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This month is meant for
determination and

Where are you with your decisions for this year?

In order to help you
This month we invite you to choose your words

The words that you use to describe your experiences create your reality

Change your life thanks to new words

Positive Thinking
It's imperative that you maintain a positive attitude during the process of change. Positive thoughts are success-oriented. Look for and find a way to change any non-success-oriented thought to one that gives you reasons to believe in the success of what you are doing. Eliminate the word "can't"

from your vocabulary. When you use the word, you are, at some level, saying that there is something that you're not able to do. It denies the truth that we are each unlimited Beings, and able to do anything we decide we really want to.

If you can imagine it, you can do it!

Any time you find yourself using the word "can't," change what you are saying so that you are still expressing what's true for you, yet in a different way. Your thinking will become more precise, and more positive.

"I can't stand that" becomes "I feel resistance to that."
"I can't do it" becomes "I haven't yet learned how."
"I can't see that" becomes "I don't see that," or "I don't yet see that clearly."
"I can't handle that" becomes "That's been difficult for me until now."
"I can't remember" becomes "I don't recall right now, but it will come in a moment."
"I can't understand" becomes "I don't understand."

Do the same for non-success-oriented words and phrases:

" It doesn't work" becomes "It hasn't yet worked."
" It isn't working" becomes "I haven't yet seen results."
"I don't know how" becomes "I haven't yet learned how."
"It's terrible" becomes "It's got to get better now (and notice something positive about '' It')".
"It's a failure" becomes "Success has been temporarily delayed, and anyway, I learned something."

Build a pattern of success. Start small, if you must, and be successful at it. Reward your successes with congratulations. Reward only your successes.

Pleasure is positive, too. Pleasure yourself. Give yourself pleasure. Walk on the sunny side of the street. Enjoy the scent of a flower. Enjoy its beauty. Enjoy what you do see. Enjoy the colors and the forms if you do not yet see the details. As you build more and more positive habits, you will see more and more benefits and advantages, and the process will accelerate.

“Improve your vision” Martin Brofman Publisher Findhorn Press
The Symptom of the month  : Allergies
Allergies are sensitivities to normally harmless substances – and it is the effect of the allergy, the part of the body or function affected, that shows which chakra is involved, and which particular sensitivity in the consciousness is being triggered.

If the nose is affected, the sensitivity is in the root chakra, and therefore insecurity in the person’s consciousness, and tension in the parts of the consciousness associated with the root chakra – money, home, job, and the person’s sense of connection with their mother.

Allergies to wheat products and milk products point specifically to tensions with the mother, regardless of the physical affects of those particular substances, though the effects can also point to specific tensions with the mother.

If the elimination system is affected, for example diarrhea or constipation, root chakra tensions are involved – insecurity, tensions about money, home, job, mother.

If symptoms of the allergies are experienced as tensions in the solar plexus, the person can look at anger or issues concerning power, control, or freedom. Skin issues also point to solar plexus tensions, though here it is important to look at the part of the body affected by the skin issues. The face, for example, could point to sensitivities about the person’s image, how they feel they look to others, or in the case of acne as a perceived allergy, keeping potential partners at a distance because of sensitivities about freedom or being themselves in personal or sexual relationships.

Allergies that affect breathing point to sensitivities in the area of the heart chakra and perceptions of love, while those that affect the throat would point to sensitivities concerning communication or expressing one’s self.

Headaches point to crown chakra issues reflecting tensions with father / authority, and/or a sense of isolation or separation from someone.

Change your words to change your world
When people get used to stress, they do not realize that they are contracted, their muscles tense, they identify with this way of being and say, "Oh I am like this or like that "
The only time these people let go of this tense way of being is when they go to bed or when they are exhausted. Thus, when they do meditation or relaxation, they initially tend to describe the relaxation as fatigue.
After a meditation they say, "I'm tired" and I advise them to use the word "relaxed" to describe their experience, the physical sensation that they feel instead. By changing a word, they change the whole experience and get used to functioning normally from a quieter space. They learn to perceive meditation and rest as a positive activity.

Every day, all day, you have all these thoughts in your head and when you choose certain words rather than others, you energize those thoughts and these words create your reality. What becomes important for your evolution or healing are the words you use to describe yourself, because like most people, you may have no idea who you are. You identify with past experiences, programs such as "Every time I do this, this happens" You take past experiences and project them in the future, you expect "this to happen", you encourage it internally - you love to be right even if what you create is not pleasant - at least you are right.

