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April 2016

The Body Mirror System of Healing 
A Vision Workshop

by Martin Brofman

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This month, we propose you to take back your power
" When I do what I really want to do, something wonderful always happens."
Martin Brofman
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Video of the Month
The Point of Power

Martin Brofman is talking about owning your power

The Classes this Month
Exceptionnal event, this Intensive level 2 in Champex is going to be presented together by Annick Brofman and Philippe Hannetelle.
! ! ! !  There are still some places left ! ! ! !

Our weekend class in London 30/04/16 to 01/05/16 - with Annick Brofman is already fully booked.
Next class in London will be on 29/30 october.

Next Weekend and Intensive Classes
Intensive Level 1 Nice -  17/08/16 to 21/08/16 - Annick Brofman
Intensive Level 2 Nice -  24/08/16 to 28/08/16 - Annick Brofman
Intensive Level 1 Champex (Swiss) - 14/09/16 to 18/09/16 - Philippe Hannetelle

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Power and Children :
Children are under the authority of their parents until their majority. Parents are legally responsible for their children. And spiritually? What values ​​do I want to give my children to help them be the full expression of who they can be, in terms of their freedom, their own power, their use of control, the definition of themselves?
In terms of Chakra and consciousness, parents who welcome a child into their lives have a contract with him, helping him to be the full expression of who he can be.
Parents observe this being,
See him unfolding like a flower,
Discover as he evolves what is the reason for his coming to Earth.
They know that he knows deep within himself why he came on Earth, so they help him to trust his intuition, they encourage him to listen to himself and trust himself.
They give him marks without giving limits, protect without control.
They teach him that he is unlimited, he can achieve everything in his life, he creates his reality, all that he wants to do, he can do it.
They teach him not to compare himself to others, to think for himself, to shine like the sun, to be himself. They teach him to see others like suns, nobody is smaller than him, no one is greater, all are equal, all are powerful.
Then they watch the trains that he takes and see, without saying anything, where he goes. They know the
destin ... ation.
This is delightful
With love
Annick Brofman
While we are on the subject of power, it brings me back at the time when, in my youth, I was talking with one of my grandmother’s nephew, Pierre Besson, well known radiesthesist for his precious help with sick people, his investigations for the police and for geological research. It is him who put me in touch with the energy and the unlimited power that each of us owns. He wrote a book "Man or God" published by Editions Omnium Litteraire in 1955, with this passage below.
Be in touch with your power and know that you are limitless.
With love,
Philippe Hannetelle
Your present condition

You are slaved to a rigorous and tyrannical schedule.

You work regardless of your aptitudes and your tastes.

You dream of adventure without ever leaving your prison.

You get dressed in black when you're mourning.

You are limited by your senses.

You are afraid of water and drowning.

You accept the disease.

You recognize death as inevitable.

You need money to live.

You still wait for answers to many questions you asked in your life.

You are Man.
Your future condition

Time does not exist.

Universal substance offers you with abundance everything you may desire without even working.

Wonderful trips in the universe are just waiting for your own desire.

Who obliges you to do so?

Physical limitations do not exist.

You can walk on water.

It only exists in your imagination, God does not created it.

Death is a convention, it does not exist.

The birds have none and they live.

Listen to your intuition that never leaves one question unanswered.

Be God.
Article of the Month
Owning Your Power

Owning your power, your power to be real, to be who you really are, is really about owning your freedom. Consider how your reasons for not being yourself may have been to get the love or approval of others. Then, you have given others the power to decide your way of being, and thus keeping yourself from being free. In many ways, you have been giving away your power/freedom by your ways of speaking and thinking, and being.
For example, when you say or think something like, “That person makes me angry,” you have given your power/freedom to decide whether or not to be angry, to that person. You have said that you are powerless, and that that person has the power to decide when you will be angry.
You can choose to not do that any more.
It would be more appropriate to say something like, “I get angry when that person does that.” In that way, you get to see that you are the one that has made you angry, and also that you can decide to feel that, or something else.

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from the book “Improve Your Vision”, by Martin Brofman

 “There is nothing you cannot do, only things you have not yet learned how to do"
  Martin Brofman

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