Subject: Newsletter Brofman Foundation - January 2018 - A New Beginning

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January is the opportunity for a new start
New decisions
New projects
New determinations
So we invite you to transformation
Leave behind everything that does not make you happy
All that is not you
To welcome
Determination to be yourself
The full and free expression of yourself

Happy 2018
The Symptom of the month  : Influenza
The symptoms of seasonal flu include fever, cough, headache, aching muscles and tiredness. Fever and cough reflect anger, headache reflects crown chakra tension with the father or tensions with authority or a sense of isolation. Aching muscles reflect solar plexus chakra tensions and the person immobilizing themselves with a perceived lack of power (“I can’t…”). Tiredness can reflect solar plexus tensions and also root chakra tensions about money, home, or job.
The Process of Transformation
You want to start the year on a new foundation, change the movie, change your life?

1 / Decide what will be true this year, your new resolutions.
2 / Align your whole being with your decisions, align your thoughts, your beliefs, your words with your goals. Encourage the perception that you are on the way to achieving them. Notice everything that shows you the way and tells you your progress.
3 / When you have arrived, decide that it is your new reality, your new life.

What if all you have experienced so far was only the result of your beliefs, your perceptions?

Your perceptions, your beliefs, your words create your reality.
When you align them for the same purpose, your creative power is immense.

You can do everything.
It's up to you.
Nobody decides for you.
You can change everything, anything.
Your certainties create your reality.
You create what you expect.

For example, you may decide that from now on you will be yourself, get back to yourself, and no longer allow fear nor judgment of others decide of your actions.
Most people define themselves based on their past experiences and who they believe they are.

If you experience fear and become suspicious, you will attract situations to be suspicious of or you will project distrustfulness on everything. When you experience something, you tend to decide that it will be true for the rest of your life. You affirm your truth and love to be right even if you are unhappy, at least you are right. When the filter through which you look at the world is coloured by fear, you only let in perceptions that confirm the fear and reinforce it or else all the information you see is coloured by fear and interpreted with fear. You only assume that others have bad intentions. You become fearful. It's not you, it's a way of being that you have adopted and to which you have identified yourself.

When you are angry with someone, but you are afraid to express it, you suppress it, you keep it inside, you hide it from others and from yourself and you pretend that everything is fine.
But the anger does not disappear. When you are angry with your child and express it, it may take some time before you return to your center, your quiet and loving space, but you do. You can do it with others too.

When you do not express anger, it's because you believe that if you do, something bad will happen. They will not love me anymore. They will find me boring. They will leave me etc. It's only a belief, and you can change it by deciding that every time you express what is true for you, something wonderful happens - we understand each other better, misunderstandings are resolved, love grows.
When you do not feel or express anger and pretend that everything is fine, it keeps running inside and you move away from your center, you create ditches, you become irritable, hedgehog, reacting aggressively for no reason, angry at everything - under an extremely kind face, shy. But that's not who you are, it's a way of being that you adopted by hiding yourself and to which you had identify.

If you want to regain confidence, come back to yourself and experience a world you can trust, you must be determined to remove the distorting colour through which you have watched the world so far in order to see trust, to trust, to let in trustful people. You must change your beliefs, and be determined to no longer be sensitive to others opinion and to own your power.

With all change as with positive thinking, you do not need to eliminate the negative, to fight against what you do not want anymore, you only need to reinforce the positive, what you want, when “this” or “that” is more and more true for you, by definition, its opposite is less and less true.
With your new determination, the more you decide that being yourself is easy and normal, the more it becomes and the more it is, until it's so normal that you forget it may have been otherwise. Then, you arrived to destination. You are back home to your true self.
When you look back, you see how you were the author of your own trap.

You can trust.
There is absolutely no judge other than yourself.
When you are yourself and you live your truth, when you express what is true for you, then everything is simple and easy and harmonious.
When you love yourself, you see love everywhere and you allow yourself to be happy.

From now on you deeply love yourself.

With love
From a nearsighted bubble to a clear bubble
I have experienced many of those changes of reality that we talk about during the workshops, even before knowing the Body-Mirror and without understanding their deep meaning at that time.

The change from the nearsighted bubble to the one of clear vision was the change of reality that manifested for my physical body. It happened during my first seminar, an intensive with Martin. As I remained seated in my chair during the evening disco, my eyesight, which had cleared up during the day, came back to blurriness as my mind started playing tricks on me again, holding me in a space where I did not want to be any longer, and when I fed again this fear about showing myself, I fell back into those traps that I wanted to leave. I had to admit that I was not serious about my goal, which was to see clearly, and if I wanted to manifest a clear eyesight, I had to start moving towards that expression of my being I had suppressed previously, realizing that fear should not be a glue that freeze me in a nearsighted scenario, but that I could use this energy to take me to clarity. When I did that and jumped on the dance floor, I knew that I had been beyond the limits I had perceived and although my mind continued for a while wanting to take me back to the old movie, soon it stopped to control my body moves and my Spirit began dancing my body and I felt a rise of energy in my consciousness and the clear eyesight really began to settle.

