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March 2016

The Body Mirror System of Healing 
A Vision Workshop

by Martin Brofman
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This month, we suggest you to be happy, here and now
 “Examine your average day, and notice how many of your experiences are investments in time for the future. How many people actually get to live that future, and how many continue to deny their todays for the tomorrows they may never experience?
How many people live their lives as a dress rehearsal, preparing for Some Day When It Will All Be Perfect? The movie is rolling now.
This is it!
Start living your life now, or when it's all over, your final thoughts will be a lot of "I wish I had..." thoughts…
Wouldn't it be much better to be able to say, instead, "I'm glad I did?"
  Martin Brofman
“Improve your vision” Findhorn Press
The news
Class Organisation 
The Brofman Foundation has a new organizer for our 4 days residential Intensive classes, you can contact Magali Stakenburg at :  
33 (0)7 81 64 39 96
New Facebook pages

- Martin Brofman, public person, dedicated to his memory
- Guérisseurs sans Frontière - Healers without Borders 
This association aims to bring together healers around the world, of all faiths, of all ways to help the poor.
New meditations available
On a CD or to download on our shop on our Website :

- 2 meditations "Eyes to eyes healing", guided by Martin, to download
These are special kinds of meditation for two people looking into each other eyes. Moving through your Chakras with Words and with bridges.

- CD relaxation musics "Namaste" and "Shamballa" composed by Francisco  Del Campo. Ideal for your healing sessions.
Also available to download.

You will find all articles, videos, and in the shop, books, posters etc.
Video of the Month
Going for happiness

Martin Brofman is talking about the importance of listening to ourselves and being happy

The Classes this Month
If you have already participated in classes in the Body Mirror System of Healing, and you wish to go further with it, and feel you are ready for that, you can consider the Level 2 Healing Intensive.
In order to attend a Level 2 Intensive, you must have already participated in at least two Level 1 classes, or at least one Level 1 and two weekend healing classes, or 4 weekend healing classes. Thus, you have had a chance to have the tools presented to you from various points of view, and hopefully, have had a chance to give and receive healings outside of the class.
If you have questions concerning your experiences of giving and/or receiving healings, Level 2 is the place to have them answered.
To get the most from this class, you must have a sense of trust in your perceptions as a healer, and feel secure in what you have learned in Level 1.
During Level 2, the first day is for review of what we have done in Level 1.
During the second day there is an exercise for balancing right and left sides of the body, another for distance healing, and energy exercises encouraging a sense of love and unity. The third day is for working in groups of three, and fine-tuning your perceptions, and the fourth day for review of the class and of the states of consciousness that have been opened, and discussion of what you have experienced.

Our weekend class in London 30/04/16 Au 01/05/16 - with Annick Brofman is already fully booked.
She will come back in Autumn.

Next Weekend and Intensive Classes
Intensive Level 1 Nice -  17/08/16 to 21/08/16 - Annick Brofman
Intensive Level 2 Nice -  24/08/16 to 28/08/16 - Annick Brofman

Visit our calendar for all classes in English around the World :

Our life can be a ceremony, it just depends upon our attitude with each action.
Taking a shower can be a ceremony, having coffee with our family in Grandma’s porcelain cups, smelling a flower, watching a movie, baking a birthday cake for a beloved one, removing a paper from the street for the love of our planet, petting an animal, reading a book, watching the stars, fixing an engine, baking bread, governing a country, meditating, having aperitif with friends, hugging ... We can make our life a series of ceremonies.
With love
Annick Brofman
In the philosophy of the Body Mirror System, the basic idea is that "everything begins in our consciousness" Being happy also. It is a state of mind that does not dependent upon external circumstances. It is a choice, it allows us to own our power, it is not about what somebody else does or does not do. It's about what you need to do or change.
You can use the "alarm clock" Always be able to say "I love where I am, I love who I am with, I love what I do. "If this is not the case then you need to change something.
Some people do something every day and feel worse after having done it, yet they continue to do it. For example, they read the news in the newspaper and then feel depressed or angry, yet they renew the experience every day. So they should do what makes them happy and stop doing what makes them unhappy.
Everyone can watch the parts of their life about which they feel miserable and do something about it. You can start with the easiest things to change, it encourages you to change others.
If a part of your body has a symptom it means that you're not happy about something, then you need to solve it.
Learn to live more and more in the present moment, learn to be vigilant, look at your mental attitude, your perceptions, your beliefs and how you project a negative future. When you notice that you're worried about the future, bring your attention again in the present with a positive attitude.
Express your being as you like at any moment, do not seek for the approval of others, live your truth, only change when you feel you need to.
Make others happy and see how happy you are doing it, be with those you love, express love, let it in and accept it.
As what Avalokiteshvara (Loka, in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition) discovered when he promised to end the suffering in the world, humans continue to create their own suffering.
We each do.
We are all responsible for our own happiness - and unhappiness - depending on what we choose to put into our consciousness.
We believe that good and evil must be resolved inside ourselves for our own sake.
Philippe Hannetelle
Article of the Month
To Be Happy

1. Take responsibility for yourself and your happiness. - own your power.
It’s not about what someone else should do in order for you to be happy – it’s about what you need to do yourself, and what you need to change in order for you to be happy.
2. Do what makes you happy and Stop doing what makes you unhappy.
When you do something and you feel happy, do more of it. When you do something and it doesn’t feel good, do not do it any more.
Use this “alarm clock” – Be always able to say, “I love where I am. I love who I am with. I love what I am doing.” If it doesn’t feel comfortable to say that, you need to change something about where you are, about whom you are with, or about what you are doing in that moment, until you feel comfortable to say it, moment to moment.
3. Use the economics of happiness.
Look at the activities in which you invest time (Reading a newspaper, for example). How do you feel afterwards? If you feel not as good as before, it is not a wise investment, and your time would be better invested in a different activity that gives you more of a positive return in happiness.
4. Resolve parts of your life about which you are unhappy.
Take an inventory, and do something about any part of your life you are not happy with. Start with the easy stuff.
5. Watch your health.
If you have a physical symptom, you are unhappy about something. The symptom reflects tension in your consciousness about something happening in your life when the symptom began. Resolve the tension about that situation, and the symptom will have no further reason to be there, and you will be happier.
6. Live in the present moment with a positive attitude.
Do not worry about the future. 95% of the crises in your life never happen. If you maintain a positive attitude, you will be right at least 95% of the time, instead of wrong 95% of the time - and you will be happier.
7. Accept yourself and your individuality, and that of others.
Do not compromise yourself by seeking acceptance. Seeking acceptance from others is the quickest way to not get it. Live your truth.
You know what you know, you feel what you feel, and you want what you want.
That’s who you are. Own it, and live it. You can always change something when
it makes sense for you to make that change. 
Think for yourself. You will be happier.
8. Do something that makes someone else happy.
See how you feel happy when you do that.
9. Spend time with those you love.
Acknowledge the love, express it freely, and accept that you are loved.
We live for love, and it nourishes us. May you always know you are loved.
10. Trust your trip

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"We can achieve happiness by training our hearts and minds, changing our attitudes and perceptions"
Dalai Lama

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