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This month we invite you
To relax
To meditate
To visit the backstage of your conscience
To let yourself go to deeper places
Towards your real motivations
to create a new life
holding the steering wheel
sitting in the driver's seat

Meditate - did you say meditate?

The Symptom of the month  :  Addiction
Addictions or dependencies can point to tensions in different chakras, depending on the nature of the addiction. Although one usually considers addiction linked to substance abuse, the difficulty is not with the substance, but rather the addictive personality, and the chakra involved with the dependency gives a clearer idea of the true nature of the addiction.

A keen enjoyment of something does not equate to an addiction, though some might see it as one. An addiction is measured by the difficult emotions a person feels when they do not get what they want. The intensity of the difficult emotions shows the degree of the dependency. If the person does not feel bad when they do not get the substance, they are not addicted.

The anticipated effect of the “substance abuse” gives a clue to the chakra involved. For example, if the liver is affected with alcohol abuse, it is related to the solar plexus chakra, and issues of power, control, or freedom. Tension in the solar plexus is often experienced as anger or holding on to control. The person is unhappy about something happening in their life, and feels that they do not have the power to do anything about it – and the alcohol is used as an escape.

Because the effect of excessive marijuana use is to not be really present in the here and now, it can be associated with the root chakra, and tensions regarding money, home, or job – though since it also might result in a sense of isolation and not being connected with others, it can also be seen as involving crown chakra tensions. It is important, again, to see what was going on in the person’s life when the symptom began and what the person was unhappy about and wanting to escape from.

Because heroin abuse is so highly illegal, it points to crown chakra tensions in the person’s relationship with father / authority as a key to the dependency, as well as a sense of isolation and unhappiness in life, and the person unhappy enough to consider dying.

With cocaine, in addition to possible crown chakra issues there may be solar plexus power and/or control issues, since it’s use inflates one’s sense of personal power.

Since cigarette smoking is said to result in problems with the heart and lungs, it represents tensions in the person’s heart chakra and the area of relationships in their life, and some degree of discomfort about being loved and feeling loved.
Give a deep meaning to our lives

You are a consciousness inside your physical body. Your consciousness is all that you can experience as a being.
All your physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, spiritual abilities.

Your consciousness has different levels, from the most dense to the most subtle - from the outermost to the deepest.
Most of the time you are awake, aware of the outside world, involved in the external physical reality.
When you fall asleep and dream, you go deeper.

You can go deeper while staying awake and consciously experiencing the deeper levels reached during sleep. This is the purpose of meditation. You can use different meditation techniques - use your breathing, or listen to relaxation music or guided meditation etc.

When you relax, you move through the emotional level, where you can release emotions such as fear or anger and you can see the situations in your life without parasites, it gives you more clarity, more objectivity.

Then, you  reach the mental level, you relax your mind, and as your mind quiet down, you let go of self imposed limits, the field of possibilities gets wider.

You relax more and feel free, powerful, serene.

Some people relax to quiet their mind and nothing else, and some go a lot deeper.

When you reach the astral level, your mind is quiet, your computer is off, you can then experience a space in which you feel connected to others,  you feel loved, in a shared space.

When you relax more you reach the Etheric level, you become aware of other deeper, non-physical levels. You gain confidence in your intuition, you feel guided from within, you live in a space where lack does not exist, nor chance. You think of things and they happen without any effort on your part. You are part of an abundant universe that seeks to make you happy.

When you relax more and more, you reach the Buddhic level, and the Causal level. You experience yourself as a single point of consciousness, pure energy, the creator of your life, a lucid dream, with the feeling of your consciousness constantly expanding.

When you meditate, you may have different goals, such as reaching a particular level of consciousness.
All are available. The more you meditate, the easier it is to go deep. The deeper you live, the more centered and balanced you are, relaxed and serene, confident and complete.

Meditation is a wonderful way of awakening to a previously invisible world, a means of returning to the essence of our existence to give a deep meaning to our lives.

