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Unity within the Brofman Foundation
February 2020

This month,
We have decided to answer
these frequently asked questions
by participants in our courses
or on our website.

What is the role of the Brofman Foundation?
Who is a member?
How does it work?

We wanted to talk about ourselves,
not the individuals,
the family.

The Master Mind Principle
As an individual on the path of clarity, you look inside yourself and clarify every part of your consciousness, becoming clearer and clearer. Clarity is freedom and being real, as Martin told me. And as an individual, you begin to experience more and more a sense of unity, vertical from the bottom to the deepest part of who you are and horizontal between your emotions and your will being able to work together. 

The next step is to begin to experience this sense of unity with one or more other beings. In a relationship, in a friendship, in a company, etc.

You become aware of the necessity to work together, consciously, aligned towards the same goal.

Napoleon Hill defines the principle (The laws of success) as, "Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose."

It means surrounding yourself with people sharing your vision, because when you are aligned with other consciousness, you are creating a master mind, more powerful than just one. But it’s important for each consciousness to hold on the same picture of the goal they want to achieve, otherwise the master mind will disappear.

The Master Mind has two characteristics. One is economic and the other is psychic.

For the economic aspect: If you listen to the advice of other people, who want to help you, you will be at an economic advantage. "This form of cooperative alliance has been the basis of nearly every great fortune," Hill writes. "Your understanding of this great truth may definitely determine your financial status."

The psychic part is as important as the other: "No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind," explains Hill.

One important thing to maintain this Master Mind is about holding the same picture in every consciousness of a team. As soon as there is a consciousness holding another picture, the Master Mind disappears. So, it means clear communication is important, it maintains clarity and a flowing energy towards the same goal.

It’s the Principle we work within the Brofman Foundation.

Next Classes

LONDON - 21/22 March -Body Mirror System Weekend class with Annick Brofman
The Brofman Foundation
We are often asked the question about what is the role of the Brofman Foundation, who is a member, how does it work?

So we wanted to answer these questions.

Martin Brofman created his methods "A Vision Workshop" and "The Body-Mirror System" in the late 1970´s and early 1980´s.

When he started teaching in Europe, his classes were so successful that many people started asking Martin to train them to teach his methods. We have been up to 24 instructors.

It quickly became apparent that there needed to be a structure to coordinate all instructors and courses taught around the world. This is how our first institute was born, “I.B.M.I.”, "International Body Mirror Institute", whose head office was located in Luxembourg, where the instructor who managed the administration lived. When she ceased this administration, the institute moved to Belgium and was called "W.I.T.H.” the “World Institute for Technologies for Healing. "
When the instructor in charge of administration in Belgium stopped teaching, Martin and me lived in Denmark. We were wondering where to plant the roots of the institute.
At the time, we were considering the possibility of moving to the United States sooner or later and we had created a Family Foundation in the USA - the Brofman Foundation.
When the idea of going to the U.S. disappeared, we looked: where in Europe did we want to establish the institute.

Martin chose Switzerland, because at the time, it was there that his classes were most successful and it was at Champex that his favorite place in the world was to teach his courses (at the hotel Sunways - this is where his ashes rest in the garden)

Until then, Martin had always wanted to promote his methods and not his name, however, making the institute a Brofman Foundation has proven self-evident.

Besides, Martin had just been the father of a little boy who would perpetuate the name Brofman alone - it also played a role in the choice of the name.

The Brofman Foundation therefore has its roots in Lausanne.
Its purpose is to promote healing in the world, the promotion of Martin's methods and methods that we love and that we know are effective and healthy like the Silva Method by José Silva and the work of Roop Verma, extraordinary Master of Nada Yoga.

Since Martin’s departure, I’m the president, Philippe Hannetelle is the treasurer, and our friend Christophe Steiger, the secretary.
Only the instructors of our methods and Christophe are members. Our students are not members.

The Foundation works with the royalties paid by each instructor, that is to say 10% of the income from each course. With this the Foundation pays for the maintenance of the website, the accountant, telephone, publicity etc. , all the costs of running a foundation.

We work with this desire for a deep sense of unity. We are a real family, most of us started teaching at the same time almost 30 years ago.

We all have this deep love and respect for Martin and continue his work with gratitude and fidelity to the quality of his love and devotion to demystify and promote healing in the world.

This is also the reason why we like to surround ourselves with organizers or collaborators who have the same sense of unity and alignment that Philippe describes so well in his article about the Master Mind.

With love
The symptom of the month : Coronavirus by Philippe Hannetelle
The symptom that just appeared, known as coronavirus, starts with fever and cough, also an irritated throat. 
The fever reflects anger, a solar plexus chakra energy and when someone coughs, it pushes the air away, the air is the element associated with the heart chakra. A person's relationship with air is a mirror of their relationship with love, so the person is pushing love away, feeling angry at someone close. The irritated throat also represents unexpressed anger, feeling irritated about something. 
The following effects can be pneumonia, bronchitis which also reflect tension in the heart chakra and anger with a close person. Headaches can also occur, which generaly represent tensions in the crown chakra and therefore with the father/authority or a sense of separation with someone close.
If we look at the result, there is a quarantine, a sense of isolation that manifests itself in the group consciousness. Strong tensions in individual consciousness that immobilize them in a situation where they are not happy and prevent them from travelling for Chinese New Year. 
We can look at the place the virus began to spread in Wuhan, but also what’s happening in China. People there generally don’t think individually, they are educated in a different way, there is a strong group consciousness and it looks like the group consciousness experiences a sense of separation. 
This also affects the group consciousness of the planet, where states must take protective measures to prevent the virus from spreading. And there is tension in the root chakra - insecurity/fear - where people go raid pharmacies to buy face masks.
We need to look at this creation and it shows us again the need to change the way we relate, first of all to ourselves and to the people close to our hearts, to feel love, acceptance and compassion and to extend this to all living beings. The only solution is unconditional love and a sense of unity with the living. 
May the human being understand the messages that their experience and their body give them and change their behavior. 

