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February 2019
This month after  a little hibernation,
we invite you to open your eyes,
to hit the road on the driver seat,
taking responsibility for what you are creating.
All the choices that you make, that you made,
all the choices you left to be made for you,
have brought you to this present moment,
just right now reading these words.
You want to change course ?
Get on the driver seat
or change the way you drive.
Our courses in heavenly places

Conjugation between healing and a heavenly context

An overview of Philippe Hannetelle's course in Guadeloupe last month.
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Vision improvement workshop May 25-26
Healing class Body-Mirror System June 1-2
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New places for 2019
A magic place
« Le hameau de l’étoile » (Hamlet of the star). A Level 1 residential Intensive course will be held from 2 to 6 October
The course there are residential and we advise you to book your room in advance to get the best choice. Contact Magali ( - +33 (0)7 81 64 39 96) for more information.
The Symptom of the month  :  Heartburn

Heartburn is a painful burning feeling in the chest or throat. It happens when stomach acid backs up into the esophagus, the tube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach. It points to solar plexus tensions affecting the heart chakra – control issues or anger in the area of relationships. Sensations in the throat point to unexpressed anger.

Responsible for oneself and others
I once had a healing session with a man in a high position, who had many responsibilities and employees. He was very charismatic and took his leadership very seriously and follow that for years conscientiously. However, it had loaded himself with so much responsibility in different areas, that his body responded to it with an eye problem and burnout symptom. He knew that he could not continue in such a way and asked me for a healing. 

I asked him what he really enjoyed and in which areas he really enjoys the leadership role. It was also about delegating responsibility, developing trust in the work of others, and letting go of control. He had become so indifferent that he believed it could not work without him. He liked to play drums, but had chosen the business profession based on the expectations of his parents. He had reached an age when it came to think of successors and to create more freedom. It was really about taking responsibility for his life and for what was happening in his body. To take responsibility for others, one needs to be fully aware of one's own responsibility. When he accepted that as a creator, he truly had to be aware of his responsibilities and be the first to care for himself, solutions were found in his job.

He had more time for his music band to be more balanced, by living out his creativity.

He was more relaxed and effective in his leadership role. The symptoms disappeared in unison with the changes in his life.
The power of responsibility
We make a clear distinction between responsibility and guilt.

For example, when you say "You made me angry," you give to the other person your power to make you angry. The responsibility is outside.
The creative words that can be used to take responsibility for this emotion would be: "I decided to feel anger about what happened"
As a result, you become responsible for your emotion. And when you are responsible for something, you can change it if necessary.

We prefer to take full responsibility for what is manifested in our bodies and in physical reality while first looking at what is happening in our consciousness.

By taking this individual responsibility and adjusting things in ourselves, we can become the main actor of our happiness. Our power is there too, and we can participate in collective happiness.

The collective human consciousness involved in earthly experience is composed of all individual consciousnesses. When we make changes in our own consciousness this can have an effect on the collective consciousness.

We can take individual responsibility, to experience healthy relationships, with love, using direct and clear communication. Then understanding settles and we feed the collective consciousness with that.
As we become more and more actors of our own happiness, soon a threshold can be crossed in the collective consciousness and the manifestation will be visible even in the physical world.

You can become totally responsible to change things in you and get better and better, the general human body will benefit.

Be at peace, communicate peace, with love and unity, and remain confident that the result will become more and more visible in the physical world.
Take responsability for realizing your dreams

Marie-Lili went to bed. She fell asleep slowly, lulled by the universe and its light atoms. She dreamed of a small block of ice.

There was a small block of ice among the other ice blocks in the eternal glaciers of the Alps. The little block of ice dreamed of serving something big, he knew he could do something other than hang on to the glacier. He told about his dream to the other blocks of ice but they silenced him, told him that his destiny was a fate of ice block and that his place was to hang on the glacier. Others reproached him for making them dream too. But the little block of ice had faith. He knew that one day he would do something great. He was proud to think differently than his friends.

