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Janvier 2019
2019 is the year of communication,
optimism and new ideas.
So we invite you
to let go of old stuff
to clean your head
to empty the drawers
from anger and wars
and to make peace
The Symptom of the month  :  Liver

The liver is associated with the solar plexus chakra, and is an organ said to store anger. Thus, when there is a symptom affecting the liver (cirrhosis or hepatitis, for example), the symptom reflects tension in the solar plexus chakra, anger and therefore issues of power, control, and/or freedom. Liver symptoms are associated with unreleased anger or frustration about an unhappy situation happening in the person’s life at that time.

News from the Foundation

Some news from the Foundation

The foundation is moving towards a new era.

Started in 2017 and 2018, it is taking form.

Martin's book "The Inner Cause " is a huge success around the world.
After being published in Greek, Spanish and Italian, then in French, it is published in English in the USA, in Portuguese and soon in Norwegian.

"Anything can be healed" also knows a renewed interest. In 2018, it was edited again in Portuguese and it will be released in the US in May 2019 with new illustrations and especially a wonderful foreword written by Anna Parkinson, a moving testimony that brought a few tears to my eyes.

"Improve your vision" was edited again in Portuguese too.

I had the opportunity to be invited for interviews by two American radios, another interview is planned in July for the promotion of "The inner cause" in the US.

Philippe has recorded our meditations with his voice in French so as to offer you the choice to be guided by a male voice or by mine, a female voice.

Jérôme has reworked our French site and the English version will be ready in the first quarter of 2019. A long-term job for a great result.

In addition to our Facebook accounts which are very active thanks to Philippe, we have opened an Instagram account and a Twitter account where we share pictures from our classes and our inspirations.

We added new videos on the Foundation's YouTube channel, videos of us instructors. We will continue to do so.

At the end of 2017, our French publisher, Dangles, had asked me to write a book about yoga for the eyes. The book "Yoga for the eyes - Yoga for the Soul" comes out this month in French. We are already working on a translation in English.
We are very present in the press, with articles that we write or talk about us and the methods, in Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Scandinavia etc.

For 2019, we want to offer you new opportunities. We would like to create online courses for those who are far away and who would like to benefit from our teachings.

We are developing a new course on self-healing, using the Body-Mirror System and tools taught in the Vision Workshop. An inner journey for those who want to heal themselves without necessarily being interested in being able to heal others.

We succeeded in creating a united team with our organizers. We would like to thank them for their commitment to the Foundation and their alignment with our intentions.
We are a united family.

You see, we are dedicated to continuing Martin's work and sharing with you our talents, our professionalism, to give you the ideal tools for your evolution and your well-being.

We are passionate about our work with you and happy to see that the family Martin started is growing over the years knowing that the positive energy we bring to the world all together helps to open hearts and gives people the desire of loving.
Love is contagious, so is the desire to love.

And you too, do not forget to open your heart to love.

Our team, teachers and organizers, active or more discreet members, wish that 2019 fulfills your dreams.

With love
You want the change, then learn the letting go
Letting go, peace and cleansing begin with acceptance

You want to change your life and your vision of things. 2019 is the year of communication, so develop a clear communication with yourself, with all your aspects, and with others.

Change begins with accepting your role as creator, the creator of your life and your environment. Great power comes through this acceptance and it becomes easier to let go of the past and present situations and clarify your consciousness.

When you accept all the history you have created and what is happening in front of you, you can be in the moment. If you saw yourself as a victim until now, you had a tendency to put the blame on others for what was happening to you and therefore, to be hooked on what they had to change to make it better in your life . Accept to see your life as a mirror of what is happening in you.

When you accept your creation, you can let go of the stories of the past, understand why you created that and learn, so you do not replay this scenario. You can look at everything that happened to you, without being to blame, ashamed or guilty, otherwise it would keep you in that victim role you want to let go. To grow and change, you need to open your eyes and see that in your consciousness and in your life.

To help you letting go, you can ask yourself how much time you spend in your heart chakra every day, and if you experience judging yourself again, judging others, come back to your heart space . As you spend more and more time in this place, more love comes out of your heart, you shine more towards others. It becomes easier every day to be aware of this, you spend less time in the elevator between your solar plexus chakra and your heart chakra, your priority is to experience the unconditional love and acceptance. Your look towards the outside becomes more compassionate, you let go more easily on your attachments. When you are unbalanced, when previously you were looking for outside love and the approval of others or you were closing off and becoming very critical and judgmental towards you and others, it becomes easier for you to change quickly and let go.

You understand that there is not only one reality, and that in your consciousness you can choose the place from which you see a situation. This gives you more understanding of situations and people, you have more pieces of the puzzle at your disposal and it helps you to let go more easily, to maintain the clarity inside you.

You feel more at peace, and you see that the outer peace is a reflection of your inner peace. You understand why there are difficult situations and you can now help others to return to their hearts, to accept others as they are, without feeling threatened. You understand that fear prevents letting go, you develop trust and you help others to do it for themselves. And when you are more in harmony, in peace, the world is more in harmony and more in peace and that's what everyone wants.

You are happy to have cleaned up your "house" and you realize by meditating, the „maintenance“ is easier, you clarify what could be again out of balance, you become clearer each day, in every way.