When you have a goal, ask yourself if you are encouraging or discouraging yourself through your perceptions, your thoughts, your words and your actions. What is your motivation force? Meditate on your bubble and the ones of others and you will understand everything about everything, that's what I learned from Martin.
Time of Change
The change from one reality to another, from one bubble to another, through the change of a social order, I experienced very consciously the following one :

I was born and grew up in eastern Germany until the fall of the Berlin Wall.
If we describe the transition from a socialist society to a capitalist society, it is a change at every level of our being and it is very interesting to explain it through the language of the chakras:

- The change in the root chakra:
Money has been devalued and a new currency has arrived.
Home: common property has been removed and return of private property. Rents that were constant began to increase.
Work: I was working at the theater and the contract was canceled. New retirement and life insurance contracts.

- The change in the orange chakra:
Emotion: joy and emotional release.
Food: I discovered completely new foods. I ate the first avocados, kiwis, etc ..., and they were delicious like nothing in the world. It was like a dream in which one wakes up.

- The change in the solar plexus chakra:
Freedom to be oneself. Freedom to speak and freedom of the press. Change in the mind since justice and all social rights and duties have been changed.
Power: The police was very relaxed because they only had ethical laws at the time of the change. New laws were established later.
Intellectual level: new ideas, thoughts and concepts of life were created, new social models were discussed.

- The change in the heart chakra:
Relationships: reunification of families, new friends, reunion of old friends gone to the West.
Acceptance: a great acceptance and letting go of old ideas was normality.
Unconditional love: huge opening in the heart, individually but also in the whole world, like a wave going through.

- The change in the throat chakra:
Free expression and artistic freedom. A very creative and innovative phase.
For ex: I co-founded the "Raskolnikow Artists House" in Dresden, and organized international exhibitions.
Abundance came from all sides, without knowing the theory, it was a flood of very intuitive manifestation

- The change in the brow chakra:
Visions and images changed at the level of the Spirit, new wishes, travels, discovery of other cultures.
It was like a dream comes true and you wake up in a dream that at first seemed very unreal and became the new "normal" only after a certain time.

- The change in the crown chakra:
Authority: liberation in deep levels, peaceful revolution, we were very conscious right at that time to be the creators of the reality in which we entered.
Unity: feeling of unity with everyone,
Direction: we have created a completely new direction in life and the dream in the deepest part has been realized.

When I met the Body-Mirror System, I had the familiar feeling of coming home.
I trusted ideas and philosophies and really lived them.
Change of consciousness for healing
In my childhood, I was extremely allergic to dust mites. Mowing a lawn, sweeping dust or sleeping in a place with dust mites was very complicated for me. For about ten years, I had a medical treatment for desensitization which consisted in very frequent shots then less frequent. I was feeling a little bit better but not totally healed.
When I came back from my first seminar with Martin Brofman, I realized, among other things, that I could stay in the garden, even when the neighbors mowed his lawn. I did not understand immediately what had happened but I could comfortably garden again along with other activities.
Later, I was able to understand the changes I had made regarding root chakra and heart chakra issues (see chakra map). I had changed things inside about trust and love and I could see that the effect of these changes was the healing of this allergy.


Event : Open Healing day 17 December in Paris

A New Year is coming to an end. By hiding the sun, winter stops our usual race against the clock. It invites everyone to rest; it's time for evaluation. What have we accomplished from our past resolutions? What victories did we win? What could we have offered better to our loved ones? To ourselves? It's also a good time to relax with the people we love. The magic of the holidays inspires us and makes us free to dream of better tomorrow. What changes will you dare to imagine? What new creations will you choose to live?

Healing is receiving the present, offering love and celebrating harmony to build a better future. Since August 15th, I have been working in Paris as the organizer for the Body-Mirror System courses and follow-up groups every month. I wanted to express my gratitude for your support and your presence when I organized an Open Healing Day. Each in your own way got involved for healing to grow in you and spread in the world. I thought it was important to celebrate this among us and also share it with new people. We were lucky to find opened doors at the "Mirrors of the Soul", a very nice room near the Sacré Coeur in Paris, France. We had the pleasure of being eight healers on Sunday, December 17, and we have healed more than twenty people. We have shared this experience with love and got the opportunity to fill up with great energies and to deeply root ourselves to prepare the coming seasons. We hope that more and more of you will see all your troubles fly away and your dreams come true.

Tania, organizer in Paris.
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