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December 2020

Martin would be celebrating his 80th birthday and we wanted to pay tribute to him.
There is a song "Feels like home" which describes Martin
to perfection and what he inspired many during their
very first meeting.
The lyrics say:

"Feels like home to me,
feels like home to me,
feels like I'm all the way back where I come from,
feels like home to me,
feels like home to me,
feels like I'm all the way back where I belong."

Open Zoom meditation next week Wednesday 9 , 06:00 PM (Paris)
The Brofman Foundation team invites you to another Zoom meditation scheduled for next week.
The last month meditation has been a real success and we have had a lot of great feedback.
Don't hesitate to invite your friends to join us!

You will be guided through another wonderful meditation
which will take you to very deep states of consciousness where you can rebalance both sides of your brain - yin and yang - male and female - will and emotion.

Just click on the link and you automatically join the meeting.

Date : Wednesday 9 December 2020 at 06:00PM (Paris time)


Meeting ID  : 858 9449 6255
Password : 096304

Classes December and January  

Nice - France - 26/30 December - Body Mirror System Intensive Level 1 Class with Annick Brofman

Greece - 16/17 January - Body Mirror System with Philippe Hannetelle

The quality of his love
"Feels like home to me
feels like home to me
feels like I'm all the way back where I come from
feels like I'm all the way back where I belong."

Each time I hear the song, it brings tears into my eyes.

I did all my schooling in a Catholic school in Provence.
I was transcended by the quality of Jesus' love. there was nothing more beautiful in the world. I dreamed of having the same.
I loved everyone, everyone except one person because she had hurt my mother and I loved my mother above all else.
I dreamed of being a priest, of healing people, of talking about love - but I was a girl - I hesitated for a long time to be a none. I finally became a social worker, a satisfying compromise.

When I got to social worker school and expressed my love for everyone, the girls called me weak. They said that I had no personality if I loved everyone, that it wasn't normal, that I had to hate some people. And I started to dislike some people for being like everyone else. it lasted a few years. Until I decided to attend this class with a certain Martin Brofman.

My heart exploded with joy. It was like coming home. Finally someone who understood what loving one another is about. I felt where I belong for the first time in a long time. Martin's quality of love was pure, simple, infinite, without artifice.

This is it, I have achieved my dream as a little girl. I am a healer and I teach healing. Healing is the best teacher for unconditional love and compassion.

Don't let yourself get out of your way by accepting the values ​​of others. The quality of love of each of us is infinitely gigantic and transcendent. Even if you are alone in your home, in your neighborhood, in your city or your country, in your family or in the universe, to feel this love; express it with all your heart, with all your soul and encourage others to do the same, pass the message on.

Martin said:
You can love any being
You can love every being
Your love is infinite
Your love heals by the very nature of your being

Love is what binds us all together and brings us home as members of the same family.

With love

May all beings awaken to the light of their true nature
This sentence comes from the Metta meditation, or loving kindness meditation. It is the practice concerned with the cultivation of benevolence or kindness. The practice consists of repeating silently phrases like “may you be happy” , « may you be healed » or “may you be free from suffering”. These feelings are directed initially towards oneself, then a loved one, a neutral person and finally a difficult person.
I learn this meditation after I met Martin, because those sentences are used in one of the healings we exchange during the workshops and it´s something that allows you to focus on your heart, to feel the love and as we go through a situation where we need even more to focus on love, to feel the love for ourselves, for the others and strech out our heart until we are able to feel this kindness for the most difficult persons in our life. Martin has shown me and tens of thousands of other people the way to raise my perceptions to the heart chakra, to feel an unconditional love, to develop compassion and acceptance. With the healing method he has created, more and more beings are able to be in touch with their true nature and see things from another point of view.
A lot of people are experiencing insecurity, fear, anger, sadness, depression, and so on.. and there are a lot of different opinions about what´s going on on this planet right now. 

What is the reason of all those emotions or feelings? It´s difficult for a lot of people to recognize themselves as creators and specially when they get involved emotionally with the situations in which people are suffering and when the result can be death.