Saying goodbye - Affirming the new
Saying goodbye - Affirming the new
At the beginning of the year, we consciously experience a release and a new beginning. However, every day, we experience good-byes and a new beginning when we fall asleep or wake up, when we say goodbye to a friendship or a relationship and we start a new one, when someone dies or is born.

At the New Year, we are quite consciously experiencing a letting go and a new start.
As children, we experience dramatics good-byes and welcome what is new in a euphoric way. Letting go is still easy. Then we develop a personality and certain behaviors and beliefs. Letting go on this is sometimes difficult.
When we want to control ourselves and others, more than a situation will also be perceived as an ego death when we cling to things, ideas or people and we have to let them go. Good-byes have to do with letting go, with letting go of the familiar, but also with beliefs that did not work for us.
Life and death are an eternal cycle, how we feel it is different for everyone. Even in our body, every cell is renewed every 7 years. The only constant is perpetual transformation and change.

With the help of the Body-Mirror, I was able to free myself from symptoms, old beliefs that were blocking me and ideas that prevented me from experiencing my true, harmonious and prosperous being, I felt again this euphoric mood that I knew as a child, that every day conceal an adventure, that every moment is happily affirmed, while I found myself again in the role of the creator. To be the creator of my reality. I experienced healing as a rebirth.
I invite you to give up the old energies, to let go of the beliefs and the blocked behaviors and to catch new fresh energies, to accept motivating ideas and to say yes to new paths, perhaps also unknown.

Technology for Change

To bring about a change represents an evolution, because if you want to change something it is with the intention to go for better.

A change starts with a decision ... to change something. And when we are determined to change, then we still need to encourage that change.

The evolution of the changes and their implementation can be of progressive or radical natures depending on your affinities to perform them.

Martin shared a series of progressive solutions that can be applied to change.

1) Change the perception of the situation
One of the principles we explore in the Body-Mirror method is that our perceptions create our reality. When we change our perception of an event or of a person then we are going to be at the effect of this new perception and find ourselves in a new reality. If the new reality is more comfortable than the previous one then the change is an evolution, we are moving towards a better one.

2) Change the situation
If the first solution has not been successful or not yet successful, then you can implement this second solution, change something in the situation's components with which you feel unwell. Once the situation is adjusted by your change, observe whether it suits you or not. If not, then you can take the 3rd solution.

3) Leave the situation
When the two previous solutions have been explored and the change is not towards a better one, towards an evolution then it is sometimes time to go and explore how things would unfold elsewhere.

Remember, you are a creator with infinite potential, the possibilities are endless. Everything can change now.

Happy and fun entering 2019. May you fill your consciousness with peace, love and unity.
News Year's Resolution
A fresh new year - 2019 - is coming up. For many people around me it’s a tradition to make New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of a new year. Unfortunately there seem to have been a tendency to allow old habits to sneak in again, when all the requirements of daily life again knocked on the door. By the end of January most of the New Year’s Resolutions seem to have been forgotten…

But actually I like the idea of New Year’s Resolutions, the idea of setting goals for the year to come. This year I’ll take my time to go to my “cave” (a quiet corner of my apartment) for a day or two. I’ll have a look at my life from the outside (watching the film of my life ;) and see what changes have to be made for me to be happy and to stay on my personal and spiritual path. 

My mum passed over some months ago. For the time being we’re emptying her house. I might have the possibility to move into the house where I grew up, next to the forest. Decisions concerning that shall certainly be part of my New Year’s Resolutions.
I’ll use Martins “reminders” as guideline for the work with my Resolutions:
I love where I am, I love whom I’m with, I love what I’m doing

I’ve decided to write down my New Year’s Resolutions and place them where I see them every day. They can function as affirmations and they can be my checklist, showing me if I stay to my commitments.

Remember that we don’t have to do all the work on our own, we can get a healing from a healer friend or get support in a class to release old stuff and to open up new doors.


Much love 
Success story of the month

I came to improve in particular my vision to read but most of all my vision in general. I put into practice the recommended exercises and ...... just 15 days after the course, I can read without glasses even when the light is not bright. And most importantly, I work on screen without glasses. So we can say that I gave up the glasses definitely I do not need them anymore. I will continue the exercises because I want to see perfectly clear .... and they make me feel good.
I feel calmer, more relaxed and more centered. This course brought me a lot and all the the people I met there too. I see better and clearer in my everyday life, I definitely made the decision to work 90% to devote myself to an activity that interests me much more because I have clearly seen my place and also all the help I can give to those who need it.
So ..... persevere .... believe in yourself and know that you are not alone.
Thank you all
Classes in January
London February 16-17, 2019

Annick Brofman is coming back to London to teach a weekend course in the Body Mirror System of Healing February 16-17, 2019. 

The class starts both days at 9:30 AM and ends at 8:30 PM on 
Saturday and around 7:30 PM on Sunday. 

The class will be held at :
Violet Hill Studios
6 Violet Hill
London NW8 9EB
020 8458 5368
Violet Hill Studios, Centre for Healing Arts.
Classes in foreign languages


Brofman Foundation, 3, Place de la Riponne, Lausanne, CH-1005, Switzerland

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