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Changing Paradigm
January 2020

A new month of January, 
and a new decade.
A dream opportunity for
Changing paradigm
To start
with new determination
new dreams
for more love and happiness
for our family and
for Humanity.

The Foundation team of instructors and organizers
wish you a very Happy New Year !
Science and Consciousness, together for a paradigm shift

Martin Brofman created a meditation called "Dream". We are invited to go deep into our consciousness and touch the part within us that creates our life experience. The idea is to be able, if necessary, to adjust things in our consciousness to encourage them to manifest in reality.

When I started using this meditation, my mind was very present, often with thoughts like "these are nonsense, your reality will not have changed when you open your eyes" - "it is useless" - "you're wasting your time". With practice, the mind finally becomes a tool at our service and we can therefore go deeper into our consciousness. And then one day, after this meditation, my perception of a situation had completely changed and I could clearly see the solution which then manifested in my life. Our perceptions create our reality.

For many years I have maintained the perception that we can work hand in hand with conventional western medicine, I even dreamed of it. Things are starting to move in this direction. In December 2019, we were able to co-organize and be part of the 1st integrative cancer conference in Hauts-de-France. This event took place over two days, the first was open to the public, the second reserved for health professionals. During this second day, several health professionals were on stage in front of a packed room to present their practices and exchange different points of view for a common goal. A doctor was able to share the basics of Martin Brofman's work. "Patients" were also called to present their experiences concerning the disease, the medical and complementary solutions that they had been able to undertake and to give their opinion on these various points.
This conference was a success and a second edition will take place.

Although our motivating force lies elsewhere than having recognition, when there is any, we can allow ourselves to welcome it. Perhaps this is the beginning of the recognition by the medical world of the 40 years of work of Martin Brofman and the tools which he shared? The rest of the adventure will tell.

Be aware of your perceptions, they may well manifest themselves through changes in your reality.


Next Classes

LONDON - 21/22 March -Body Mirror System Weekend class with Annick Brofman

LONDON - 16/17 May - Vision Workshop with Annick Brofman

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More love, more dream.
The start of the year is always an opportunity to refine your goals, change course, and make new resolutions.

This is an opportunity to look at the past year and the goals we had set for ourselves in the previous month of January, to quantify our success and our delays and to work on the difference.

You can for example examine the quality of your days spent in 2019 and ask yourself some very simple questions:
What percentage of your days have you spent feeling love around you?
What percentage of your days have you spent doing what you enjoy doing and being happy?

If you're not happy with the percentage - make a list of the people you love and spend more time with them in 2020 - make a list of what you like or dream of doing and spend more time believing it and to make it happen.

Always more love and always more dreams!

Percentage is a key word.

Did you know that if 1% of a city's population meditates every day, the crime rate drops.

Do you know the story of the hundredth monkey?
In this archipelago in the north of Japan, researchers studied the behavior of monkeys.
The monkeys spread throughout the archipelago were fed on potatoes. One day one of them dropped his potato in seawater and it was much better. So he decided to clean his potatoes in seawater before eating them.
A second monkey imitated it, then a third, then a fourth etc.
The day the hundredth monkey on his island washed his potatoes, all the monkeys on all the other islands started washing their potatoes.

So you see - the hundredth monkey can be any of us!

The percentage of time spent feeling love or believing in dreams can affect your entire life, that of your loved ones and that of all of humanity ... This percentage can change everything and make a difference. Who knows ? Maybe it's you!

With love

The symptom of the month: Throat Chakra Tensions
The throat chakra is associated not only with the throat, but also the shoulders, arms and hands, as well as the sense of hearing. Throat chakra tensions that can result in symptoms affecting these areas include difficulty expressing one’s self and one’s own truth, difficulty expressing emotions, difficulty communicating one’s truth, resistance to setting goals concerning what one wants (Will side) or what will make one happy (Emotional side), resistance to hearing something, or in allowing one’s self to receive unconditionally.

New Year
In Denmark, where I live, we have recently passed through winter solstice. That’s when we have the shortest amount of daylight (less than 7 hours!), and the longest hours of darkness of the year. In ancient time it was believed that on this day the Goddess, the moon, would give birth to the sun, and the light would come back.
It can be seen as a powerful transition point between seasons and it can be used as an opportunity to retreat within ourselves, being honest with what we want to let go of, as well as what we want to “put light on” in the year to come.

On New Year's Eve it’s time for celebration. We come together with friends to celebrate the new year to come, that the light is coming back and each day is a little longer than the previous one. We celebrate friendship, love and life. Close to midnight, the music is turned off and we stand up and count down from ten to one. Exactly at midnight, the bottles of champagne are opened and we wish each other
a happy new year (some of us also like to stand up on a chair and jump down into the new year ;) ). Then we grab our winter coat and rush to the street to let off fireworks and to wish our neighbours a happy new year.

Let us remember to give space for this joy, love and optimism when we after the holiday season start up our daily lives again.


Everything is possible
After this holiday season, between Black Friday and sales, I wanted to talk to you about a change in the way you consume.
In recent years I have noticed that I am going less and less to the supermarket, that I am buying less and less of various and varied gadgets not always useful on the internet, and independently of any militant commitment.
Just because certain reflexes have slowly taken root in my head: is that what I need? And also, what is in there? ... And it is not easy with what is available today .
I saw a documentary a few years ago about this cooperative supermarket that has existed in New York for 45 years (customers own it, manage it, choose the products etc.) I told myself : it's great, that's what I need !! Little research on the internet, nothing existed like this in my city. I thought it was too bad.
And then some time later, I saw an invitation about an information meeting for an association that is setting up to open the first cooperative supermarket in Lyon. I went there, and now, three years later, a grocery store is open, the supermarket is on the way.

It doesn't take much, but we can do anything!
One person started the idea, it was crazy and seemingly unachievable alone. Some people who did not know each other got together, set up an association, groped - none of us are grocers !!- more and more people from all walks of life came, and it worked.

So whatever you want to do something new or utopic, it's never too big or too complicated, there are other people who surely want the same thing, you have to dare.

Magali - organizer in France

Success story and testimony of the month

“Yes, I really liked this intense Workshop, a lot of wisdom, accuracy, kindness and simplicity that made me feel good, as well as the quality of the other participants, which helped create this space for listen.”
A.B. France

“I lived strong moments which will remain engraved forever in my body and in my memory. I also had important realizations which probably allowed me to unblock what needed to be and to move faster on my path.
Thank you for your kindness and your sharing. I look forward to putting it into practice now so that I can help or heal those who need it.
The message delivered is so strong that I had difficulty in raising awareness and accepting it ... But I realized that the power was in me and that I was the creator of my reality!

See you soon for sharing success stories!”


“P.S: my glasses are more often in their case than on my eyes since .... thank you also for that !!!”

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