Show me someone with a symptom and I will show you someone who is unhappy about something. And yes, a lot of human beings are unhappy and the physical reality we experience today is the result of our creation as group consciousness. As long as people see themselves as victims, they continue to put the responsibility on others and look for a solution outside themselves.

From the physical point of view, they say, viruses are creating illnesses, accidents create injuries. From the point of view that everything begins with our consciousness, we say yes it´s true that viruses are creating symptoms and accidents create injuries but only when the conditions are present in the consciousness. Viruses are everywhere, why is this person getting a virus and the other not, the difference is about what they each do in their consciousness.
Since the virus, amongst other organs, affects the respiratory system, it has to do with the heart chakra - and therefore, perceptions of love. Most people have difficulties to feel the love, to raise their perceptions to the heart chakra, they always find someone to judge, to complain about, therefore they see things through a filter of emotions and have difficulties to stay in balance.
It´s different depending on the country, or the area, or the town you live. I would say that it has to do with the individual differences in this area, in the individual consciousness and in the group consciousness in the different countries, that has to do with the different degrees of intensity of the symptoms.
If there are less covid symptoms in one area, it would seem that there are not so many heart chakra tensions there, compared to other countries where the symptoms are more prevalent and more severe.

« When we see the correspondences between the consciousness and the body, we see the degree to which we each create our reality. In fact, those words begin to take on a new meaning. We see how everything begins in our consciousness and we are able to look around us at other aspects of our lives in the same way.

When we see how the body carries out the messages and deepest wishes of the Being within the body, we can realize that the process can go in more than one direction. If our consciousness is directing how we develop symptoms, it can also direct how we release these same symptoms. If our consciousness can make our body ill, our consciousness can make our body well.
The model that we use is not one that begins at a particular age. If anyone dies, it is because they have decided to do so - either because their trip is over and they have lived what they came for, or because they are very unhappy and prefer to move on.

When we talk about taking responsibility for ourselves, it's a matter of knowing that everything happening in your life and everything happening in your body is the result of what you have been doing in your consciousness, and taking full responsibility for that, for what you have chosen to think or feel in response to what has been happening around you. When you do that, you also let go of feeling emotionally responsible for what others choose to think or feel as in response to you exercising your freedom to be who you are. You own your freedom, and at the same time recognize the freedom of others. You also own your power to decide what happens for you in your life, without the guilt that may come from feeling how others might respond to how you choose to live your life.

In that way, you recognize that others might indeed choose to consider you callous or uncaring. This might be cleared with them through communication of your real motivations, or you can just decide that if they choose to not understand, that is their freedom. Perhaps their own societal values prevent them from understanding why you do the things you do - and if you know that your motivations come from a loving place, you can just choose to see them with compassion, but also with your freedom to decide for yourself what your life is about.

In the Tibetan traditions, it is said that because of who you are, and who you always have been, and who you always will be, there is never ever any need to apologize or excuse yourself for your actions. You are guided by Spirit and doing the right thing according to the principles you live by. Guilt is a view from the outside as seen by someone measuring you by their standards, but you do not live by their standards - and in order for guilt to work on you, you have to accept it from the inside, and you can choose instead to not do that. You develop certainty in the decisions you make, and in your right to make those decisions.

All of this is reflected in the events in the world at this time as we move forward in our evolution, learning to work together as a global family for the benefit of all beings.“
(Excerpt from Martin Brofman´s article.)

Martin and the magic nights
When I attended one of my first intensive seminars with more than 100 participants in the enchanting water castle in Belgium, I approached Martin very watching and almost shy. Martin was a strong personality for me at that time and I looked up to him like a master or father figure. All day long I followed the seminar attentively and respectfully.

I quickly forgot the hierarchical roles when the seminar room turned into a disco in the evening and I watched Martin's very special dance style. With his eyes closed, his nose sniffing the wind, as if he could breathe in the joy and magic in the room, he danced as if his whole being wanted to welcome the universe joyfully. It got contagious and I danced wildly and lightheartedly all night with all the participants celebrating their healings. I felt deep inside me that it was not my body dancing but my mind and soul.

Martin always said the magic nights and dance in the evenings help to bring the energy to the physical level, the magic effects could be felt, the healings just happened.