One morning, the earth stretching a little more than usual, the glacier crackled and the little block of ice came off. He rolled, and rolled, and rolled down the mountain. He was so robust that his passage had dug a furrow into the ground. He was stopped by a rock. The sun began to melt him gently with its hot rays and created a torrent snaking through the rocks. Thus the source of a small village began to revive.

The inhabitants of the village believed in a miracle, it was such a long time the source had not sunk. Generations had prayed for it to lcome back to life. The flowing water told to each villager, "Drink me. Drink Me. And they drank with good heart.

The other ice blocks left on the glacier seeing this, rejoiced and believed. Then, whenever the torrent would ran out of water, the Earth would stretch out, a small block of ice would come off the glacier and the furrow dug by the first small block of ice would feed the spring.

"Drink me, drink me," said the dream to Marie-Lili. "

Marie-Lili du Paradis copyright© Annick Brofman 1999
Take on responsibility as creator
We are in a turning point in the history of humanity. Many people are finally becoming aware of their role in the pollution of the environment, in the relationship with all living beings. It's a beginning in accepting the role of creator, going out of the role of victim. There are no victims, only creators who experience the effect of what they send with their own consciousness.

When we talk about taking responsibility for ourselves, it's a matter of knowing that everything happening in your life and everything happening in your body is the result of what you have been doing in your consciousness, and taking full responsibility for that, for what you have chosen to think or feel in response to what has been happening around you. When you do that, you also let go of feeling emotionally responsible for what others choose to think or feel as in response to you exercising your freedom to be who you are. You own your freedom, and at the same time recognize the freedom of others. You also own your power to decide what happens for you in your life, without the guilt that may come from feeling how others might respond to how you choose to live your life.

In the Tibetan traditions, it is said that because of who you are, and who you always have been, and who you always will be, there is never ever any need to apologize or excuse yourself for your actions. You are guilded by Spirit and doing the right thing according to the principles you live by. Guilt is a view from the outside as seen by someone measuring you by their standards, but you do not live by their standards - and in order for guilt to work on you, you have to accept it from the inside, and you can choose instead to not do that. You develop certainty in the decisions you make, and in your right to make those decisions.

It is a responsibility we have chosen, although most have forgotten this choice as they open their eyes in this world. So there is the recognition first that I am a creator, at every moment, the acceptance of this role, the intention to change and then the action. Action for change must be respectful of the other, without aggression. Everyone can observe the anger, the hate, the rage, the grievances, the aggression that fills him and decide to heal that. Rather than building walls, build bridges between us.

The inner change is the only one that allows healing. Peace is only possible with beings filled with peace. Communication is freedom and being real. We are on the path of clarity, it only happens with beings fully aware of their responsibility as creators and an attitude of respect and a sense of equality for all others.

As change happens, we may be afraid and withdraw onto ourselves, to be hooked to what we know, to a past that we idealize. The only constant in the Universe is change. Take responsibility and decide that your perceptions, your thoughts, and your actions bring harmony back to where it is not, so that this world is more balanced for those who will stay when you decide to leave. Create unity and not separation, it is this power that is in your hands. Be responsible.

Success story

The two days spent with you in an atmosphere of benevolence and sharing has done me a lot of good. I also gave up the reflex to wear my glasses systematically. I am often without them. I even took the public transport and did my shopping without glasses (unthinkable before). I also get better at relaxing and integrating relaxation into my daily life.
C.M. France

Video of Martin Brofman : The power to decide your own life
Classes in February
London February 16-17, 2019

Annick Brofman is coming back to London to teach a weekend course in the Body Mirror System of Healing February 16-17, 2019. 

The class starts both days at 9:30 AM and ends at 8:30 PM on 
Saturday and around 7:30 PM on Sunday. 

The class will be held at :
Violet Hill Studios
6 Violet Hill
London NW8 9EB
020 8458 5368
Violet Hill Studios, Centre for Healing Arts.
Next classes
Annick Brofman is coming back to London to teach a weekend course in Vision Improvement 6-7 April, 2019. 
The class starts both days at 9:30 AM and ends at 7:30 PM 

The class will be held at :
Violet Hill Studios
6 Violet Hill
London NW8 9EB
020 8458 5368
Violet Hill Studios, Centre for Healing Arts.
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