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“ The Blue Chakra is associated with the aspects of expressing, and receiving, as well as beliefs concerning the manifestation of one’s goals. It is also associated with the process of listening to one’s intuition, as well as the state of consciousness one experiences when one flows with that process. Some call it abundance, while others know it as Grace.

This is also the first level of consciousness from which one experiences directly a sense of interaction with what some call Higher Intelligence, and your relationship with the “space” around you, your “space.”

Element: The element associated with this chakra is known as the ether, which is defined as the most subtle physical element, corresponding on the physical level to deep space. It is an emptiness, to be sure, a void, but one that is still considered part of the physical universe. 

In terms of the process of expressing that we associate with the Blue Chakra, this can represent the process of communication and discussion. It can also represent the expression by people of what is true for them, or expressing what is within. In this sense, it also refers to various forms of expression, such as dance, playing music, painting, or any other process designed to bring out something that was within, when that is done as the primary purpose of that activity, doing it for its own sake, to express something.

The Blue Chakra, in its aspect of receiving, controls the arms and hands, which represent, respectively, reaching for and having. If someone injures his arm, for example, and therefore is not able to reach out, when we describe the symptom from the point of view that the person created it, we would say that he is keeping himself from reaching for something. That means that he has been giving himself reasons for not going for his goals. He has been holding himself back, and giving himself reasons for not believing he can have it.”

From : “Anything can be healed” copyright 1996 Martin Brofman Findhorn Press
Blue Chakra
There a belief in our society that says :
“If I express what is true for me, something bad will happen.”

It is only a belief and you can replace it by :
“Each time I express what is true for me, something wonderful happens.”

You experience its evidence.

Communication is the way to resolving any misunderstanding.

Martin Brofman
The sign of the month: Aquarius
When working with the idea that everything begins in consciousness, it is interesting to look at the sensitivity of the person who experiences a symptom.
Each astrological sign of the zodiac has a particular sensitivity. Was it touched?
Could this explain the type of tensions in the person’s consciousness, and help them understand themselves better for their healing.
Every month we propose to share with you what is the sensitivity of the sign of that month.

Aquarius is the least conventional sign, the freest of the zodiac, the one that does not fit into the mold.

They do not want to be labeled. To want to fit them into a mold is a bad idea. It is better to see what is their originality. 

A free spirit that does not respond well to feeling trapped.
Experiencing abundance
Experiencing a consciousness of abundance is connected with how much we allow ourselves to receive. It depends on how much we listen to our intuition that is told to guide us directly to the fulfillment of our goals. We know we can always rely on it. It comes from the deepest part of our inner being, from the place where everything is known, the Universal Consciousness and is through our individualized consciousness, our own Spirit exactly tuned to us. It respects our goals and our sensitivity, so we can allow ourselves to be guided to what we want and to stay away from the situations which are not good for us or situations we feel resistance with.
At first I did not know at what moment I listened to my intuition and when it was only the mental voice.

I asked myself how far I really believed I could manifest a goal . I was not 100% sure. In the beginning, I set myself small goals, where I could imagine they could manifest. I told myself, for example, "You need a new bicycle, yours is really something that slows you down rather than a means of transportation." I gave the request and then just let go. Later I went shopping and when I came out of the supermarket, my bike had disappeared, (although I had locked it). I realized it was working.

I said to myself, " The old bike is already gone. But where is the new one? " So I walked smiling with my full bags and was curious how it would manifest. I met a friend on the way home and told him the story. He answered me „Wait, I have in my cellar some bicycles which are not used. Come, maybe there is one for you. "And so I found my bike, the brand-name I wanted so much. I understood how the mechanism was working and I realized at this level there are no limits, except those we impose on ourselves. Everything is possible.

The Cornocupia
Martin talked during the intensives about « the Handbook to Higher Consciousness » , in which Ken Keyes writes that each chakra represents a particular level of consciousness et he calls the level of the throat chakra, the Cornocupia.

