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January 2021

The Foundation team
wishes you
All the happiness in the world,
quite simply,
with love.
May 2021 and the years to come
beautiful encounters,
 beautiful achievements,
for a united humanity.
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January 6,  2021  - 6pm (Paris Time)


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Class of the month  

Greece - Athens 30/31 January - Body Mirror System with Philippe Hannetelle 

Evolution is inevitable
Evolution is the very nature of all consciousness, whether individual or collective, whether it is two beings or seven billion. It is inevitable.

We would just like evolution to be smooth, and for it to be smooth, we need to understand the essence of what is happening right now.
We are entering further into the era which gives priority to the heart and we are leaving behind that which gave it to knowledge.

It is a real revolution in the order of priorities and values ​​of our entire societies.
In Denmark, for example, school is not based on knowledge but on citizenship. We teach children empathy, kindness. Knowledge is less important and it comes later.
In Scandinavia and some other countries there is generally a strong sense of equality between people. A doctor does not feel more important than a garbage collector and a garbage collector does not feel less than a doctor. To write that even seems unreal. Intellectuals are neither more nor less than manuel workers.

We are entering an era where we are encouraged to see ourselves as a global family that occupies the same shared space, that breathes the same air.
As with the family at home, there can be tension but there is no good excuse for starving family members to death.
If this happened at home, it would be considered abuse and a crime and punished by law.
No more excuses or good reasons for letting family members kill each other.

We need to revise our family model and base it on respect, equality and kindness.

We have already taken big steps towards more solidarity, more sharing, more devotion to peace and we need a lot more.

Whether we act globally through our work or our involvement in charities, or act locally in our own family, all actions that promote equality, mutual respect, benevolence, unconditional love - all of this softens the evolution.

The Earth needs gentleness and therefore benevolence.
Kindness begins at home.
Let's love each other.

With love

Time to start positive thinking
We listen to a lot of different news since we are in this situation with the virus and most of them coming through the mainstream medias are negative or very negative. For a lot of people ,with their boiling mind creating insecurities, fear, control , it´s really difficult to see a way out of the situation because the only point of view presented is the physical and medical point of view, with the causes and effects outside ourselves.

This virus (the cause is outside) is creating symptoms in the physical body (the effects are outside). And most people search for solutions outside and don´t look at what was happening in their consciousness, why we have created this manifestation and the reason of this situation as it is and why it´s still unfolding and what we need to each do in our own consciousness to change the physical reality.

From the point of view that everything begins in the consciousness, we say: yes it´s true that virus create symptom but only if the person has the conditions in their consciousness. Why does a person get the virus and not the people around them? The difference lies in what they each do in their own consciousness.

And amongst people getting the virus, there are also different categories, some are without symptoms, some with light symptoms, some with strong and others are dealing with death. Once again,the difference is about how big are the tensions in their consciousness.
Why so many people are getting positive or getting the symptoms? Well, we have to look at our creation as human beings and our actions, and they are reflecting neither a very healthy society nor a very healthy way to relate to each other.

Use the power of your mind.

A lot of people use their mind to focus on negative things, but each of us has the inner tools to discipline their mind and begin to focus on the positive. 

And when can be the moment of CHANGE ? It can be NOW

So, you can decide to look at what was positive this year, and you will find in fact that a lot of things were positive. What did you learn about yourself? Discovering aspects of yourself stronger than you believed. Having time to be with your partner, your children ,your family. Doing things you didn´t have time before. Making new friends,etc…
And, when you project your mind into the future, you can do the same. What would you like to create for you? For your family, your friends ? The animals, the nature ? Are you encouraging bad scenarios or are you encouraging the manifestation of the best for everybody.
We are at a key point and what you do with your thoughts, your perceptions, your actions has a tremendous effect around you and will define the future.

Beings we considered enlightened tell us that we are creators and that we have the power to do unlimited things. If they are enlightened, maybe it could be a good idea to listen tot hem and now do something instead of complaining.

Positive thinking doesn't mean that you bury your head in the sand and ignore unpleasant situations. The difficult points in our lives are the ones we can use to motivate us to move on and make positive changes. Positive thinking just means that you approach those situations in a more positive and productive way. You think the best is going to happen, not the worst.
There are techniques you can use like starting every day with a positive approach, practicing positive self-talk, spend time with positive people, practice gratitude. Rather than getting upset and blaming others for what is happening, You have the mastery of your emotions by saying, “What can I learn from this experience?” 

When you think positive, you notice amazing changes in you and around you. You feel lighter and happier. You feel more confidence and more capable of going out of your comfort zone and make steps in a direction you would never do before.

Be open to humor

You are the creator of your happiness or unhappiness.

Decide to be HAPPY and start NOW. 


The symptom of the month : Kidneys 
The kidneys are located at the level of the solar plexus chakra but part of the elimination system associated with the root chakra – thus a symptom affecting the kidneys represents insecurity (root chakra) in the place of personal power (solar plexus chakra) - a perceived lack of personal power. It points to a sense of helplessness to do anything about a situation the person is not happy about. In children, the sense of helplessness can be their response to overprotective or over-controlling parents, and not feeling they are capable to do things for themselves.
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