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This month is about Crown Chakra

The place where we are one

So we invite you to go deep inside and meet us.


The consciousness in me sees the consciousness in you

The light in me honors the light in you

The God in me salutes the God in you.
Crow Chakra tensions
The crown chakra is associated with the parts of the consciousness involving feeling connected or isolated, and also the person’s relationship with authority, which is traditionally the role of the father, though in some families the role is assumed by the mother, and she is therefore seen as the authority. The relationship with the father is usually the model for the person’s relationship with authority, and eventually, with God. Thus, a person’s relationship with authority or God often mirrors their relationship with their father. A sense of separation from father or authority that closes the crown chakra results in a sense of isolation, as though the person is living in a shell.

Crown chakra tensions that could result in headaches and/or symptom affecting the brain or nervous system include a sense of rebellion against authority or feeling the need to protect one’s self from authority, or to subjugate one’s self excessively to authority. A sense of separation from someone close may also result in a closed crown chakra and a sense of isolation.

The Symptom of the month
Multiple Sclerosis

Affecting the nervous system as a whole, MS is linked to the crown chakra and the person's relationship with authority. Not standing up to authority. The person is making him/herself helpless, talking to him/herself inside in a way that convinces them they can not do what they want, can not be who they really are, etc. The person is not standing on his/her own feet with regard to authority, and whomever is the authority for that person. Normally it is the father, but in some families, the mother is the father, i.e. she is the authority, the directing one. The “authority” might also be a controlling partner. The person affected keeps him/herself from doing what they really want to do, in order to avoid a confrontation with authority. Sometimes this is done as an expression of love, sometimes as a fear of confrontation.

When the vision is affected, the person is keeping him/herself from seeing what they really want (right eye) and/or what they really feel (left eye), in order to not confront authority. It can also represent not seeing the male (right eye) or not seeing the female (left eye), and then it is interesting to see whether the "authority" is a male or a female.

Unity - The starting point
If we are all one deep within ourselves, it is not on the outside that we meet the other it is by going inside ourselves.

Unity is not to be reached out, it is to be reached in.
It is by going outside that we create physical reality.
It is by going outside that we individualize ourselves.
The goal is not to return inside.
The goal is to go out, to share, to live dreams hand in hand, each character playing a role in the film of another, a supporting role for each other, encouraging each other.

Unity is there, it is natural.
Everything reminds us of unity.

Unconditional love, karma are only keys for not losing ourselves on the way, so that we never go too far away from each other, to being able to come back home.

As the message Martin received in the form of automatic writing in 1979 said :
“Look at people’s Soul. Feel Me there. Teach them to do the same.”

and we can say also :
“Look at people’s Soul. Feel You there. Teach them to do the same.”

With love
About a closed crown chakra
Closing the crown chakra will not necessarily create a specific symptom - but rather if a particular symptom appears, we can relate it to a closed crown chakra.

The crown chakra, for example, is about the person's sense of connection with the father, and when a person experiences a sense of separation from their father, what happens next depends on what decisions the person makes - one might become rebellious, one might miss the connection with the father, one might insist on shutting out the father, one might feel they are not loved, or not deserving of love, or experience extreme isolation, and so on.

Relationship with my father
I had a difficult relationship with my father. He was very bossy and could be very hurtful with words. He wanted me to study law because he thought that my artistic path, which I wanted for myself, would end up in the gutter. I had the feeling that he did not understand me and did not love me. I shut myself off and the result was that my crown chakra was closed and I felt lonely and disconnected. The relation with authority was therefore difficult at that time.

Through my healing path, I was able to connect with the love behind the expression and also reconnect with my own source of intuition. Being on my own path made me happy. I was able to talk to my dad and I realized that his motivation behind was simply to create the best for me. His own dream at that time was to study law and he thought that what would be a dream for him was also the best solution for me. He realized, since he saw my success with my art, that he could trust me and that I went in the right direction. We were able to connect again in the deepest part and realized how much we loved each other.

I never thought it would be possible that my father (as an atheist, and for whom before healing was a hogwash) could attend a healing workshop and open up to his own healing. He was even the first to jump on the "magic" chair for the demonstration during the workshop. Miracles happen. I have experienced first hand that everything is possible and that anything can be healed.

The evening before a Body Mirror Healing class in a village in Portugal, Susana, our organiser and candidate in Portugal, and I walked along the sea in the nearby city. There we saw a statue, showing a man from India with a torch. It was Sri Chinmoy, which none of us had heard about. We liked the poem on the plinth and wrote it down:

O Dreamers of peace, come
Let us walk together.
O lovers of peace, come
Let us run together.
O servers of peace, come
Let us grow together

In the class nobody had noticed the statue. When I read the poem aloud to the group the man sitting in the first row right in front of me got tears in his eyes and said “That’s Sri Chinmoy, my master”.
This man came from Australia, had just walked the Camino, had signed up for the class at the last moment and had travelled most of night from the endpoint of the Camino in order to get to the class in time. A touching moment for all of us.

Experiences with synchronicity remind us that we’re all connected at the level of our soul.

" A permanent moment in a state of motion "
When we move our consciousness from one chakra to another, this shift is accompanied by a change in perception. The reality then seems different.
At the age of 20, I had a series of experiences where I became aware of "I am", my perceptions seemed very new to me. Among other things, I felt united with everything, everything was me and I was everything. My attention was also drawn to the perception of "time" because I had the impression that from that point of view time did not exist.

I was experiencing being in a "permanent state of motion". What was amazing was that I would perceive reality directly as sequential sequences of luminous images with the feeling that I could change an image and that the reality would then instantaneously take another direction - in the now - in adequacy with this new image.

I later understood that these perceptions were about the level of the crown chakra when I met the same philosophies when I met Martin Brofman in particular in his meditation "Dream", and in his eyes to eyes healings proposed in the seminars and also with the way I perceive healing now.
At the level of the crown chakra, deep inside, only "now" exists.
The little story of the month
The little ant sang a little song to Marie-Lili.

"When a small ant hurts, all the animals hurt.
When a tree hurts, all the forests suffer.
When a stone hurts, all the rocks hurt.
When a small toe hurts, the whole body suffers.
When one man hurts, all the other men hurt.
When the earth hurts, all the planets suffer.
When the Earth is better, the Universe is better.
When a small ant heals, the Universe also heals.
When the Universe heals, the little ant rejoices. "

« Marie-Lili du Paradis » copyright Annick Arniaud Brofman 1999
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