Look at the words you use to describe yourself and what they create - it becomes very practical. Is it something you want to bring in the future, that you want to be true for the new year, or do you want to leave it behind? If you want to leave it behind, you can do it with your words too, saying, "Up until now, I've been like this, and from now on let's see what happens in the present moment.” This way, you no longer project the past into the future, but you have the good will to see what your experience is in the present moment rather than an idea of yourself. You may be surprised at the new reality that is emerging.

The words you use to describe your experiences create your reality, you're always right - for another reality change your words, you'll always be right.

With love

Be vigilant with your words

On the path of clarity, for each of us, we need to pay attention to the words we use to talk about ourselves, the others, and the events in our life and those happening in the world.
And as healing needs a process of transformation to take place, one part of the transformation process is about paying attention to what comes out of your mouth.
There is one thing, besides the courage and the willingness you need to change something, that is from first importance: vigilance about your words. A lot of people talk before knowing if the words they pronounce are right or not, a kind of verbal diarrhea. Many need a mental diet. And it requires vigilance about what you say.
If you listen carefully to your words, after a while, the selective process becomes automatic and you notice you have stopped to use certains words and you choose immediately the right one.
Think at how many times per day you repeat " I can't".
"I can't see, I can't walk, I can't face this situation".
Each time you say that, you are denying the fact you are unlimited beings. You should use different words to describe the situation. For ex, instead of saying " I can't see without my glasses", say " I see clearly a blurry picture". You will feel different inside and you wait for this blurry picture to become clearer and clearer.
When you talk, don't put your own limitations on others. Help them to live from a higher level in their consciousness, and it will help you. You will feel happier.
We have always choices. We are what we think and what we talk. All that we are arises with our thoughts and words is creating the world.
Speak with out of balance words and trouble is on its way
Speak with right words and happiness will follow you.
In this world, words of hate never yet dispelled hate.
Only love dispels hate.
Enlightened beings are repeating that since eons. If we consider them enlightened, maybe we can listen to them!
Your words are seeds that do more than blow around. They land in our hearts and not the ground. Be careful what you plant and careful what you say. You might have to eat what you planted one day.
Your words have power. Speak words that are kind, loving, positive, uplifting, encouraging, and life-giving.
If we understood the awesome power of our words, we would prefer silence to almost anything negative. With our words, we create our own weaknesses and our own strengths.We can always replace negative with positive.
Don't mix bad words with your bad mood. You'll have many opportunities to change a mood, but you'll never get the opportunity to replace the words you spoke.
Rumi said “Raise your word, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” 

The words you use
The words you use to describe your experience create your reality. I've been looking at it for years, and as Martin always said, it´s better to describe yourself as a non-smoker who smoked occasionally rather than a smoker who tries to quit." I smoked with pleasure and it was like an Indian ritual, a peace pipe with friends after work or a well-deserved break or in a beautiful place in nature, by the fire or with a glass of wine. I have never had the program "Smoking puts your health at risk."
For me it was white light or it stimulated my happiness hormones, or just pure relaxation. I met people who looked at me suspiciously, because as an instructor and healer, I smoked. There was quick judgment and preconceived ideas. I did not let myself be disturbed and I smoked happily when I wanted to, and sometimes I did not smoke for weeks or months if I did not want to.
So I was showered with compliments by those who had looked at me suspiciously. "Great, you quit smoking." I answered spontaneously, "I have no idea, I don´t know, maybe I feel an urge in a moment, or maybe never again . I will see. When I started again, some came with well-meaning reproach: "Oh what a pity, you started smoking again."
I knew very well that I was not addicted and it is very important to not be addicted upon nothing and nobody. I felt free. You can be addicted to alcohol or you can cling to a relationship, like a drug. One can also be addicted to not smoking or not drinking or being a workaholic and this is accepted by society. When I was still smoking, I had a beautiful wooden box, made by a friend, on which it was written that smoking makes you happy. It was the best program for me. People who came to me to heal lung cancer had never smoked and did not live with smokers.
My grandfather has lived very old. So for me, something was wrong with the program, which was on the cigarette pack. In Germany, it´s written: "Smoking can be deadly". In other languages, it is more extreme, as in Spain or France, it is written: "Smoking kills". What a program, if we accept it and continue to smoke! It makes no sense if the words we use to describe our experiences create our reality. Do I want to create this reality? No. My grandfather had smoked passionately, he did not have the negative program that it could be harmful, because it was not on his cigarette pack. Now I have not smoked since six years and I am just myself and I feel good about it.

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