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This month we invite you to prepare your Summer with us:

Sea, Zen and Sun

We offer several 4 days residential courses in France and Switzerland
To learn how to heal yourself
Learn to heal others
Discover the true nature of your being
The true meaning of life
Fill up with love
Experience the unlimited nature of your being
Pure magic of the heart!

Come and give your soul a suntan

Prepare your Summer program by consulting our seminars offered in July and August at the end of this Newsletter.


We have decided to continue to give you information about each Chakra, every month, a chakra and a symptom related to that chakra.

Let’s start with Root Chakra

Allergic Rhinithis
Common symptoms of rhinitis are a stuffy nose, runny nose, and post-nasal drip. The most common kind of rhinitis is allergic rhinitis, which is usually triggered by airborne allergens such as pollen.

Because it is the nose that has been affected, the symptom is related to tensions in the root chakra, and often, the person’s relationship with their mother, and because it involves taking in air (love, heart chakra) through the nose, it can be related to difficulty letting in love from the mother, or difficulty letting in the love at home.

The symptom also points to insecurity or fear as a perceptual filter.

Allergic rhinitis may cause additional symptoms, such as sneezing and nasal itching, coughing (heart chakra, pushing away the love, angry at someone close to the person’s heart), headache (crown chakra, sense of separation / isolation), fatigue (root chakra tension) and cognitive impairment, not thinking clearly. The allergens may also affect the eyes, causing watery, reddened or itchy eyes and puffiness around the eyes – looking like the person is crying, or the person finding it difficult to look at something happening in their life.

The Inner Cause – Martin Brofman - 2013
The sign of the month: Taurus
When working with the idea that everything begins in the consciousness, it is interesting to look at the sensitivity of the person who experiences a symptom.
Each astrological sign of the zodiac has a particular sensitivity. Was it touched?
Could this explain the type of tensions in the person’s consciousness, and help them understand themselves better for their healing.
Every month we propose to share with you what is the sensitivity of the sign of that month.

Taurus (April 21-May 20)

Taurus has a deep sense of territory and boundary.

In astrology, we can use two words to describe each sign. With Taurus, it is: "it belongs to me" or "I own". Their sensitivity is related to the fact that they do not like anything to be taken away from them or anything to be imposed on them if they have not opened their door for it. It is connected to their rhythm. Indeed, gradual changes are more comfortable than sudden changes.

Our beautiful planet and its beautiful Inhabitants
My grandfather, Marius had a friend who was a street cleaner and he was also my friend. From time to time we would seat on the sidewalk talking about life.

One day he said to me: "You know Annick, I work for God. I clean the planet. Every time I pick up a paper, I make it prettier. Every time I pick up a paper, God is pleased and applauses me. "

Some clean our streets, some bake bread for us, some fix our cars, some run our countries.

Find the place that gives meaning to our days, that makes us feel we exist, that makes us feel useful, that gives meaning to our lives. One orchestration.

Connect to Mother Earth
Notice how you feel about your connection to the Earth. As you honor Mother Earth, you will be honoring the nurturing side of yourself. You can be in a hurry, not looking at the Earth as you walk upon it, and always looking ahead. Take more time to walk slowly and consciously, look around you. When you travel, focus on your root chakra, put your roots down, connect them with the red ball of nourishment at the center of the Earth and bring up this nourishment into your root chakra, feeling nourished by it.

How secure do you feel in the world? Do you fear that you may lose all of your material possessions, home, car…everything you are working so hard to keep?

If you have a fear of something, then you continually put into your consciousness a picture of that thing happening. You are saying, “I do not want that to happen.” The picture is clear. The fear of that happening is like glue attaching you to that picture.

Dissolve the glue by releasing the fear and hold in your consciousness the picture you would like to manifest.

Hay fever
Have you ever wondered why you are affected by a specific symptom? Do you sometimes have fears that present themselves, without you really knowing why? Do you think that at some point you lost your original confidence and sense of security? Do you fight against hay fever or other allergies? These are signs that indicate tensions in your consciousness and in your energy system at the level of the root chakra.

An example of my experience:

I had had Hay fever since the age of seven and until the age of 28, I thought there was no cure and that I had to live with the symptom. What I had learned so far is that it could be minimized with strong medications.

However, these medicaments had serious side effects. I was as anesthetized and unable to drive. It had so restricted my quality of life that I stopped them immediately.

In 1991, I attended a Body-Mirror workshop, and I was able to heal, among other things, this Hay fever completely. I understood the deep links concerning the symptom, why it had appeared and what tensions I still experienced in my consciousness.


This had to do with, among other things, a lack of self-confidence and anxiety, as well as tensions at home, my job and money and a difficult relationship with my mother. This suddenly gave me a deeper understanding. I understood why the symptom was there and what it told me. While this awareness and lifestyle change play a major role in the healing process, I was not able to find a solution to these problems and change things in my life that did not work harmoniously. The healing seminars helped me to resolve these tensions in my life and in my consciousness. It is a gift not only to feel good in flowering meadows in summer but it also brought clarity to my life and I could find a clear and loving relationship with my mother.
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