« When your consciousness is illuminated by this Center, you experience the friendliness of the world you are creating. You begin to realize that you’ve always lived in a perfect world. To the degree that you still have addictions, the perfection lies in giving you the experience you need to get free of your emotion-backed demands. 

 As you reprogram your addictions, the perfection will be experienced as a continuous enjoyment of the here and now in your life. As you become more loving and accepting, the world becomes a “horn of plenty” that gives you more than you need to be happy. »
Unconditional receiving
All states of consciousness are a vibration.

The vibration of unconditional receiving, abundance is yin, you order and you receive. You have to do nothing to receive. You let yourself live every moment, knowing that each moment brings you closer to achieving all your goals. You follow the path of least resistance. It's not you who breathing in the air it is the air breathing you in and out and you let yourself being moved by its breathing.

Being concerned about when and how is a different vibration, a yang vibration where you have to do in order to receive. This is not unconditional, it requires action on your part.

Some people like our grandparents prefer to “do” in order to receive. They do not give any value to what comes easily without effort. Only what they earned by working at it has value.

The state of consciousness of unconditional receiving talks about an abundant and benevolent universe that watches over you with love and devotion. This universe is you in the deepest part of your being. You are benevolent with yourself, you watch over yourself with love and devotion.

Just two different vibrations you can choose.

Yang, you drive, you do it yourself,

Yin you turn on the autopilot, you let yourself be driven knowing that the driver is you too, just a deeper part of yourself.

Achieve your goals
The Throat chakra concerns all forms of expressions. One way to express yourself is to achieve your goals, to manifest your dreams.

To manifest one of your goals, focus on the image of it by rejoicing that it will manifest. Imagine you got it.

Focus your energy on this final image and not on any means to reach it.

Then, listen to your intuition, in the present moment to drive you towards your goal.

To get your goal, be open to receive it.

If the goal has a tendency to not manifest, you can work with preferences rather than obsessions to gently accept these moments. There may be another plan for you at this time and another time will be more conducive to manifesting your purpose.

Throat chakra
When I realised that the chakra of the month is the throat chakra, I had to laugh. Since some weeks I had had a pain in my neck and it felt weak. – Something seemed to knock on my door ;) It became clear to me that I just couldn’t sit down writing about the throat chakra, without healing the pain there.
I decided to use one of the healing tools we talk about in our classes, a self healing done as a distance healing (have you practiced it ?) I prepared the room (and myself) for it, placed the chair in the middle of the room, lit a candle, put on music, wrote down, what I wanted to be healed of. Then I pretended myself sitting on the chair and gave the healing as I would have given any other healing ….

In the moment I placed my hands on the shoulders of the healee (on my shoulders!) I was suddenly surrounded by a tremendous amount of energy and I could feel and see friends and fellow healers already standing there with open hearts sending healing energy. It was overwhelming and brought tears to my eyes, and it became clear to me that this powerful loving attention (beyond what I could imagine) had always been there, that it will always be there, and that it’s there RIGHT NOW (actually any moment for all of us). I just needed to let it in.
When I during the healing reached the throat chakra, I was not surprised by seeing red. Insecurity concerning expressing myself and receiving, yes it talked to me in my current situation. What also talked to me was “mum” at that place. Last summer my mother was diagnosed with dementia. She’s still living on her own and I’m often there to help her and to take care of practical stuff concerning her house. I’m happy to be able to do that, but I was reminded to keep the balance and not to be more focused on her needs (giving) and forget my own.

The pain has gone (thanks to all my healers!), I feel much stronger and more alive. AND I’ve just got an email from a friend in Australia, whom I haven’t heard from for a long time, that he would like to buy my mums cottage by the sea (pay the market price) and let me stay there, when I want to. This offer certainly has the potential of reducing stress and bringing pleasure, as I love this place.

Something seems to have opened at level of the throat chakra ;)

Wishing you a great February !
Love to all of you.

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