I remember in the same seminar a woman who at the beginning wore a hard face, a tight black costume closed up to the neck like a corset and I could not imagine how this woman could ever open up. The hair, strictly combed into a knot, reminded me of a governess. During the "magic night", she untied her hair during the dance, took off her dress and burned it in the fireplace and danced with her underdress light-hearted and beautiful. Then I knew "The Healing is happening now".

Full of inner joy, my confidence rose and my heart opened wide, prejudices and projections disappeared like the morning mist in the sunlight.

The magical dance evenings full of joy, solidarity and a feeling of equality paired with endless love, magic and light-heartedness will remain deeply anchored in my memory of Martin.


Walking towards perceptions of abundance
To celebrate Martin's 70th birthday, I went to Denmark.

I travel rather light and being on the plane, I was wondering how these moments would unfold. Suddenly, I look at my feet and realize that maybe this is not the right kind of shoes to go to Denmark in November, I was wearing sandals. Another thought comes to me: "Are you going to go to the restaurant with these shoes on? " . I remember then that the restaurant is more like a classy place where I have not yet been...

During the flight, I decide to find shoes when I get there. But of course, on arrival, it is late and I don't know the city, so I decide to continue by going directly to Annick and Martin's place.
Arrived in front of the door, I ring the bell and they open the door... offering me a pair of shoes initially intended for Martin, but too small for him, and perfect for my feet :) I now had the perfect shoes for Martin's birthday.

This is one of the experiences with which I became more conscious of the abundance of the Universe that we associate with the throat chakra. "Ask and you shall be given. "
This abundance is everywhere at all times. When we manage to put our perceptions at this level, it becomes our reality.

Be aware of what you really want, because you are likely to get it.
What do you want to achieve at this moment for yourself and for others?
Peace, happiness, joy... other shoes? Encourage ourselves to quietly focus on what we want to see manifesting in our lives.
Also be aware of how much time you spend focusing on what you don't want. Because by doing so, you give a lot of energy to what you don't want...

When they receive enough attention and energy, the pictures you place in your consciousness manifest into physical reality.

What pictures do you put in your consciousness during this time?

Thank you Martin
I’ve just come back home to Denmark after having given three classes in Portugal. Travelling and organising classes is a challenge in this time of Covid: two cancelled flights, 2 Covid tests, looking for venues satisfying the governmental restrictions, finding possibilities to have finished lunch and be back in the classroom at 1 pm, the time when the Portuguese normally first start to think of having lunch ;) (In Lisbon restaurants now have to stay closed from 1 pm until 5am the next morning on weekends), etc. 

BUT despite of the challenges my organiser and I are so happy that we decided to go through with the classes we had planned. We experienced so much love and feeling of connectedness in the classes, it was touching and heart warming. It was as if it was just what we were all longing for in this time of Covid, characterized by separation, control and insecurity. As we always do, we ended the classes with an energy circle sharing the love and energy with people we know and with anyone on the planet who needs love and energy right now.

Apart from receiving the gift of learning and experiencing that anyone has the ability to heal themselves, or others, it’s Martins' big heart and his teachings about love which have enriched my life. It's learning to understand that love is not restricted to be an emotion we experience, when we fall in love or which we only have towards people close to our heart. Love, and being in the heart, is a way of being in the world. When we are in our heart love is flowing in our life and we experience acceptance, connectedness and equality with anybody and everything.

Thank you, Martin!

It’s with big joy that I go out in the world to pass on the healing tools you have dedicated your life to develop and to share the love.

The symptom of the month : Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)
Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is considered an autoimmune disorder that may affect the skin, joints, kidneys, brain, and other organs. As an autoimmune disease, the original cause can be related to tension in the area of relationships, though considering the organ affected gives more details about the specific decisions made by the person at the time the symptom began. Difficulty with the joints, for example, points to root chakra tensions, possibly at home, and the person immobilizing him/herself because of insecurity. A "butterfly" rash over the cheeks and bridge of the nose affects about half of people with SLE, and this points to solar plexus tensions (anger) about root chakra tensions, possibly shame, or tensions at home. If the rash gets worse in sunlight, this reflects sensitivity to father / authority issues at home. The rash may also be widespread. See the organ or part of the body affected for further details.
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