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This month is Heart Chakra

What a great energy to start with in September

So, we invite you

To love without moderation

To love yourself without moderation

To pour plenty of love in the world around you

Plenty of seeds that we water with each other
The heart chakra is associated with the perceptions of love with people close to the person’s heart – a partner, parent, sibling or offspring. Heart chakra tensions that can result in physical symptoms involving the heart or blood circulatory system, or the lungs, reflect tensions with someone close to the person at the time the symptom began.
Asthma causes the airways of the lungs to swell and narrow, leading to wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and coughing. It is caused by inflammation in the airways. This reduces the amount of air that can pass by.

The lungs are related to the heart chakra. A person’s relationship with air reflects their relationship with love. Difficulty breathing in can be equated with difficulty letting in the love, and difficulty breathing out can relate to difficulty expressing love. Because the airways are irritated, it is important to consider what was happening in the person’s life at the time the symptom began or was triggered, to understand what the person felt irritated about, affecting their perceptions of feeling loved.

When working with the idea that everything begins in the consciousness, it is interesting to look at the sensitivity of the person who experiences a symptom.
Each astrological sign of the zodiac has a particular sensitivity. Was it touched?
Could this explain the type of tensions in the person’s consciousness, and help them understand themselves better for their healing.
Every month we propose to share with you what is the sensitivity of the sign of that month.

Virgo has a great capacity for empathy, they become the person they are with and they can communicate with everyone, a great quality where they can also loose sight of who they are themselves. It is good to encourage them to experience their own consciousness in order to develop their own personality. It is good for them to know that at an early age so that they do not get confused.

When a child born under the sign of Virgo is attached to one of their parents, they look at the world through their eyes, they become that parent and there is then a spiritual imperative for separation.

When this separation occurs with this parent, the person experiences it as a loss of identity. It is the sensitivity of the Sign of Virgo, when this separation has become necessary and occurs, they feel lost.

Love is a decision that we choose to make – It is an evolution, when we consciously make this choice so that the Heart Chakra becomes our home.

I love the way Martin expressed it : « It is also said that on the last judgment day, one enters the Kingdom of Heaven - and since the Kingdom of Heaven is within, we enter heaven on the day we stop judging. Until then, we are in our own self-imposed Hell“.

When I give someone a healing, I have to choose to accept them totally, and see them with no judgment and no expectation - and in that experience, I am seeing them through my Heart Chakra - with love.

Ultimately, love is a state of being, in which you see with acceptance, with compassion, with a sense of "including." There is no need for action to feel love, simply to feel included in the same space.

And this state of consciousness you experience during a healing, you are able to experience it more and more in your daily life until it becomes your natural state of being, loving yourself totally, accepting yourself unconditionally at every moment, feeling compassion towards you, and then it becomes easier to love others without judgmen, to accept them unconditionally and to feel compassion for all beings.
For many people, unconditional love is rather an abstract idea or theory because they have no direct experience of it.

Therefore unconditional love is not putting any conditions, without judgment and preconceived opinion of yourself and someone else. Love knows no conditions, it is unconditional.

I have learned a lot about this form of love through Martin Brofman and working with the Body-Mirror System, and still there are moments where I can feel, here I could open even more to experience this unconditional love. So you can practice it every day. For me, it always begins with self-love. How far I can love and accept myself as I am now and not as I would like to be. For then we are again judging and condemning ourselves.

It is sometimes not easy to always experience this form of love when it is a close person. But someone we reject or feel as our worst enemy, and love them as well... For many, the limit is reached. " I could love all , but not him/her, never!"

Here begins the great art of love. For unconditional love is not limited to only a few, but includes accepting and loving all beings and all that there is.

Everyone can certainly discover a potential of development for themselves there. Just begin with yourself and enjoy every moment for it is an exciting journey. The journey into the infinity of your heart. Then you begin to be truly alive, happy and healthy.

Love heals.
One of the big gifts I’ve got from Martin is his deep insight in what love is and his teaching about the healing power of love.

Recently I saw a documentary on TV about Nelson Mandela, who also talked about love being something fundamental in our life. He said:

Nobody is born to hate
We learn to hate
Love is natural

A few days ago I felt very sad and angry by listening to the news telling about another attack on innocent people. I automatically sent loving thoughts to the victims and their beloved ones.
With Mandelas words in mind it suddenly struck me how far the attackers were from their natural being, from the love. I remembered Martins words “You are capable of infinite love, of loving any and every being. Love creates abundance where there was a perception of lack. All illness, all injury, is energy blocked or interrupted, or a call for love”.
I lit a candle for the attackers sending love and seeing them opening up to it. I have to admit that in the beginning I didn’t find it easy at all, but after a while the feeling of love and compassion grew very strong. After a while I got a feeling of completion, and the feeling that, that was what I could do in that moment to contribute to a more peaceful and loving world.

With love
To experience directly an exchange of love with another being , you can practice hugs.

In some cultures , hugging is natural while in others it can be less natural. When I started giving hugs about 10 years ago, it was not yet very common where I live. I could sometimes feel the confusion and the mistaken connotations that could happen when two people exchange a hug.

The practice of hugging is an act coming from the level of consciousness associated with the heart chakra and the perceptions of love.

Children tend to do this more easily. It is also interesting to notice that they have a thymus gland larger than adults . The thymus gland, which is part of the immune system, is controlled by the heart chakra.

In order to practice hugging often, I learned an easy tip from Martin : if you want a hug, do not ask for one, offer one and you will get one. Like this, you start from a space of abundance.

You can propose as many as you wish, the other person remains free to accept it or to refuse it.

Hugging is good for the immune system, it is heart warming and, in practicing them , you will certainly find other benefits as well.

What does humanity need the most right now?
Love, love, love

So love, with all your heart, all your soul, love people.

Smile to people, every day.

Some years ago when I used to live in Copenhagen, there was this man I would meet almost daily. He was dark, closed, limping a little.
Every morning I smiled at him and he remained impassive, closed, dark.

So I promised myself that one day we would share a hug.

It took me 2 years of assiduous smiles.

Gradually he began to answer the smile, a grin then a genuine smile.
Then I started to say hello, he answered every morning.
One day, after more than a year of smiles, we were in the supermarket at the same time, he even touched my arm with his hand and said hello.
I was getting closer to the goal, we got closer ... Physical contact. Yay!
And then one day I was walking with Martin, and at a street corner, facing us, here is this man appearing with his wife.
We are all four of us walking, getting closer. He says hello with a big bright smile, I say hello. He stops, takes my hand and shakes it warmly and also holds my elbow and gets closer, his shoulder against mine and asks me "By the way, where do we know each other from? "
"From the neighborhood I said, the neighborhood. "
I loved his surprised look.
Not a real hug but a real success.

Humanity will be peaceful.

When you make your heart chakra your home,
Every child is your child.
Every sister becomes your sister.
Every brother becomes your brother.
Every mother is your mom.
Every father is your dad.
Every adult becomes your uncle, or your aunt.
Every old fellow is your grandma, or your grandpa, or your old funny uncle, or your old loving aunt, your Godmother or your Godfather.

Love every and any being like a member of your close family.
Love the most people you can.
Love people as much as you can.
You can love everybody.
You can love anybody.

Remember, your love is infinite.

With love

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