. These authorities should always serve the individual interests, and when they do not do that, the individuals have a right to say and do something about it.

It´s also to be aligned with the authority. You do not decide to drive the wrong way down a one-way street as an exercise of your freedom, nor do you challenge the wisdom of making it a one-way street as an exercise of your freedom to challenge authority, or recognizing that speed limits on the highway are there to protect everyone - including you - and that to consciously choose to do something different represents a threat to yourself and others.

In other occasions, you don´t do what all the others do, you are following your own higher authority, and see whether it works for you or not. You do what you feel, knowing that organic processes are encouraged. Non-organic process (or malignant processes) are discouraged.

Organic process are those that support life. Malignant processes are those that threaten life. Here we are talking about the life of the society, and doing what is best for the society.

It's not really about what you do, but rather how you do it, and for what purpose. If you do it in a way that serves the society, it will be encouraged. If you do it in a way that threatens the society, it will be discouraged.

Being an authority for others
During our life most of us agree to take on the role as an authority in the life of other people, in our personal life as parent, in our professional life ex. as a teacher or leader of a project and maybe we also do it in our social life.

When we agree to take on a role as an authority then let’s provide direction based on a feeling of equality with those involved. And let us do our best to communicate from our heart with clarity and respect.

About 1 ½ year ago my mum was diagnosed with dementia. Life was knocking on my door asking me to step into the role as an authority in her life. Deciding that she should move out of her home, where she had been living for more than 60 years, deciding that she now had to live in a nursing home surrounded by foreign people etc. - and because of the dementia I didn’t have the possibility to discuss it with her.

That was (and is) a challenge for me. I do my best to align with her higher authority, to communicate from my heart, to keep the respect and also sometimes to say no...
And I certainly learn a lot ;)

Namaste and love

Good news
Martin’s Vision book has been published again in Portuguese
The word from the organizers
Body-Mirror, all that ... it may sound a little abstract, even wacky, or worse!
For me it was, in any case.
I am an engineer, and I lived in a tidy world, well explained.
Except that there are moments in life where tidy things do not go well ...
That's what happened to me, and I was suggested to go to a healing class. I accepted a little reluctantly, thinking to myself that it was only two days after all, and as a scientist, I had to test to see for myself whether it worked or not.
It was in Lyon, center of France, 8 years ago now.
I have profoundly changed, I ask myself fewer questions, I work more intuitively, and I am so much better, with what I has asked to heal, but also on others, especially the back pain which was recurrent and which has totally disappeared.
I now introduce myself as a healer, I practice healing in Lyon, and I also organize classes for our instructor Annick Brofman.
Lyon is a beautiful place to discover the method that Martin has offered us. We welcome you at the Mama Shelter, it's a place both very fashionable and design (made by Stark), and so much in tune with us (their slogan "Mama loves you" seduced Annick even before I showed her the room).
So if you're still hesitating, just do as I did, get started, it's likely to change your life.
Magali - Healer / Engineer and Organizer in Lyon

+33 (0) 7 81 64 39 96

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Next Classes in English


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