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September 2016

The Body Mirror System of Healing 
A Vision Workshop

by Martin Brofman
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This month, we help you to keep the benefit of the holidays, to make a fresh start in September, to be positive, to meditate, to take care of yourself
 Take advantage of little gifts of life, because one day you will look behind and you will realize that these were in fact big
The sign of the month
When working with the idea that everything begins in consciousness, it is interesting to look at the sensitivity of the person who experiences a symptom.
Each astrological sign of the zodiac has a particular sensitivity. Was it touched?
Could this explain the type of tensions in the person’s consciousness, and help them understand themselves better for their healing.
Every month we propose to share with you what is the sensitivity of the sign of that month.
Virgo has a great capacity for empathy, they become the person they are with and they can communicate with everyone, a great quality but they can also lose sight of who they are themselves .. Often children have a tendency to  identify with one of the parents and to "become" that parent. When a Virgo is identifies with one of their parents, then there is a spiritual imperative for separation in order to encourage them to experience their own consciousness. When this separation with that parent occurs, it can be experienced as a loss of identity for Virgos. It is an extremely difficult experience. That is the sensitive point.
Video of the month
Achieving a different conciousness

Video - Achieving a different conciousness

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  • Intensive level 1 Salesches (Nord - France) 09/11/16 To 13/11/16 -  Philippe Hannetelle
  • Intensive Level 1 Nice -  26/12/16 to 30/12/16 - Annick Brofman
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Positive Thinking

It's imperative that you maintain a positive attitude. Positive thoughts are success-oriented. Look for and find a way to change any non-success-oriented thought to one that gives you reasons to believe in the success of what you are doing. Eliminate the word "can't"
from your vocabulary. When you use the word, you are, at some level, saying that there is something that you're not able to do. It denies the truth that we are each unlimited Beings, and able to do anything we decide we really want to.
If you can imagine it, you can do it!
Any time you find yourself using the word "can't," change what you are saying so that you are still expressing what's true for you, yet in a different way.  Your thinking will become more precise, and more positive.
"I can't stand that" becomes "I feel resistance to that."
"I can't do it" becomes "I haven't yet learned how."
"I can't see that" becomes "I don't see that," or "I don't yet see that clearly."
"I can't handle that" becomes "That's been difficult for me until now."
"I can't remember" becomes "I don't recall right now, but it will come in a moment."
"I can't understand" becomes "I don't understand."
Do the same for non-success-oriented words and phrases :

" It doesn't work" becomes "It hasn't yet worked."
" It isn't working" becomes "I haven't yet seen results."
"I don't know how" becomes "I haven't yet learned how."
"It's terrible" becomes "It's got to get better now" (and notice something positive about '' It").
"It's a failure" becomes "Success has been temporarily delayed, and anyway, I learned something."
Build a pattern of success. Start small, if you must, and be successful at it. Reward your successes with congratulations. Reward only your successes.
Pleasure is positive, too. Pleasure yourself. Give yourself pleasure. Walk on the sunny side of the street. Enjoy the scent of a flower. Enjoy its beauty. Enjoy what you do see. Enjoy the colors and the forms if you do not yet see the details. As you build more and more positive habits, you will see more and more benefits and advantages, and the process will accelerate.

From “Improve your Vision” Martin
Brofman Publ. Findhorn Press
"We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one"
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Return to your natural state of wholeness by restoring harmony to the physical body and to the consciousness within with music.

- CD "Namaste et Shamballa", 
Music by Francisco Del Campo Wright.
Perfect music to play along your meditations or the treatments, the therapies or the healing you give.

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About meditation, we often hear these words:
"I do not have time, I have too many things to do."
People who really want a change can always find even a few minutes to sit and meditate.
As Gandhi stated: "I have so many things to do now that I have to meditate two hours instead of one. "
When you look at your daily activities, you may wonder what are those with whom you feel better after than before. Meditation is an activity that is a part of it.
"The more you meditate, the more you realize that behind the realm of ordinary consciousness, there is a place where reign peace and great happiness" - Paramahansa Yogananda.

Philippe Hannetelle
Article of the Month
A chakra Healing Meditation, Martin Brofman

With this experience, you will be directing your attention to each of the chakras in turn, first by focusing on physical sensations, and then by using your imagination, your ability to create images, to create the experience of colors there. There is no difference between imagination and visualization, except for the fact that most people believe more in their ability to imagine than in their ability to visualize. They know that even children can imagine things, but visualization … well, that’s another thing.

While you will be asked to imagine certain colors in certain places, you may have impressions of other colors. If this happens, just notice what the other colors are that you are having an impression of, and then release them, and replace them with the proper color. You will be able to do this by imagining that you are shining lights of the proper color on the chakra, or painting it the proper color, or imagining something of the proper color there. Finally, you will be able to create an impression of the proper colors in the proper places, and experience the effects of that.

If there were impressions of colors different from those asked for, this will show you something about what was happening in that portion of your consciousness. You will be able to consult the “Color Language” chart found later in this book, and see what the colors that you saw mean in terms of our model of wholeness, and how the description found in the chart matches what you know to have been happening in your own consciousness.

Now, find a comfortable position, and do the meditation as follows:

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Dear past, thank you for all the lessons
Dear future, I am ready...

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