The message in this Foundation newsletter takes more importance than ever. Work on yourself. Find your unity and feel the love. Be kind.
Next classes
COIMBRA, Portugal - 25-26 April - Body Mirror System Class with Anne-Birte Christensen
ÓBIDOS, Portugal - 6 to 10 May - Healing Intensive Level 2 with Annick Brofman
 ERETRIA, Greece - 13/17 May - Level 1 Healing Intensive - Philippe Hannetelle -

LONDON - 16/17 May - Vision Workshop with Annick Brofman -

RUFFIEU (01-French Alps) - 5/9 August - Level 1 healing intensive with Philippe Hannetelle -

TRIMURTI (83-French Riviera) - 12/16 August - Healing intensive level 2 with Annick Brofman and Philippe Hannetelle -

MONTPELLIER, France - 21/25 October - Level 1 healing intensive with Philippe Hannetelle -

All places, all dates  on
Shared activities within the Brofman Foundation.
The "Rendez-Vous de la Conscience" in Paris announces the launch of the Brofman Foundation's shared activities for the year 2020.

This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce ourselves together as instructors of the Body Mirror System and the Vision Workshop workshops on behalf of the Brofman Foundation.

On the stand we will be giving healings. Healing through chakras harmonization, white light and thought forms and we explain the techniques and present the healing technique in its dynamics of body and mind with its depth and complexity.

We were present in January 2019 with a stand at the "Salon des Thérapies" in Paris with Annick Brofman, Philippe Hannetelle, Jérôme Gadeyne and myself.
I remember the depth of each healing. Although the visitors of the Salon observed from a distance of one meter and noises and announcements resounded in the hall, it was a good exercise to be connected in empathy with the person and at the same time to immerse deeply in a healing bubble in a focused way. It was good that the person to be healed also experienced this depth.

I remember a healing with a married couple. I gave both of them a healing and they experienced deep conflicts about their common plans, a shared company, their plans for the future and fears about the house they were living in. She had severe pain in her legs, which almost completely disappeared after the healing. He had problems with one arm that he could barely move. After the healing session, he had recovered the freedom of movement in his arm. She felt lonely and isolated. They lacked a common vision, a connection and a clear mastermind in their relationship.
I gave a feedback after each healing to each of them individually and it turned out that the communication on his side, which he wanted, had not taken place. She had completely different plans, fears for the future and wanted to keep the business together, but that was not what he wanted. So I communicated with both of them, so that they could find a solution and also see the consequences, how they had created the symptoms in relation to what was going on in their consciousness. I showed them how they were talking to themselves and their partner in a negative and confrontational way. It was about finding solution-oriented communication. They were both very happy with the outcome of the healing and understanding of the root causes and felt connected, just like on their wedding day, they told me.

We would be happy to welcome you in Paris for the "Rendez-Vous de la Conscience" on our stand.

Success story and testimony of the month
1 / I feel much more love from other beings:
I find myself every day in front of strangers who smile at me or greet me. And I hear more and more positive messages.
When others express an opinion about me or something else, I feel more and more detached and without the need to justify myself or argue.
I feel at peace.
And when something contrary to this state of peace arises (a thought or an emotion, or a physical sensation) I see it, I "look" at it, and say: this does not belong in my new reality.
I act with acceptance and welcome.
I let go of the concept of being right or wrong. And this is really relaxing.
2 / healings:
For me, a lot of physical improvements. More confidence in Life.
One of my nieces, whom I love, with whom I have been close, and then “lost sight of” for years, kindly re-contacted me recently, after attending the course. Family healing ...
My neighbor’s cat , who was sick has recovered its vitality and its zest for life after I gave him a healing.
I recently saw three people I healed, and I see the effects of these healings and the gratitude of those people ...
I love the love that flows during healing. And much more.
3 / Expression of my being:
When I got back from the class, nice meetings and lots of help to make music.
Playing or singing is easier because I am more attentive, more patient with me, and when there is an error, I no longer hold on to it and less pressure, therefore less stress.
4 / I realize that I have to use the tools learnt in the class as much as possible: I work on it, and I practice meditation, visualization, self-healing, or I relax a lot more than before. and above all I do this easily, depending on the mood of the day or the moment ...
Thank you to all of you. And to me. and thanks to that kind guidance in me, the inner "tower" and the inner walky talky, that I listen to more now.

A.M.J.H. France
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Dresden - 28/29 März - Heilseminar „Das Körper-Spiegel-System - Viola Schöpe -
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Berlin - 25/26 Avril - Atelier Vue - Philippe Hannetelle -
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