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With the month of April 
your decisions and your projects are budding 
you are more in touch with yourself 
and as you go deeper into your consciousness, 
you reach the deepest part.

This month we invite you to return to your Soul, 
using White Light
to rest there 
and recharge your batteries.

The Symptom of the month  :  Sensitivity to light

Inner Light is the element associated with Crown Chakra and sensitivity to light is associated with Crown Chakra tensions with the father, a sense of separation with the father or tensions with authority, or having felt separation from someone close. The person is cutting themselves off their Inner Light, feeling isolated and dark. When there is also a sensitivity to the sun associated with this condition, it reflects sensitivity to Solar Plexus Chakra issues – sensitivity about confrontation / conflict / control.

White Light - A space for peace

The deepest level of our consciousness is the level of the soul associated with the Crown chakra.

The element associated with the Crown chakra is Inner Light. That part of us that travels from one lifetime to another, that light that leaves the physical body, our essence.
The level of the Soul represents "I AM" what some call God. A space where we are only one. In this space there is no hierarchy, no one is greater than another no one is smaller, there is a deep sense of equality.

It is the space of "Namaste". 

It is for that reason that metaphysics considers  White Light, this inner light as the highest form of protection. It protects because it puts us in this space of deep equality. In a space where no one is greater than us, and therefore nobody has power over us.

It is your perceptions that create your reality, the outside has only the power you give it. When you relax into the White Light and surround yourself with White Light, you relax at the level of your soul, you feel peaceful, equal to everything around you, to all forms of life and ONE with everything.

You can use White Light to protect what is around you or those around you. By imagining them surrounded by White Light you change your perceptions from fear to perceptions of protection and trust and your perceptions create your reality. 

When you fill yourself with White Light and surround yourself with White Light, you can also imagine that you radiate this White Light all around you in all directions on the  planet and experience inner peace.

With love
An endless energy at your disposal
An endless energy at your disposal.

The Earth and we, as living Beings, are going through a strong transformation process, it can look as if the world is coming to an end, a lot of things are changing in us and around us, and the White Light can be used as a vehicle to help you coming back to a state of balance and harmony. 

White Light is known to give a sense of confidence, use it every day : fill your car, fill the bus, the metro, use it in a plane, with aggressive people, depressed people, use it during your meetings… If you feel insecure with someone, fill yourself and surround yourself with White Light, fill and surround the other person and you will be in the same space with a door opened for communication.
White light can be called upon by anyone for assistance, healing and protection.

White Light shower
White light as cleansing energy

Spring is on the march and the days are getting longer again, the light returns. Many use this time to fast. We can cleanse the energy body in the same way we purify the physical body.
From a spiritual point of view, the white light is often symbolically linked to purity and clarity. It is an energy that you can use to clean your energy field.
Within the healing technique we use the white light as healing energy, but also to connect with the deepest part, the soul level of the person who is healed and to work from there in a healing.
Filling oneself with white light is a good way to start the day. I like to start the day with it, even before I get up to cleanse myself with a white light shower, to send clear white light into every part of my body, but also to fill my thoughts, my mind and my soul with white light and to represent it to me radiant and pure.
I often say to participants in the workshops, just as it is important to cleanse your physical body, it is also important to clean your energy body and the white light is a good tool for doing so. Use your imagination, we can imagine everything. Try it out, you'll feel clearer, lighter, and refreshed as you start your day.

Direct experience of White Light
Most testimonies of direct experience of White Light are reported to us by people who have experienced N.D.E. (near-death experience). This is of course a way to have direct experience with White Light, and fortunately this is not the only way.

In our seminars, we also have many opportunities to have a contact and to experience this White Light. During the first exchange, the first healing of the class, or during the meditations, or during the eyes to eyes healing when we are open to go to the deepest level, at the level of the "Soul".

Through practicing meditation and going deep, you can experience this White Light directly and you can get used to the intensity of its presence. And, finally, to see that this light is you in the deepest part. You can then become a conscious consciousness again and experience "I Am" at the same time.

This infinite love, this intelligence and peace that emanates from White Light are available to you at all times.
Anything Can Be Healed - Martin Brofman
Since white light is made up of all of the colours of the spectrum, we can say that the consciousness, whose parts are composed of all of the chakras together, of all of the colours combined, can be referred to as White Light. White Light, then, represents the consciousness that is deciding which chakra to look through and experience at that time, or which channel it chooses to watch on its television set.

In 1975, during the unsuccessful operation that was intended to remove the tumor from my spinal cord, I went through the tunnel that people speak of when they describe the process of
leaving the body at the time of death, or during what are known as “near death experiences.”
I met a Being of Light on the other side who was there to let me know that it was time for me to move on. The Being had no human form, but was rather just a spark of consciousness
glowing with energy and intelligence, and I experienced myself as that, too. Within the philosophical spiritual structure in which I believe, we are each that, in the deepest part of our being, at the level we call the soul. We are each light, White Light manifesting.

Sometimes, if we close the Violet Chakra through not perceiving ourselves as loved by our father, we may give ourselves reasons for that perception (“I’m not worthy of love,” or “I’m no good,” or “I did something wrong and now I have to be punished,” etc.), and then we live at the effect of those decisions. Since the Violet Chakra represents the deepest part of who we are, as light, we can say that we are keeping ourselves from perceiving ourselves as that light.

We may build a personification based on the misperception, an image of ourselves as shadow beings, or beings of darkness. Then, the difficulty in our relationship with our father is reflected in our difficulties that we have experiencing the White Light, for example in meditation, until we can again open to it. Then we can experience what we consider redemption, once more allowing in the love of our father. Since White Light represents the deepest part of who we each are, it represents that part of us that exists behind and beyond any symptoms. The symptoms are not who we are, but just what we have been experiencing, and not from our deepest part.

Anything Can Be Healed- Martin Brofman - Findhorn Press
Success story of the month
When I was a baby l lost my eyesight of my right eye after an accident. I have been wearing glasses my whole life and I never had the faith to see again from this eye.

The vision course has changed my life! For the first time, I was able to see some shadows and spots with my right eye. I have recovered part of my vision and not only the mechanical one! I had the courage to contact my father, with whom I had no relationship at all since I was a little girl. Thank you ! We did forgive each other - I did forgive myself.

Meditation and the exercises for the eyes help me to improve my vision everyday.
Filipa - Portugal
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Next Classes in English

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