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Spending the holidays with acceptance

December 2019

December is a good time
for remembering
Acceptance and unconditional love.
Let’s create a shared space,
A huge heart chakra,
where everybody can be
happy and peaceful
whatever their story.
Merry Christmas,
Merry life,
Merry moment
to you all,
and much love for those of you who suffer.
Spending the Holidays with unconditional love
Rites, traditions, ceremonies have been part of humanity since time immemorial. Some traditions are appreciated by all, others controversial.

In these times of Christmas, some rejoice, others dread or criticize.

From the point of view of the great orchestration that we are as a family and humanity - we are all concerned with over-consumption and waste. Everything about the well-being of the planet concerns us all.

That is why many people are working to inform and educate the population about the risks to the planet and humanity. Connecting to each other as co-creators of what is happening on the planet is the view from the brow chakra. Becoming conscious and effective co-creators is essential.

Apart from this issue, everyone needs to respect each other's values and beliefs.

For some, Christmas is the celebration of the heart chakra.

If it is a religious holiday, it takes a magical moment with faith - mutual aid, midnight mass etc.

For others, Christmas is a family celebration, the opportunity to meet again, to afford little follies, to eat things that we do not eat every day.

For some, the family is a nightmare, for others a source of love.

Some see Santa as an odious lie to children, others as a wonderful childhood moment and wonderful expression of love from the parents.

For some it is a day like any other, or a sad day - because they are alone or in mourning or sick or angry.

For some it is an opportunity to fight against the consumer society.

For others Christmas is the best day of the year, the best meal, the best company, the wonderful gifts at the foot of the tree, the pretty golden plates and decorations all over the house, the smell of bark of orange drying on the radiators, the cousins who run everywhere in the house - the table that is pushed to the side after the meal - the music on which big and small dance until the evening.

Everyone has their own story, their own values, their own beliefs - none is universal.

Those who are happy may have a thought for those who are not.
Those who are unhappy can rejoice that others are happy.
Those who are angry can express their ideas while respecting the immense joy of others.

Christmas is the perfect time to remember what is essential : Let's love one another.

With love

Classes in December

The symptom of the month: Bi polar disorder

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive disorder, is a state in which the person varies between manic periods when there are elevated energy levels and mood, and depressive episodes. This is related to the solar plexus chakra, and issues of power (“I can”). 
The person is facing a situation in which they are unhappy but feeling powerless to change, and thus depressed about that. They spend time re-affirming their power during the manic periods until they again face the situation in which they feel powerless to control, and then they return to the depressed state.
The situation is often an unhappy love story that the individual has not accepted as it is.

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YENNE (French Alps) - 25/29 March - Intensive Level 1 with Annick Brofman

LONDON - 16/17 May - Vision Workshop with Annick Brofman

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Recognition of acceptance

Accepting what happens to the animals, plant kingdoms and mineral reign and also accepting what happens to us, humans, is not always so easy.

Here are some examples that can illustrate this point, imagine accepting it completely:
The ways of producing food for living beings - the use of the Earth's resources - the way different societies consume - freedom - ways of thinking - beliefs - different ways of communicating - educational systems - spirituality and rituals involved - laws etc.
If you choose one of the examples mentioned, some aspects of it will be perceived as easy to accept and others less.
Of course, accepting does not mean agreeing, endorsing or resigning.
How to accept? With a decision.
When we decide to accept something, a process can be set in motion. To be fully accomplished, this process will move through the mental level that we associate with the Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow) and the emotional level that we associate with the Abdominal Chakra (orange). When we encourage this process of acceptance to take place, then a new mental structure, more functional to respond to the situation, can emerge. And, the emotions associated with this process can be released. Compassion and acceptance will then settle towards oneself or towards the subjects who were to be accepted, it is a level of consciousness that we associate with the heart chakra (green).
Why would we accept?
With the full acceptance of a subject, our perception will be different, apart from thoughts of judgment, good/bad and without soliciting emotions. Then more objectivity is established to sharpen our discernment. Observing a situation with acceptance does not involve emotions, but rather an amount of love. Remember, acceptance is associated with the heart chakra that concerns our perception of love.
Thus, the more emotionally unattached we are to a situation or interaction, the more objective, loving and discerning our response will be.
Result of acceptance:
Martin Brofman had this point of view: acceptance = love.
Finally, when you accept something, it's like generating love. And perhaps we have reached a time where it would be interesting if more and more people could encourage each other to accept what is. This acceptance of what is sets a fertile ground for changes, for healing. In this way we can encourage change and healing through acceptance, love. Within the Brofman Foundation, we teach that perceptions create reality and if this is true for you too, you can adjust your perceptions towards acceptance and therefore, encourage more harmonious interactions between the consciousness involved in the earth experience. Each of us can generate more acceptance, more love, love heals.
Here are a few words from Martin's excerpt from the article "Unconditional Love"

" Love has no conditions. It is unconditional. It is not about “I would love you if…”
Love is a feeling of non-separation, of connectedness with. It’s a sense of include, a sense of “we,” rather than a “you and me.”

Love recognizes and accepts the essential uniqueness of each being respecting their individuality, and the essential relatedness of all beings, the connectedness.

Love is acceptance.

You are capable of infinite acceptance. You are capable of accepting, of loving, any and every being. You can love anyone – and everyone – whether or not they have chosen to love you. It is always your choice.

You are capable of infinite love. Your love is infinite. It is your choice to feel it or not, and your evolution is a function of how much of it you choose to feel.

We can say that the love we have been discussing here is an impersonal love, a love we can feel for any human, and for all humans "
Martin Brofman

Happy December and a good start into 2020, with love:)

Success story of the month
Back Home!
But it has been 15 days ... Is it the same or different?
Different => I feel better: the body is a little more comfortable,I took almost a kilo 
(only 14 left).
All of this makes a very nice birthday present for me- it was yesterday.
Thank you all, for all the moments shared.
Looking forward to seeing each of you again, in a future class or elsewhere.
Big hug.

F.Z. France

This course, these meetings, these exchanges were a pure moment of happiness.
Thank you very much for the organization, many thanks to the instructor for the patience, the teaching determination and the richness of the content.
Thank you all for allowing the holding of these beautiful encounters.
See you soon again
Have a beautiful and soft day
Sending you lots of positive thoughts
P. F.   France

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