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What a wonderful way to start the year with.

Our Chakra of the month is

The Heart Chakra, the Chakra for Love.

The Heart chakra is the chakra of acceptance, of sharing, therefore this month we invite you to love without moderation, without condition, without expectation, yourself, your loved ones, all humanity.
Green Chakra (Heart)

Parts of the body – Heart, blood circulatory system, lungs, thymus gland, immune system. Sense of touch.

Parts of the consciousness: Perceptions of love, the area of relationships, people close to your heart – partner, parent, sibling, offspring.

Tensions in this chakra reflect conflict or disappointment with someone close, not feeling loved, or tensions about being in a relationship (or not being in one).

From “the Inner Cause” Martin Brofman © 2011 Martin Brofman

Give hugs.

Hugs strengthen the immune system.

The sign of the month: Capricorn
When working with the idea that everything begins in consciousness, it is interesting to look at the sensitivity of the person who experiences a symptom.
Each astrological sign of the zodiac has a particular sensitivity. Was it touched?
Could this explain the type of tensions in the person’s consciousness, and help them understand themselves better for their healing.

Every month we propose to share with you what is the sensitivity of the sign of that month.
It is a very sensitive sign. They easily see themselves as the center of the universe.

Like Taurus they have a sense of territory but while the Taurus sees its territory and what is outside, the Capricorn sees the inside while that which is outside does not exist.

The sensitivity of Capricorn is criticism because they have a very strong sense of honor. Being criticized in public is experienced as a shame, a humiliation.

Like Virgo, Capricorn may tend to over-self-criticize.

Love in action
There are often very simple little gestures, in which love is reflected - and this does not depend on the action itself, but on the perception and the state of consciousness. 

I actually experienced it deeply when I was in the Sahara with the Tuaregs and they gave me with much love their tea without knowing if there would be again tea the next day.

Or another time when a friend sang a song on his guitar when I was very sad, or when a child hugged me full of joy. These are simple gestures, which need no words.

How to get rid of hate and feel the love?
If you hate someone and you see him smaller than you, put on their shoes for a while, and you will see how you will change.

You can ask yourself why you hate this person? Is it for what they do? If they do horrible things, they are ignorant or feel ill at ease with themselves. People make mistakes and you hate them. By hating a person who makes mistakes, can you change them? No, you can not change someone you hate.

People members of Isis - Daech, they hate everyone and people hate them. By hating, we can not change them and they can not change us. Their idea is to change everyone. We hate them because they make such heinous crimes. But, in hating, will they change? No.

So, think, go beyond emotions, go deeper, find this place where you are calm, where you do not judge, you do not separate.

Young children must be educated before entering this kind of spirit of hate. Therefore, harmony in diversity must be part of education. We must educate the mind.

Education will change them. To educate, you need compassion.

Compassion and love can change the world. You are a healer and you heal with love.
When a storm comes, all other birds seek shelter. Only the eagle avoids the storm by flying above it. So, in the storm of life, let your heart soar like an eagle.
(Unknown author)
The importance of loving
When you love someone and you are angry at them, it is easy to come back into your heart. It can take a day or an hour or a few minutes or a second because with your loved ones, your motivation force is love, your heart chakra is your home with them.

Think of the person you love the most, it can be your child, your brother, your sister, your mom or dad.

Those with whom you do not care who they vote for, what they eat, what they do. You just love them, unconditionally.

Making your heart chakra your home with humanity is the idea.

The more people you love, the more you love people in the same way you love this special member of you family, the easiest it is to come back into your heart, because love becomes your motivation force with Humanity.
Make everybody and anybody this special member of you family.

Every child is your child.
Every sister becomes your sister.
Every brother becomes your brother.
Every mother is your mom.
Every father is your dad.
Every adult becomes your uncle, or your aunt.
Every old fellow is your grandma, or your grandpa, or your old funny uncle, or your old loving aunt, your Godmother or your Godfather.

Love every and any being like a member of your close family.
Love the most you people you can.
Love people as much as you can.
You can love everybody.
You can love anybody.

Remember, your love is infinite.
Accept everything
Acceptance does not mean you agree with.

You can accept everything, you can disagree with everything, this disagreement is not conflicting with acceptance.

You can accept your physical, emotional and mental state. This acceptance of what is, is creating favourable conditions for change, for healing.

Accept your actions, your past behaviors and if you don´t agree with them anymore, feel free to change them. Instead of seeing yourself as guilty and punish yourself, look at yourself with compassion, acceptance, as a responsible being who learns, evolves and spurs oneself on.

When you accept yourself, you love yourself and love heals. This may be true for you and for others.

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