Meditate and feel the vibration of space
Meditate and feel the vibration of space
The quality of your meditation is reflected in the quality of your daily life. If you are able to keep your mind calm and focused during a meditation, you will be able to have the same quality in your daily activities. Meditation is a state of consciousness that is not connected to a specific position. You can meditate while walking, taking a shower, etc.
When you start to meditate, you calm your mind, not by fighting it, not by force, not by fear, but by being observer of its game. Many people, when they begin to meditate, experience thoughts spreading in every direction. When you turn your attention inward, a lot of energy comes out, in the form of thoughts. It's normal. If a person thinks, after that, meditation is not for them, because there is too much noise inside, it only shows the effectiveness of meditation. You must persevere. This has a cumulative effect and at the most one person meditates, the easier it is to calm the mind quickly.
It is important to stay an observer. If we compare the mind to the pendulum of a clock, when we pay attention to a thought, we wind up the mechanism that moves the pendulum. Meditation is a relaxation. It's not about concentration, it's about deconcentration. It is not a question of centering one's thoughts on one thing, but of becoming without thoughts.
What are the benefits of meditation? A calm mind, good concentration, better clarity, improved communication, relaxation and rejuvenation of the Spirit and the body.
Meditation has no religion and can be practiced by any person, regardless of their belief and culture. It helps to recognize itself as an inseparable part of the whole cosmos
In a meditative state, you are in a space of immensity, calm and joy and that's what you release in the environment, bringing harmony in a world that needs it. 
My experience with Nada Yoga meditation
Nada Brahma - The world is sound. When I got in contact with this sentence for the first time in 1988 as I read Joachim Ernst Berendt's book with thesame name, I was deeply impressed by the people who treated this topic. From Bach to Coltrane, Lao Tzu, Goethe, Sufis, Einstein, from Eastern wisdom to modern Western science. I immediately attended a seminar to experiment with this knowledge acquired directly and concretely by Berendt. These teachings were transmitted almost secretly at that time in East Germany, which made them even more attractive. I was also very interested in Zen Buddhism and read a lot about it. The books had been brought to me in secret by a doctor from Fribourg. It soon became clear to me that it was not just about filling my head and accumulating knowledge.

"If you turn off the sense and the sound, what do you hear then?" This question asked by the Japanese Zen masters is a koan and can not be solved rationally, but only through meditation. This is how I started to approach it, to learn more about sound in relation to meditation. At first, it was exciting to follow this new "path", but it was difficult to calm thoughts. The sound meditation, however, was already more familiar to me when, a few years later, in 1991, I found it   again at a Body-Mirror Healing workshop.

Martin designed a meditation in which we work with the healing vibration, the Nada Yoga. Anyone can practice this form of meditation, even one who has never meditated before, and this helps anyone who recognizes that inner purification is as important as the outside. I have been practicing this meditation regularly for over 25 years now and I am always fascinated by what I experience more and more about myself, the inner and outer world, every day. During the healing seminars, the meditation using the Nada Yoga is practically applied to the healing process. In this guided meditation, the music is played on the sitar by the Nada Yoga's Indian master, Roop Verma.

Nada Yoga means yoga of the sound and it is the ancient science that studies the effects of the vibrations of the music on the human consciousness. For thousands of years, it has been studied what effect the sound has on the consciousness, the energy system and the physical body. Through specific sounds, tensions in consciousness and symptoms can be released. At the same time, this healing meditation serves to learn more about yourself. We are gently led into a stream of colors and sounds and each sequence harmonizes one of the chakras.

Music and colors are energy. The vibrations of the music as well as the vibrations of the colors touch our mood and thus affect our state of consciousness. Those who are interested in the healing process have been using these concepts for centuries in the different cultures of the world. During the retreats with Roop Verma, one could further explore meditation with the Nada Yoga. Through this, I learned so much to sharpen my senses that I experienced in practice the various subtle bodies. At first, it takes a while to get used to it, because you are venturing into an unknown domain, and then it becomes really ecstatic, once you open up to that and you have learned how infinite you are and how it is an adventure to train your extrasensory perceptions. The real sounds began when Roop Verma stopped playing and Nada Brahma resounded in the silence.

Ask yourself: when you turn off the meaning and the sound, what do you hear?
The process and the meditation, find out who you are
When we begin to meditate and we try with our eyes closed, for most of us, a
lot of thoughts come up.

You can observe them without being involved, as if you were sitting on a river bank, observing the ripples at the surface or things moving, driven by the stream.
Stay an observer. This is a process. The process is not the meditation. One can invite a process that one decides to follow, the meditation does not invite oneself. In Sanskrit, the Indian writing, it is said that it is "atithi" - it means " that doesn't invite oneself, unlike Tithi, which means "that invites oneself ". I learned this with Roop Verma.

As an observer, you are not only a passive observer, the deepest part of yourself has a higher quality, it is an active creator and at the same time participates in your own creation.

The observer in you will work to draw your attention to its nature, the immutable, infinite consciousness. And when you become conscious of the consciousness, you will answer the question in this way: who am I? And you will become a conscious consciousness. By becoming aware that knowledge is your own existence, it will result in a lot of love and happiness.

In the depth of consciousness, there is no longer any relation to forms, pictures, here no object or thought will be found. The consciousness is alone, free and in peace. In this place, one lets radiate a pure being, conscious, in perfect peace.

In meditation, no matter how deep you go as you sit and close your eyes, there will be a benefit. By opening our eyes and going again to make our experience in society, this benefit will be added.
The darkenning hour

Some weeks ago I found myself becoming grumpy in the middle of the afternoon when it started to darken outside, and it became even worse when I read the “depressing news” in the newspaper, telling that the length of the day had decreased by 10 hours !! When I by the end of the day was ready to go out for a walk or still felt that I had a lot to do, it had become dark and cold outside….grfff …and I had the feeling that the day was already over.
After some days becoming increasingly more grumpy, it suddenly occurred to me that for the next one and a half month it would day by day become “worse”…
At that point I decided to change my attitude, it would just be too stupid to be grumpy for several months, apart from that it would be waste of lifetime and not fair to people around me. I decided to stop fighting against the natural rhythm of the year with its seasons, the way we have it here in Denmark, where I live.

The big tree in front of my window has recently dropped its leaves, as it does every year in autumn. I’m reminding myself, that the tree is not dying, it’s just resting, retreating inwards, gathering strength to come back even bigger and more powerful next spring. Understanding, that it’s not only ok, but it’s necessary, to make a break in between; during the day, during the week, during the year…It’s during these pauses that we (re)connect to our inner natural being, that we recreate mentally an physically and it’s here we can enjoy the present moment (if we have missed doing that by being too busy for a while, as I had).

I’ve now started to celebrate the “darkening hour” the way we did it by my best friend at primary school. When it in wintertime started to darken in the middle of the afternoon, those who were at home came to the living room, had a cup of tea (or a glass of lemonade), music was playing, a candle was lit, we had a chat and when it was completely dark outside the electrical light was switched on.

I’ll now go for my “darkening hour” break…. I wish you many peaceful and joyful pauses in December, alone or with our loved ones !

Much love
Success story of the month

Thank you, thank you for this weekend. My daughter was at the ophtalmologist : she recovered and went from “- 2” to “-1.25” and for the second eye she went from “-1.25” to “-05”. So, yes, a big big thank you (when our children are doing better – well, well – it is all happiness)
And for me I read with a little difficulty the “affirmations” but it is positive compared to before.
So, for us both the experience of the vision workshop is a success and we continue our progression towards CLARITY.

F.D. France
Classes in december
Next Classes in English

Annick Brofman is coming back to London to teach a weekend course in the Body Mirror System of Healing February 16-17, 2019. 

The class starts both days at 9:30 AM and ends at 8:30 PM on 
Saturday and around 7:30 PM on Sunday. 

The class will be held at :
Violet Hill Studios
6 Violet Hill
London NW8 9EB
020 8458 5368
Violet Hill Studios, Centre for Healing Arts.


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